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2015 NBA Dunk Contest Gambling Lines & Handicapping Preview

2015 Dunk Contest Picks

The NBA Dunk Contest has turned into an event where fans hope they see at least one or two dunks that absolutely blow their minds and get them out of their seats.

NBA Basketball Odds

2015 All Star NBA Dunk Contest Picks & Info
Saturday, February 14th, 2014, 8:00 (ET)
Location: Barclays Center
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With the competition featuring a younger, non star class, fans will see 100% effort as these guys try to put their names in the record books along side the Dwight Howards and the Michaels Jordans who used to compete in this.

This year’s contest will feature 4 players. The field is set with players who are looking to breakout and make a name for themselves in the league. the 2015 Dunk Contest is the perfect place to start.

Mason Plumlee, Brooklyn Nets 7-1

If anybody in the field has motivation to come out and wow the crowd, it’s Mason Plumlee. Plumlee has been criticized for being named as a participant. Mason Plumlee’s name is not the first that comes to mind when fans think big dunks.

At 6’11, his height will help give him a competitive edge in terms of high dunks. This can also benefit his long reach and allow him to start dunks further away from the basket.

With people upset about his participation, Plumlee will surely have his creative mind working. Don’t sleep on him.

Victor Oladipo, Orlando Magic 3-1

In terms of a player, Oladipo has been just what the Magic have hoped for. He’s turned into one of the team’s best scorers and defenders. He’s been seen to throw down some one handed dunks and has rocked the rim throughout the entire season.

He could be the guy to get the fans out of their seats if he can show some creativity.

Another reason to root on this guy, he’s planning on donating some of his participation money to cancer charities in Orlando. Oladipo will be a bit more motivated to get the crowd going as he hopes to win the contest and donate more to a good cause.

Giannis Anteokounmpo, Milwaukee Bucks 2-1

Learning how to spell his name could take fans months to figure out. However, this is Anteokounmpo’s chance to get his name out there. Anteokounmpo is not a lethal weapon on offense, or a threat to go off every single night.

He’ll score his share of points, grab his share of rebounds, and be a force on defense because of his size.

Reporters have taken to social media to tell fans to expect mesmerizing dunks from this guy. Expect big things from Anteokounmpo on Saturday night. If people haven’t heard of hit yet, they certainly will after Saturday.

Zach LaVine, Minnesota Timberwolves 10-11

LaVine is part of the young, rebuilding process in Minnesota. While he’s shown growth and maturity with his game play, he’s also shown he can put down some pretty mean dunks.

The favorite for the 2015 dunk contest is expected to have some big things lined up for Saturday.

His teammates have seen him practice and promised the fans will be entertained.

With reporters saying he is easily going to run away with this competition, expect LaVine to have a little more confidence than the others on Saturday.

Tony’s Pick: Giannis Anteokounmpo, Milwaukee Bucks 2-1

It’s not just because his name is awesome, well maybe it is a little. But this guy has shown he can move like a point guard throughout the entire season. If he combines that with his F/C length and height, look out.

List Of Past NBA Slam Dunk Contest Winners

2014- John Wall
2013- Terrance Ross
2012- Jeremy Evans
2011 – Blake Griffin
2010 – Nate Robinson
2009 – Nate Robinson
2008 – Dwight Howard
2007 – Gerald Green
2006 – Nate Robinson
2005 – Josh Smith
2004 – Fred Jones
2003 – Jason Richardson
2002 – Jason Richardson
2001 – Desmond Mason
2000 – Vince Carter
1997 – Kobe Bryant
1996 – Brent Barry
1995 – Harold Miner
1994 – Isaiah Rider
1993 – Harold Miner
1992 – Cedric Ceballos
1991 – Dee Brown
1990 – Dominique Wilkins
1989 – Kenny Walker
1988 – Michael Jordan
1987 – Michael Jordan
1986 – Spud Webb
1985 – Dominique Wilkins
1984 – Larry Nance

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