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MLB Power Rankings / June 10th 2010

MLB Power Rankings (as of 04/06/2010)

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As we check in for the weekly MLB power rankings, we’re finally seeing the stars realign. Most of the teams we expected to succeed are finally starting to do just that.

(Last week’s rankings in brackets)

1. (1) New York Yankees (37-22): They’re reportedly targeting Cliff Lee and an unnamed Houston hitter – Lance Berkman or Carlos Lee? Pretty scary to imagine them getting even better.

2. (3) Tampa Bay Rays (39-20): Picked the right team to beat up on last week and this week; pummelling the Jays boosts their record and buries one of their divisional competitors.

3. (7) Los Angeles Dodgers (36-24): The hitting will be consistently good enough to support the pitching staff, so their success looks sustainable.

4. (2) Atlanta Braves (34-25): The winning streak ended but they’re back right where we would’ve predicted them to be at this point of the season.

5. (5) Boston Red Sox (35-26): He’s not getting much press, but Adrian Beltre has very quietly been a huge addition to the team both offensively and defensively. Sorry, Mike Lowell.

6. (8) Minnesota Twins (35-24): Delmon Young is quickly becoming one of the more intriguing redemption stories this season.

7. (16) Los Angeles Angels (33-29): Getting it done without Kendry Morales. Joe Saunders and Ervin Santana have stepped up to support Jered Weaver in the rotation.

8. (12) Texas Rangers (32-27): Looks like they’re poised to battle the Angels down the stretch again. Kudos to them for recognizing how valuable Vlad Guerrero could be as a DH.

9. (6) Cincinnati Reds (34-26): Slipping ever so slightly but the Cards have been worse. Mike Leake continues to impress as a rookie in the rotation.

10. (4) San Diego Padres (34-24): Reality is creeping up and probably won’t let go until it drags them down into the basement.

11. (13) Philadelphia Phillies (31-26): Bizarre season so far for the Phillies. Roy Halladay and Jamie Moyer (seriously) have sparkled but the bats are strangely cold. What gives? BetOnline.com

12. (10) Toronto Blue Jays (33-27): See No. 10.

13. (18) New York Mets (31-27): Every time it seems they’re about to fall out of the NL East race, they surge again. Maybe they won’t go away after all.

14. (17) San Francisco Giants (32-26): Juan Uribe is providing the pop they desperately need, but can it last? And Tiny Tim still hasn’t shaken his funk.

15. (9) St. Louis Cardinals (33-27): Maybe they can’t win the division with this lineup after all? Naw. Pujols, Holliday, Wainwright and Carpenter alone should be enough…shouldn’t they?

16. (14) Detroit Tigers (30-28): Armando Galarraga gets the attention but perhaps Miguel Cabrera deserves it more. The guy’s talent is reaching new heights this season – which is a lot to say for a guy who already has 100 or more RBI in each of his six full major-league seasons.

17. (11) Colorado Rockies (30-29): Is it time for them to consider acquiring another bat to support Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez?

18. (15) Oakland Athletics (31-30): Their record through 61 games is admirable considering they have so little to work with. But that’s about all we can say about the A’s.

19. (22) Washington Nationals (29-31): It will be fun to see just how far up these rankings Stephen Strasburg can push Washington on his own.

20. (26) Houston Astros (24-36): They’ve quietly won seven of 10. That’s more than the teams below them in the power rankings can say.

21. (24) Chicago Cubs (27-32)
22. (21) Chicago White Sox (25-33)
23. (25) Milwaukee Brewers (24-35)
24. (19) Florida Marlins (28-31)
25. (28) Cleveland Indians (22-36)
26. (20) Seattle Mariners (23-36)
27. (29) Arizona Diamondbacks (24-36)
28. (23) Pittsburgh Pirates (23-36)
29. (27) Kansas City Royals (24-36)
30. (30) Baltimore Orioles (16-43)

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