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Types Of Sports Bets: For Online Sports Gambling

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Some helpful tips from BetOnline Sportsbook to help you better online sports gamblers!

Sports Wager Types – What Kind Of Bets Can You Make In Your Sportsbook?

Online betting has evolved into the most convenient form of sports wagering that you can do, and you can do everything in an online sports betting book that you can do at a physical casino or with your local bookie. 

Here are the different betting types you will run into as you are making your sports betting picks.

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Future – A future bet is when you make a bet for a long-term event.  For example, a future bet would be, “Will the New England Patriots win the Super Bowl in 2010?”.  It could be easy to confuse, because every bet is based on something that is going to happen, but this has more of a long-term feel to it.

Straight Up – This is the simplest of all betting types, whether you are making a moneyline bet (betting on the sole outcome of a game) or a wager against the spread (Team X has to beat Team Y by Z amount of points).  It is a two-team (or person) wager.  For example, “Will the Detroit Lions beat the Green Bay Packers?” is a straight-up bet, and it is also a moneyline bet.  To make it a spread-betting option, it would be, “Will the Detroit Lions beat the Green Packers by three points?”.  To win, the Lions would have to win by more than three points.  If they win by three points on the nose, that is called a push, and the player loses their money.

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Prop – A proposition, or prop for short, take the first bet to another level as you have to bet on a specific factor in a game.  For example, you could bet on the prop, “Will Peyton Manning throw over 300 yards in this game?”.  If you think Manning would throw over 300 yards, it has to be 301 or more.  Again, like the above example, if he throws for 300 yards on the button, that is a push.

Parlay – A parlay is when you start to combine games and events into one singular bet.  For example, you can bet on Philadelphia to beat the Giants, Washington to beat Dallas and Chicago to bet San Francisco, all in one parlay.  This is a big risk/reward betting type as you can strike gold if you get all of the games right.  But the catch is, you have to get all three (or however many games you want to put in the parlay) correct or else you lose your play.

Teaser – A teaser is similar to a parlay in that you can combine games and events, but a teaser also allows you to move the spread in the direction of your choice, whichever helps you.  For example, you can take the three games ahead and move the Philadelphia/NYG game from a 4-point spread to three, the Washington/Dallas game from a 7-point to a 6-point spread, and the Chicago-San Francisco spread from 5-points to 4-points.  Again, there is a catch.  The more you move the lines to your advantage, the lower your payout will be.

Those are the main betting types you need to know before heading to your online sportsbook, so start small and work your way up the sports betting ladder at BetOnline.



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