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Cappers Betting Tools

Hey there, if you’ve stopped by our betting tools page you’re obviously looking for online gambling information, betting tips, tools of the trade, handicapping tips and cappers advice, free info and more. We’ve got it all for you.

Just check out this great collection of resources we’ve compiled for you here at Advice on handicapping and betting games? We’ve got you covered!

Bookmark this page and check back often as we are constantly writing new articles that offer betting tips and sports handicapping advice to increase your chances for winning on all those bets you’ve placed.

We’re here for you to help. Email us if you need anything else that we don’t provide.

We’ll try to help but don’t ask us for money ok? LOL!

Online Sportsbook Betting Tools

  • Best Internet Sportsbooks
  • We’ve put together the only list you’ll need of top online sports betting establishments. You’ll learn what you need to know about betting with an online sportsbook, different bonuses, how to choose an internet sportsbook with caution, and more.

  • Sportsbook Promos
  • From 5% Juice games, to $100,000 football challenge parlays, free contests, pigskin payouts, college game of the week, shutout refunds, free bets, we have it all, so stick with us!

  • Online Gambling Money Management
  • Learning the correct playing strategies is only half the battle. You are doomed to lose if you are not prepared with a sound money management plan. The following guidelines will maximize your profits and minimize your chances of going broke.

  • Online Sports Wagering Tips
  • Making a bet at a sports book is a lot like ordering food at a restaurant. As a patron, you’re given a list of what’s available and how much it costs. In Las Vegas, your “menu” is often displayed in lights on a façade somewhere toward the back of a casino.

  • Sports Betting Types
  • Below is a list of sports betting terminology, definitions and types of bets often found in the sports betting industry.

  • Online Sportsbook Glossary
  • has created the following sports betting glossary to service all your sport betting needs. It has all the definitions for sports betting terms and the appropriate sports betting words and or phrases for gambling acronyms.

  • Sportsbook Betting Rules
  • Please take this piece of advice in mind, remember that all the sportsbook wager types and rules in this page can be modified by your sportsbook, we highly recommend to check all rules before playing.

  • Parlay Calculator
  • A parlay calculator is a useful tool especially when you are dealing with money lines. Use the parlay calculator below to figure out how much money you would get back on a winning parlay.

  • Offshore Sportsbook Locations
  • wants to keep you up to date with the latest offshore sportsbook info. As we advance into the future with a new thirsty driven technological generation, our scope of the online industry has widened.

  • Open A Sportsbook Account
  • Our aim is to arm you with the knowledge you need to NOT have any problems with online sportsbook accounts. We’re always getting emails from our readers asking exactly how they go about opening an account with a sportsbook online, well let me show you just how easy it really is.

  • Sportsbook Sign-Up Bonus?
  • You’ve probably seen tons of promos for online sportsbooks that offer you free money when you join up right? This isn’t a scam sportsbook, or a cheap way to hook you in. It’s for real. Online sportsbooks offer way better incentives to you when you join online than the Las Vegas Sportsbooks could ever touch.

  • Sportsbook Withdrawal Methods
  • Lately many players, including us, have had difficulties taking the balance of our online sportsbook account OUT of the sportsbook and getting the cash into our bank accounts or getting that sports gambling check in the mail.

  • Sportsbook Affiliate Programs
  • Are your site visitors interested in online gambling – sports betting, horse racing, casino games, or playing poker? If you have a website and can drive traffic and players, the sportsbook affiliate programs listed are probably the right fit for you and your website.

  • Sportsbook Deposit Methods
  • Lately many players, including us, have had difficulties making credit card deposits at online sportsbooks. This is due to many credit card companies deciding that it is THEIR decision how you want to spend YOUR money.

  • Sportsbook  + Poker Room Watchdogs
  • wants you to know that in the event of you experiencing problems with online sportsbooks or any gambling related issues, there are online sportsbook watchdogs that can help.

  • Mobile Betting – Wireless Sportsbook
  • has introduced a new form of wagering. Wireless betting – Mobile Gambling – Cell Phone wagering — whatever you want to call it Bookmaker Wireless Sports Betting is for you.

  • Online Sportsbook & Handicapper Loyalty Programs
  • If you’ve ever been wondering how Online sportsbooks and / or sports handicappers can afford to give away free money in the form of loyalty points and loyalty programs look no farther.

  • Sportsbook/Handicapping Website Link Exchange Program
  • Are your site visitors interested in online sports betting picks and predictions? Is your site geared towards the sports handicapping industry? Including sports betting, horse racing, casino games, or playing poker? If you have a website and can drive traffic and players, then the handicappers link exchange program with our website is probably something you’ll be very interested in.

