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Sportsbook Review: BetOnline.com

Sportsbook Review: BetOnline.com

Sometimes, the difference between a good and bad betting experience is your book. A book with the right types of lines and information can help you win; a good book can also help you get paid quicker when you do win.


Let’s have a look at some of the top available sportsbooks out there, starting with BetOnline.com


USA Player Friendly!

BetOnline.com opts for variety over depth in terms of its betting offerings. It lets you bet on pretty much every sport. That includes staples like MLB, NHL, NBA and NFL but also more obscure sports like cricket, rugby, and MMA.


However, while BetOnline fulfills the basic needs of a bettor for everyday wagering on money lines, run lines, over/under and so on, it doesn’t go the extra mile. Its futures offerings are particularly slim; its exotics are non-existent.

So BetOnline is best for someone who wants to make very traditional bets and choose from lots of sports rather than a diehard who likes to focus deeply on one sport.

As a recently revamped, high-tech site, BetOnline makes good use of its casino. It offers basics like poker and has solid variety for games like Blackjack. It uses its pretty Flash engine to make a fun, interactive slot experience, too.

It also goes beyond the call of a typical sportsbook with a section called “The Betting Edge,” which features daily sports betting advice from a team of handicappers.

A particularly useful touch is the betting expertise offered along with the horse racing section, which can often be a foreign territory to a novice player.

Overall, BetOnline’s offerings are very good, with excellent variety and the only drawback being a lack of depth and specialty sportsbook bets.

Grade: A-

Ease of Use

To me, there are two types of sportsbooks: the bare-bones, no-frills kind (think The Greek) or the flashy kind. Naturally, the flashier types can be a bit tougher to use. However, as far as flashy types, go BetOnline is one of the cleanest and easiest to use.

The rotating Flash images can be a bit distracting but, once you get past those, you’ll see the site is fairly well laid out and easy to read. Most of the lines and the actual betting engine use lots of clickable drop-down menu. As it the case with many of the flashier sportsbooks, it can be a bit of a nuisance to click so many buttons, but at least BetOnline does it in an easy-to-read way.

Grade: B+


BetOnline puts a lot of effort into its promos and bonuses, marketing itself as a sportsbook that really “cares” about its users. BetOnline

The promos are pretty impressive if you ask me. BetOnline is known for its fast payouts and its reputation has rapidly improved in that regard over the last couple of years. It gives players great customization in terms of payment and especially in terms of bonuses.

You can pick what type of benefits you want from BetOnline – including huge bonuses or low juice. That level of customization is a massive plus. Every sportsbook likes to brag about how well it treats its players. But, from what I can tell, BetOnline backs up that claim.

Grade: A+


If you can get past its overly glossy look and lack of exciting prop bets, BetOnline is a fantastic book. It has great variety, it makes great use of technology and it treats its players well.




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