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Mike Pool Is Back With Another Poolside Rant

Poolside Rant

Although technically it’s a hottub or if you are a wealthy elitist, a spa, the point is its wet and hot, which gets the blood boiling for a rant. I am a little peeved with the NFL that nothing really amazing or unexpected happened over the inexcusably long off season. Normally that isn’t a problem but in this case is upsetting because it really leaves us with little to talk about or rant passionately upon.

I suppose if you are really stretching and digging for something, there was thing with some future HOF QB retiring because he was washed up. You know, the kind of washed up that sees a guy play perhaps his best year of football in an arguably “best-QB-ever” kind of career. Sounds weird but I don’t really think there is a way to write that without sounding completely awkward and sarcastic. Come on Brett! Come on Packers!

Can’t you just play nice and be friends? I am here to rip on one of the parties involved, the rest of the media got me riled with their brutal portrayal of a wishy-washy over-the-hill QB acting like a spoiled child.

OK you go ahead and call it a man-crush if you like but seriously for 17 years this guy has made Nowhere, Wisconsin an attraction on the NFL map, not just every now and then, but every single week of every memorable year. Turncoats and savages the media are, the darling of the media 3 months earlier with his heart wrenching retirement. You didn’t think the emotion wasn’t because he wasn’t really sure he was done? So what if he doesn’t want to give up what he loves doing in July after the team all but forces a decision from him in March. Me and 31 other NFL teams think he is still a pretty damn good QB.

I personally think he’s way better than at least 16 of the starting QB’s and probably better than 24 including the guy taking over for him. No offense to Rodgers either, I like the kid and think he has the potential to be a very good QB for a long time. This really isn’t about him from my perspective, it is about GB management deciding on the future and then waffling when Favre decides his career isn’t over yet. It is his decision and I would really expect a guy to make that call when the season begins…not a month or so after one comes to a bitter end.

I love the passion he brings to the field and the way he just tries to make a play, not worrying about his technique or whether it will look great on a highlight reel. He just does everything in his power to help his team win a football game and from the guy leading my offense that is what I want more than anything, a winner, a guy who always wants the ball when the game is on the line. I have said it before and I will repeat myself here by saying this guy has made more no name receivers into Pro-Bowlers than any other QB to ever play the game of football. Guys that he made into superstars faded into nothing the moment they signed with another team and if that isn’t a testament to his skill the record book is. If it matters as a stat for a QB, he owns it. I don’t care about the interceptions because if you throw enough touchdowns and post enough W’s the interceptions just fade into the background, behind the Superbowl and behind the consecutive game streak.

I am so disappointed in the Packers front office for trying to make him into a villain and dragging the issue through the mud, not even the sweet Lambeau mud, just some regular old street mud. Dumb! They could have just given the guy the starter’s role or traded him. Instead they tried making up some frilly over-glorified front office position of no consequence treating their franchise player and face for the past 17 years with about as much disdain and disrespect as I could imagine. In fact I couldn’t imagine it.

The guy plays seventeen years at the highest level and he says he wants to play (start) and you question his decision-making? I understand the NFL is a business but seriously does Brett Favre strike you as the kind of guy who is going to be happy in the front office, in any role? Passion like his serves best on the front lines where guys can feed off it and grow from it but that may have been too close to the new QB for their comfort.

What a ringing endorsement for the mental toughness they must believe their new franchise passer possesses. There may have been a worse way to handle this situation but I can’t picture it right now, in fact maybe there isn’t a worse way to handle it but I have to believe an organization that has made so many right moves over the years didn’t pull a complete upside down inside out bonehead move.

Good for the Jets, good for Brett and shame on the Packers. I always had a mountain of respect for this Wisconsin franchise playing in front of fanatical cheeseheads and competing with much larger markets. My mountain was whittled into a molehill after this spring and summer and I can’t imagine how the Packer faithful feel. It must be hard to believe in the cheese right now. The hottub is calling me but I really need to cool off, the steam is rising but I am out of here.

Comments? Feel free to leave them below or EMAIL me: Pool siderant AT Gmail.com

Rant complete – Back To The Pool


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