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5 Cool Las Vegas Sportsbook Prop Bets

Las Vegas Prop Gambling – 5 Wacky And Wild Proposition Wagers On Super Bowl Sunday

Superbowl XLV is here. Welcome to the CappersPicks.com NFL football weekly predictions pages! We KNOW you will find our FREE weekly Superbowl XLV picks, tips, betting advice, strategies, NFL gambling articles and more to help you become the best NFL football bettor on your block!!


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With the exception of saving money or playing low-minimum blackjack, there are really few reasons to visit the Imperial Palace Casino in Las Vegas. The location is terrific and the parent company Harrah’s has put a little money into renovating the rooms, but for the most part the IP is old, tired and in badly need of a facelift, like a Hollywood star who can no longer get roles.

But the Palace had one thing going for it – a terrific sports book, located up the stairs and away from the casino. The manager had free rein, and on Super Bowl week he brainstormed with his staff and created literally hundreds of prop bets that drew in hundreds, perhaps thousands, of casual bettors. Props literally put the IP on the sports book casino map in Vegas on Super Bowl week.

The IP, once independently owned, was bought by Harrah’s in 2005, and the manager (Jay Kornegay) left and took on the job at the Las Vegas Hilton, and now the LVH is known as the prop capital of Las V egas during Super Bowl week. The Hilton annually offers about 300 prop bets, many of them crossover wagers involving basketball and football, golf and football etc. Many of the Hilton’s competitors have followed suit, as have some offshore books.

Here are five interesting offerings and how they might go:

1. What will be higher – James Harrison’s total of tackles and assists, or LeBron James’s assists? Both -115

James and the Heat are home against the Clippers on Super Bowl Sunday, and the Clippers will be on game 2 of a bizarre 11-game road trip. James has the ball in his hands on virtually every possession and figures to want to show up Blake Griffin, who is starting to steal some of the King’s buzz. Harrison averaged 6.8 tackles/assists, but Green Bay will have to throw the ball to win. PICK – LeBron James’s assists. Sports Betting at Sportsbook.com

2. What will be higher – the total number of Aaron Rodgers’s touchdown passes, or the number of points Alex Ovechkin scores for the Capitals? Rogers -150, Ovechkin +120

Ovechkin had a nice two-game, five-point run a week back, but it’s been a pretty crappy all-around season for him and the Caps. Washington is home against Pittsburgh on Feb. 6, and Ovechkin does not light it up against the Penguins. PICK – Rodgers TD passes

3. How many current NFL players will be arrested Super Bowl Week? (Players must be on a current NFL roster; that means Lawrence Taylor doesn’t count). Over ½ (+150) Under ½ (-200).

Who can forget the arrest of Atlanta’s Eugene Robinson, who was charged with soliciting a prostitute in Miami in 1999 a few days before Super Bowl XXXIII? Or Ray Lewis, who was arrested after a murder in Atlanta after that game? Makes Warren Sapp’s arrest for allegedly choking his girlfriend last season like something out of namby-pamby land. Since the game is in Texas, I’d take a flyer on No, because no Texas cop wants to be the one that screws up a Super Bowl by arresting one of the players. PICK – No

4. What will happen with the Dow Jones Industrial Average the day after the Super Bowl? Up (-110) Down (-110)

Forget the game. The market has been trending upward of late, and will have had a full week to sort out of end-of-the month issues that occasionally depress the Dow. American car sales are also on the rise, and February is a big month for the auto industry. If you put any stock in what happened last year, go with down as the DJIA fell a full 1 percent of its value. PICK – Up

5.        Will the game go to overtime? Yes (+800) No -1600

Risking $16 to win $1 seems foolish, and runs counter to the gambler in everyone. But no game has gone overtime, and the chances of this one going extra are slim to none. PICK – No, but avoid this if you are concerned about too much exposure.

Lawrence Paul is a regular contributor to the Cappers Picks Blog, and is a free-lance gambling and travel writer from Massachusetts.



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