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2011 NBA Futures Gambling: 2011 NBA Title

NBA Championship Futures Betting Update

Here is a NBA Wagering preview along with the odds for the top NBA championship contenders for the 2010/2011 season.

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Time for our final NBA Championship futures update. If you haven’t made your pre-playoff bets yet, now’s the time. Who are the biggest contenders, movers and shakers?


Los Angeles Lakers
NBA Championship odds: +150

Everyone has settled down about the wily veteran L.A. Lakers. They’re fine. Their midseason struggles are behind them. They still have an excellent shot to repeat. In fact, I’d argue that their Western Conference competition is the weakest it’s been in years.

Chicago Bulls
NBA Championship odds: +250

The Chicago Bulls have really bullied their way to the front of the Eastern Conference contender line. They have the powerhouse game beneath the basket with Carlos Boozer and Joakim Noah and, of course, the MVP hopeful Derrick Rose having a fantastic season. Chicago will be extremely tough to beat.

Miami Heat
NBA Championship odds: +400

I can understand at least based on their talent why the Heat still have the third-best odds to win. If LeBron, D-Wade and Bosh click at the right time, the Heat are good enough to run the table. But do you believe that will happen? I don’t think they’re ready. Sports Betting at Sportsbook.com


Denver Nuggets
NBA Championship odds: +3000

Ever hear Bill Simmons talk about “Ewing Theory”? Tracing back to how the Knicks often played better when Patrick Ewing was injured? The Nuggets have enjoyed a similar type of surge since trading Carmelo Anthony. This is a deep team and a sleeper to make a surprising playoff run.


Boston Celtics
NBA Championship odds: +600

The Celtics’ odds haven’t slipped dramatically but some bettors are souring on them. They’ve played plenty of mediocre basketball of late and you just never know when the creaky vets’ bodies will give out. Can they stay healthy throughout the playoffs?

New York Knicks
NBA Championship odds: +5000

Like the Heat, the Knicks still have the talent to make some serious noise if they click at the right time. And they have started to improve of late. But I think Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire would’ve needed a full season to really make New York dangerous. They probably won’t be a major threat until next season.



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About Shea Matthews

Shea Matthews the Senior Writer at CP. Lives and breathes sports. He made the transition from athlete to sports journalist at a young age, writing in TV & national papers. Shea applies his knowledge to sports betting + handicapping daily, and shares winning picks with the world.



  1. Alex Abrego says:

    Shea Matthews,

    Really sir?? Your comment about LA Lakers ; “They still have an excellent shot to repeat. In fact, I’d argue that their Western Conference competition is the weakest it’s been in years”

    You’re telling me the San Antonio Spurs are weak? You have the adacity to leave off the odds for the San Antonio Spurs, considering they have the best record in the league this season? Yet, you say the west is the weakest its been? How can you decide to place in your article the odds of the Knicks, and Nuggets and decide to leave off the Spurs? I have always enjoyed your articles, but one this one I do NOT envy you sir.

  2. SheaMatthews says:

    Alex — I don’t think you’re seeing the big picture. First off — the article is about top contenders, risers and fallers. The Spurs’ odds to win the championship aren’t among the top three and their odds haven’t risen or fallen since my last futures article, so there was no need to mention them.

    Secondly — you’re putting way too much stock into the Spurs’ overall record. Come on. Have you forgotten about Tim Duncan getting hurt? The Spurs’ recent six-game losing streak and overall struggles since the All-Star break? Do your homework, Alex! If you still think the Spurs are the team to beat, you’re very much alone and/or have been in a coma since February.

  3. Matthew Martz says:

    I agree with Shea. The Spurs lost their biggest, if not only, weapon. DUNCAN.

  4. Alex Abrego says:


    Being from San Antonio, we are used to sports columnists, bloggers, and most of all ESPN analysts always doing nothing but putting down the Spurs. #1 WE DID NOT lose Duncan but for 7 games. That means we do have him back for playoffs! Second, what more do the Spurs have to prove to you, aside from getting the #1 seed locked up? Why is it you do not say the Lakers, they have struggled worse than the Spurs recently and have ALL of their players healthy?? LA has now lost 5 in a row. Sadly, you are so incorrect when you say I am alone in placing stock in them to reach the finals, there are more convincing people than myself , such as professionals that will agree with me not to mention over half of the coaches in the league will argue this point with you. Since the all star break we lost one true game to the Lakers, the 6 game streak was due to Duncan being out, but now that he has returned we have won 7/8. Shea, I truly hope your future articles about NBA playoff predictions have more valuable predictions about your topics. I am a fan of yours, but please show some respect, when respect is due to the #1 team in the NBA. I look forward to speaking to you more in June in San Antonio in the 2011 Finals.

  5. SheaMatthews says:

    Not a good start for either of us, Alex! With our luck the Spurs and Lakers will both get upset in Round 1 and our debate will be meaningless…

  6. Alex Abrego says:

    I know the Spurs and Lakers will rebound from this loss. I expect the Spurs to win this in 6 and Lakers to beat the Hornets in 7.
    Historically speaking the Spurs have lost the 1st game of the playoffs first series the last 3 years in row, so this is no panic time for San Antonio.
    If you look at game one of the past games this past weekend, alot of the lower seeds led at halftime of thier games; Pacers, Knicks, Grizzlies, Hornets, Hawks, Nuggets.
    I predict a major blowout by Spurs game two at home. Take the Spurs -6.5 to cover without any hesitation.
    Its great speaking to you Shea, Look forward to more inclusive conversations

  7. Anonymous says:

    How are those Spurs gonna do next year?