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Super Bowl Futures – Updated NFL Odds – Super Bowl XLVII Wagering

2013 Super Bowl Betting Futures

The 1984 Bears these teams ain’t. Nor are they the 1972 Dolphins.

They are 12 teams that all feel they can win the Super Bowl about a month from now, if for no other reasons than the other 11 are so eminently capable of not winning it.

The updated odds, from Bovada, with comment (last week’s odds in parenthesis):

Minnesota Vikings 75/1 (6/1)

– They can win because they have the best running back on the planet and God help any team that falls behind against these guys. They can lose because they give up a lot of yards through the air and they will see nothing but top-level QBs from here on out. At 75/1, definintely worth a flier.

Indianapolis Colts 50/1 (35/1)

– They can win because the playoffs reward hot teams and the Colts are a hot team with a fearless QB. They can lose because they are an average team on the road, and they will eventually run up against Tom Brady or Peyton Manning. Even at 50/1, keep your money.


Cincinnati Bengals 40/1 (40/1)

They can win because no team in the playoffs has a better road record (6-2) and their main ball-carrier (BenJarvus Green-Ellis) hangs on to the ball. They can lose because Marvin Lewis is hardly the best game-day coach in the league. Hard to see them winning in Denver if they win in Houston, next to impossible to win consecutive games in Houston, Denver and New England.

Baltimore Ravens 22/1 (22/1)

They can win because they are capable of freaking out a young QB (Luck) making his first playoff appearance and they have enough vets to spring a few more moderate upsets. They can lose because the warranty is close to expiring on the defense. A unit or two on these guys might be fun, but a better wager would be 10/1 on Baltimore to win the AFC.

Washington Redskins 20/1 (12/1)

They can win because they have a veteran coach who has won it all before in sync with a QB who creates unique matchup problems for the defense. They can lose because the defense is weak and the offense is forced to compensate. At a 20/1 payoff, you could do worse than betting on a team that hasn’t lost a game in two months.

Houston Texans 15/1 (13/2)

They can win because . . . uh, well, I don’t really know. Before losing three of their last four they were at 5/1. They can lose because they have been losing – since Dec. 2 they are 1-3 and the average score has been 28-16. Keep your wallet in your pocket.

Green Bay Packers 7/1 (13/2)

They can win because they have one of the three best QBs in the playoffs and this year they don’t have to worry about getting knocked out by the Giants. They can lose because their only decent ball-carrier, Alex Green, has been having concussion issues and may not play. Admit it — wouldn’t you like their chances again in Atlanta?

Seattle Seahawks 6/1 (6/1)

They can win because, as Roger Clemens might put it, these guys have been misunderestimated. The Poodle apparently knows what he’s doing. They can lose because the clock is due to strike midnight any time now, and it’s hard to see the Seahawks winning as many games on the road (three) in the next three weeks as they’ve won away from home all season. Too many things have to go right.[soliloquy id=”82219″]

Atlanta Falcons 6/1 (6/1)

They can win because they own the Georgia Dome. They can lose because they have owned the copyright on bowing out of their playoffs in their first game. There’s more pressure on the newage Dirty Birds than on any other team. Maybe at 12/1, but at 6/1 a bit too thin.

San Francisco 49ers 4/1 (9/2)

They can win because besides the QB position they have the best talent in the league. They can lose because every once in a while the offense goes into a funk, and also because they can’t make up their mind who will be under center. At 4/1 the odds are about right – Niners are capable of beating anyone.

New England Patriots 3/1 (4/1)

They can win because they have the best coach and a QB who is driven to win another title. They can lose because the secondary is thin, banged up and prone to giving up long plays. Pats would love to see Houston in Foxboro again, this time with Gronkowski on the field. At 3/1 the payoff is not worth the risk, though.

Denver Broncos +230 (3/1)

They can win because they are on the mother of all rolls (11 straight, the last loss coming way back on Oct. 7 in New England). They can lose because if forms holds, Manning will go up against Belichick again. Risking 10 to make 23 is shaky when your team has to win three times.



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