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2015 Green Bay Packers Schedule | Season Handicapping Picks

2015 NFL Football – Packers Analysis

The Green Bay Packers are definitely the favourite in the NFC North and might be the best team in the NFC after Seattle. They certainly are as good a bet as any with their high powered offense led by Aaron Rodgers.

They are looking to tweak the defense and if it is in the top third of the league they will be very tough to beat.

Packers Odds

To win the Super Bowl:  +600
To win the NFC:  
Season win total:  10.5
***2015 BONUSES***

At first glance the Packers have a pretty tough schedule. Their division games are often pretty tight and most of the teams have improved. Outside of the division that first place schedule presents some challenges for sure. Crossing over with the NFC West is not terrible but those teams could be better too with the exception of Denver who is pretty good to begin with.

The Packers are more than good enough to go over the win total but I wouldn’t expect them to do it with a lot to spare. Lets have a look week by week and think about how the games might go.

Week 1:  Sunday September 13 @ Chicago Bears 1:00PM

This definitely feels like a game that should not just be sitting there in that 1PM slot. Chicago could be better this season but we may not see it in Week 1 as they adjust to their new coach. One of the great advantages Green Bay has is continuity and it will show in this one. Look for a convincing victory and likely cover. Likely record: 1-0

Week 2:  Sunday September 20 vs. Seattle Seahawks 8:30PM

This is the first of five prime time game and deservedly so when these top contenders meet. These two are going to be tied together for some time and the Packers get an edge from hosting and it is their first home game of the season so the Cheeseheads are going to be in full throat. This game could determine the top seed in the NFC and it is only week 2.  I will back the home team. Likely record:  2-0

Week 3:  Monday September 28 vs Kansas City Chiefs 8:30PM

The Packers are in prime time for the second week in a row against K.C. The Chiefs are still going to have a hard time scoring this season so I would expect that Green Bay does not have to be at its best either offensively or defensively to win. Look for a close game but another Packers victory. Likely record:  3-0

Week 4:  Sunday October 4 @ San Francisco 49ers 4:25PM

This is a short week but this is not the same San Fran team that rolled over the Pack in the playoffs in the recent past. Their defense is not likely to be elite either. Even though the timing and location may favour the 49ers the talent for Green Bay is going to be too much. They complete the first quarter of the season with a perfect record. Likely record:  4-0

Week 5:  Sunday October 11 vs. St. Louis Rams 1:00PM

The Rams are definitely going to give teams problems this season. I like that they finally got rid of Sam Bradford and adding Todd Gurley gives them another dimension. Also, they just might have the best defense in the league and one that can get to Aaron Rodgers. I am going to call this one a loss for Green Bay. Nothing to get concerned about Cheeseheads just not a great matchup and they weren’t going to win every game. Likely record:  4-1

Week 6:  Sunday October 18 vs San Diego Chargers 4:25PM

There are not going to be too many losing streaks for Green Bay this season. Look for them to bounce back strong and really take it to San Diego. The Chargers are mediocre, they won’t have the firepower to keep up or the defense to slow them down. This could be one of the more lopsided games of the season. Likely record:  5-1


Week 7:  Bye

Week 8:  Sunday November 1 @ Denver Broncos 8:30PM

Being on the road the day after Halloween looks like a spot to be a little off your game. Adding in the need to slow down a prolific Broncos attack led by Peyton Manning and it will be on Rodgers and the offense to be sharp. This might be one of the highest scoring games of the year but the Packers come out on the losing end.
Likely record 5-2

Week 9:  Sunday November 8 @ Carolina Panthers 1:00PM

I see this as the only time the Packers will lose back to back games all season long. The Pack have proven they can struggle against mobile QBS can that can run and throw and Cam Newton is likely the best of that bunch. On the road on the opposite side of the country from their last game I expect them to be a little sluggish. That will be just enough for Cam to get the lead and the Panthers to play their game. Likely record:  5-3

Week 10:  Sunday November 15 vs. Detroit Lions 1:00PM

The Lions are a quality team but also the perfect opponent coming off of back to back losses on the road. They will be at home against a familiar group and these teams might even be tied in the NFC North standings at the time. Look for the offenses to rule the day and for Rodgers to best Matt Stafford, again. They play again in three weeks and this game sets the tone. Likely record:  6-3

Week 11:  Sunday November 22 @ Minnesota Vikings 1:00PM

This is the second of four straight division games. Who knows what the Vikings are going to be this season thanks to the lack of clarity around Adrian Peterson. However, I see it as unlikely that even if they sort out that mess they are going to be able to take down Green Bay even at home. This is maybe their game of the year but they still will fall short. Likely record:  7-3

Week 12:  Thursday November 26 vs. Chicago Bears 8:30PM

The Packers are back in prime time against the rival Bears.  Odds are the Bears are out of the face at this point in the season and if they aren’t they are not going to have enough to beat Green Bay at home at this stage of the season. Under their new coach they should fight hard but it won’t be enough. Likely record: 8-3

Week 13:  Thursday December 3 @ Detroit Lions 8:30PM

For the second week in a row the Packers will play on Thursday night. This will be a pivotal game where whoever lost earlier in the season will look to claim revenge. I think that will be Detroit and if there defense is as sharp as it was a year ago they will have it at home. Likely record:  8-4

Week 14:  Sunday December 13 vs. Dallas Cowboys 4:25PM

I haven’t made up my mind what to make of Dallas yet but by the time these two teams meet we will know more. I think it is possible they are a playoff team but this game will show they are not a contender. In the early cold look for Rodgers to best Tony Romo to maintain the pecking order: Likely record:  9-4

Week 15:  Sunday December 20 @ Oakland Raiders 4:05PM

I do think the Raiders are not going to be a laughing stock this season there just might not be any evidence of that this week. They are going to be on a slow climb but the Packers are already there and will be happy to get away from the cold for a week. Look for an easy win as they cross the double digit barrier. Likely record:  10-4

Week 16:  Sunday December 27 @ Arizona Cardinals 4:25PM

This will be one of the toughest games for the Packers all season long. Arizona has a strong defense that can stifle their offense and on the road it will be tough. Also, the Cardinals are likely to need this one a little more than Green Bay. Assuming they are healthy look for Arizona to get the win. Likely record:  11-4

Week 17:  Sunday January 3 vs. Minnesota Vikings 1:00PM

This could definitely be a rest spot for the Packers but assuming there is something to play for there is no way they lose this one at home to close the season. Per above Minnesota will have answered their RB questions by now but still won’t have the firepower to take down Green Bay. Likely record:  12-4

Barring an injury to Rodgers the Packers should be one of the most consistent teams around, winning the games they are supposed at a very good rate. If they do get that 12-4 record they could certainly be the top dog in the NFC and for them hosting in the playoffs can make a big difference – especially if it means they don’t have to visit Seattle.

Green Bay is pretty public and they have a lot of prime time games where they are likely to be favoured so they might not be the best value bunch out there but you can rely on them.

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