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NFL Week 7 Power Rankings

2009 NFL Football Power Ratings

Each week during the heart of the NFL season, and once or twice during the NFL Preseason, we’ll gather the troops around the roundtable and hash out the NFL Power rankings. We check out the stats, looks at the records, and, most importantly, we take a close, close look at the heart of each team. We encourage you to come back each week and see how the NFL Power Rankings have changed.

NFL Power Rankings will be updated by Friday every week. Be sure to visit our home page for more articles and NFL analysis.

Its with this knowledge that we can then deliver to you The NFL Power Rankings!

Week 7 Power Rankings

Week 7 Power Rankings
This Week Last Week Record Comment
1 2 New Orleans 5–0 2007 Patriots, say hello to the 2009 Saints
2 3 Indianapolis 5–0 With the bye week they will have had 2 weeks to get ready for the Rams; think that’s enough prep time?
3 4 Minnesota 6–0 OK, so they danced on the edge of the cliff a few times; like Parcells says, you are what you are
4 1 New York Giants 5–1 Injuries are starting to take a toll
5 5 Denver 6–0 Josh McDaniels may never have to pay for another meal in Denver
6 7 New England 4–2 Townspeople shudder as they see the light on again in Dracula’s castle
7 12 Pittsburgh 4–2 One of the worst teams in the league ATS — 1-5
8 13 Atlanta 4–1 Defense has given up fewest points among NFC teams
9 6 Cincinnati 4–2 Chicago this week, then back-to-back season-defining games against Baltimore and Pittsburgh
10 10 Chicago 3–2 Forte last Sunday: 15 carries, 23 yards and that goal-line fumble
11 11 San Francisco 3–2 Bye week gave Niners time to do repair work after 35-point home loss to Atlanta
12 8 Baltimore 3–3 Hard to swallow for Ravens die-hards, but this defense is only average now
13 17 Green Bay 3–2 Packers looking at bookend games against dregs (Cleveland, Tampa Bay) wrapped around Favre Bowl II on Nov. 1
14 9 New York Jets 3–3 Two problems: Jenkins is done for the year and defenses are catching up with Sanchez
15 14 Philadelphia 3–2 Offensive line problems are starting to take a heavy toll — McNabb sacked 6 times by Raiders
16 15 Dallas 3–2 Running backs Jones and Barber are getting healthy
17 19 Arizona 3–2 Cards seem to be a better team on the road than at home and they still have games to play at St. Louis, Tennessee and Detroit
18 16 San Diego 2–3 Norv Turner might want to start thinking about putting his house up for sale
19 18 Miami 2–3 2-0 in division and two games left with New England; maybe Dolphins can sneak back into it
20 20 Houston 3–3 Tough matchup this week with 49ers coming off their bye week
21 21 Jacksonville 3–3 Maybe these guys aren’t so bad after all — 4 winnable games up next: Tennessee, KC, Jets, Buffalo
22 22 Seattle 2–4 41 points at home one week, 3 at home the next; go figure
23 25 Buffalo 2–4 Ironic, isn’t it, that the coach who rarely says anything (Jauron) is able to shut up the one who never stops talking (Ryan)
24 23 Carolina 2–3 Conundrum: Panthers need to run the ball to win, but that shuts down their best player (WR Steve Smith)
25 29 Oakland 2–4 Biggest win in years for the Raiders and the stadium was half-empty
26 28 Kansas City 1–5 Two years from now the Chiefs will be the team no one wants to play
27 24 Washington 2–4 Head coach Jim Zorn no longer calling the plays. Wait, they had plays?
28 27 Detroit 1–5 Lions were making offensive progress before the Stafford knee injury
29 30 Cleveland 1–4 Mangini says Derek Anderson is the QB starter. Definitely. Absolutely. For now.
30 26 Tennessee 0–6 There is no other explanation for this except that the Titans’ veterans have given up
31 32 St. Louis 0–6 Rams catch the Colts the week after Indy’s bye week
32 31 Tampa Bay 0–6 Competitive last week against Carolina, but don’t expect the same thing Sunday in London against New England

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Lawrence Paul is a regular contributor to the Cappers Picks Blog, and is a free-lance gambling and travel expert from Massachusetts.


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  1. After Monday night game I think you have to give a bit more respect to the Denver Broncos. I was probably the biggest skeptic of all, but they are one of the top four teams in the NFL right now.