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Craig’s 2009 NFL Mock Draft Pt. 1

Craig Trapp’s NFL Mock Draft – Feb 18th, 2009

Today Craig will give you his mock NFL draft picks one thru ten. Craig will first give you the needs for each team and then will give you reason for his mock pick. Also check back as Craig will break down picks number 11-20 next week.

Part 1 — 23

1. Detroit Lions

Needs: QB- Team has restructured Daunte Culpepper’s contract but still need a face to this franchise and if they take a QB #1 they could have Daunte help mentor him.

Pick: Matt Stafford is the best QB by far in this draft and his arm strength is better than Matt Ryan from last year. If his accuracy improves he could even start next season. Has all the tools to become superstar and would make a good face to the franchise.


2. St. Louis Rams

Needs: WR,OT- This once explosive offense is now a shell of itself. Need big play WR to go down the field and also to take pressure off of Tory Holt. Offensive line problems have plagued this team for two years now and every year injuries to this already thin line have hurt them. Unable to protect Bulger or open wholes for Jackson have really hurt this once powerful offense!

Pick: Eugene Monroe is the best offensive lineman in the draft and will help an aging often injured line sure up there protection. Monroe out of Virginia is a very safe pick for the Rams and he is good at both run and pass blocking. Might not be the flashy OL as some of the other leading blockers but he is very dependable and has much less risk than the others.

3. Kansas City Chiefs

Needs: Where do we start?? They need defensive play makers and if they get rid of Larry Johnson will need a RB. But this team might have the most gaps to fill of anyone in the NFL

Pick: Aaron Curry will make a solid middle linebacker in the NFL for years. Think that the Chiefs will play the 4-3 defense and they need a stud middle linebacker that tackles everything that moves and Curry is that player. Trading down to acquire more draft picks is a very real possibility.

4. Seattle Seahawks:

Needs: A huge gap on this team is a WR that can make big plays. They have quantity of WR’s but not quality.

Pick: Michael Crabtree will be the pick of Seattle if he is still there. They love his big play making ability and will be praying that he drops to them.

5. Cleveland Browns:

Needs: Defense is where this team has to address in the draft. Both LB and DB play this past season was very poor for the Browns.

Pick: The browns would love for Curry to fall to them but since he is already gone they take the next best LB Rey Maualuga from USC. Also will be taking trade offers as they would love to gather more picks to get better on defense.

6. Cincinnati Bengals:

Needs: OL was a huge problem last year for the Bengals. Need a Center and OT but with no great Centers in this draft expect them to take best available Tackle.

Pick:Andre Smith OT from Alabama has been #1 on the Bengals radar all season. They will be hoping that his off the field issue in the bowl game will make the Rams take Monroe instead of Smith.

7. Oakland Raiders:

Needs: Real need is a new owner but since that is not going to happen they also need OL or WR help. Trading down would be good for any other team but Al Davis never trades down.

Pick: Jeremy Maclin WR from Missouri would make a great pick for this offense lacking any receiver with a deep threat. If Maclin and Crabtree would happened to be gone they will take the best OL available.

8. Jacksonville Jaquars:

Needs: OT and DL help are both really needed for this Jags team that was very injury prone last year. Most games only had at most 2 starters on the OL due to injuries.

Pick: Jason Smith OT out of Baylor will be a huge impact player that will come in and start right away. The Jags will take any of the top 3 OT that are left in this spot but with the other 2 off the board there decision is made easy.

9. Green Bay Packers:

Needs: DE or OLB to create a pass rush is much needed. A big step back last year for this team on defense. They need to get pressure on other teams QB or really improve there secondary.

Pick: Brian Orakpo, DE, Texas would be a nice addition to a team that lacked any pass rush last year. A workout freak that is a great edge rusher that many think will end up like a Dwight Freeney.

10. San Francisco:

Needs: QB, WR, and DE would all be areas of need. This team needs a face to the franchise and if they give up on Alex Smith a QB would make a lot of sense here. Not sure Stafford would slide this far but Sanchez should still be on the board.

Pick: Mark Sanchez QB USC will really be impressive in workouts with his athletic ability showing thru. This team needs a face to the franchise and his image and leadership would fit in nicely with the 49ers

Of course the top 10 picks are from the worst teams so all of them are subject to trade down and acquire more picks but most of these teams will find it hard to find trade partners. Hope everybody enjoyed the first 10 picks of Craig’s mock draft for 2009.

Check back as Craig will have #11-#20 next week.

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  1. After today’s official signing of T.J. Houshmandzadeh will that be enough to fill the big play void at wide receiver. This may allow them tp pass on Crabtree and focus on some other needs. However, they could still take him and create an instant dynamic due in Seattle