  • Sportsbook Office Pools
  • In 2 of our best online sportsbooks office pools are definatly an option for you. Our Top Sportsbooks all offer various types of ways to make money in their online sportsbooks betting on or in office pools.

  • Online Sportsbook Scams
  • We cover betting scams, gambling scams, wagering scams, racebook scams, online casino scams, poker site scams. All scam websites are covered. We only take advertising for Industry Reputable online sportsbook websites with up front and honest owners, whom we have a relationship with.

  • Online Horse Betting Help Guide
  • Horse Racing at Best Racebook Review is your source for horse racing wagering. We’ve got links, news, features and more on all the top horse betting racebooks in the online gambling industry. These top sites all have action on over 85+ racetracks all across north America, Europe and Asia.

  • Best Vegas Sportsbooks Guide
  • Welcome to the page that we feel is more for land based sportsbook gamblers. Especially those headed out to the desert to play at the 100’s of Las Vegas based sportsbooks and casinos. Our aim is to arm you with the knowledge you need to NOT have any problems with a Vegas sportsbook account.

  • Sportsbook Handicapping Contests
  • Looking for the best online sportsbook handicapping contests? Plus sports wagering all under one roof? brings them all to you. Sportsbooks online during an inseason sports schedule like to offer gambling incentives to their gamblers to get into what are called “Handicapping Contests”.

  • Sportsbook Handicapping Books
  • DVD’s – Videos – Looking for the best online sportsbook handicapping advice and tips in book or DVD form? We review gambling resources and sports betting books and handicapping DVD’s, videos and more that you can buy from

    NHL Hockey Betting Tips

  • Puck Line Explained (How To Bet On Hockey)
  • Confused about betting on hockey? It’s easy! It’s just like betting on other sports except with a few exceptions. At most sportsbooks Hockey betting will offer two different types of wagers: the puck line and totals.

    Nascar Betting Tips

  • Betting Tips (How To Bet On Nascar)
  • NASCAR is a sport, like any other, and should be treated as such by handicappers. Success in NASCAR revolves tremendously around time and speeds, which makes for an abundance of numbers to be crunched for the serious bettor.

    Soccer Betting Tips

    Football Betting Tools

    • College Football Sportsbooks
    • College football sportsbooks rankings from cappers picks sports betting website.

    • Football Betting Online
    • Football betting online sites reviewed and best betting odds from cappers picks sports betting website.

    • Internet Football Gambling
    • Internet football betting sites online reviewed and best betting odds from cappers picks sports betting website.

    • NCAA Football Betting Online
    • NCAA football betting online with cappers picks sports betting website.

    • NCAA Football Gambling
    • NCAA football gambling sites reviewed by cappers picks sports betting website.

    • NFL Football Betting Online
    • NFL football betting online with reviews from cappers picks sportsbook review, with rankings of the top nfl betting sportsbooks.

    • Online NCAA Football Gambling
    • Online NCAA football gambling sites reviewed by cappers picks sports betting website.

    • Online NFL Betting
    • Online NFL betting sites reviewed by cappers picks sports betting website.

    • NFL Football Gambling
    • NFL football gambling with reviews from cappers picks sportsbook review, plus rankings of the top nfl betting sportsbooks, odds, lines and this week’s point spreads and nfl betting sites.

    • Pro Football Gambling
    • Are you new to pro football gambling? Don’t be shy, we’re developing a football betting tools section to help you with your gameday football bets.

    • Football Prop Betting Explained
    • Short review of how NFL props, and football betting prop bets in general work, with examples from the bears vs chargers matchup from Week 1 of the NFL in 2007.

    • Superbowl Gambling Sites
    • Cappers Picks the newest website from the creators of would like to welcome you to what we feel is the best online site for you to find Superbowl Gambling info on the net.

    • Superbowl Betting
    • Super Bowl betting records prove that this activity is a huge moneymaking deal both for sportsbooks and sports bettors all around the world. And now, betting on the Super Bowl can be done with a wide variety of options, including office pools, proposition bets, handicapping contests and many more.

    • Superbowl Info
    • Looking for Superbowl Information? Then you’ve come to the right place, link the superbowl info link if you want to know everything about one of the biggest sporting events in the world. Site details, super bowl facts, stats, gambling info, and more, its truly all right here at Cappers Picks.

    • Football Glossary Of Terms
    • Looking for commonly used American (NFL and NCAA Football) & CFL (Canadian Football) Terminology:

    Betting Types

    Online Poker Betting Tips

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