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Fantasy Football Week 15 Q&A

Watchlist Q & A – Week 15

After all of the weekly games are finished be sure to check our waiver wire column, studs and duds, a who’s hot, and who’s not report plus more in our fantasy football guide.

Week 15 of the NFL is already under way. I can’t remember a week that had so many interesting Story Lines.

There is a lot going on this week indeed.

I will try to discuss some of the more prevalent stories in my Week 15 edition of Watchlist Q & A.

1. Will we still have 2 undefeated teams going into Week 16?

Indianapolis Colts – Whew!!! They keep finding ways to win!! Its seems like destiny that this team goes 16-0. Manning, Clark, and Wayne were huge again – nice to see.

New Orleans Saints – Prime Time Saturday night against Dallas. It’s gonna be fun aint it?

The high powered Saints can’t wait to play in front of their fans on National television. There is no way that the Cowboys will be able to slow this train down.

2. What the hell is going to happen in the NFC East this Weekend?

Philadelphia Eagles (9-4) – The Eagles play a surprisingly hot San Francisco team this weekend at home. Still, you have to think that The Phili. Offense is coming to play. DeSean Jackson seems unstoppable right now and Donovan McNabb knows just how to use him. The Eagles Offense looks strong and the Defense is the 2nd ranked Fantasy Defense. Nuff said.

Dallas Cowboys (8-5) – I kind of feel sorry for the Cowboys this week. They are playing the Saints in New Orleans on National TV on Saturday Night. The Saints are smokin on Offense right now and the Defense is the #1 ranked Fantasy Defense. Gonna be a tough week for Cowboys fans fer sher.

NY Giants (7-6) – Play at Washington on Monday Night in a must win game. I’m not convinced that the Giants will win this one. They appear to be a mess both Offensively and Defensively. Add in the fact that Washington is playing some good ball right now and it smells like a Redskins upset.

Washington Redskins (4-9) – What he said!

3. Which teams will make a push for the playoffs?

Jacksonville Jaguars (7-7) – They battled to Colts hard, but they just aren’t an elite team – they can’t hang with the big boys. They are gonna need some teams to lose in order to have a chance at the playoffs

Baltimore Ravens (7-6) – The Ravens are a funny team aren’t they. It’s actually hard to believe that they are in the playoff race. This week is a winnable game against a terrible Chicago team and one that could go a long way in determining their playoff fate. A win and they are in control -lose and depend on others to help you advance. The Ravens should win and position themselves quite well.

Miami Dolphins (7-6) – Play Tennessee and at 7-6, they could make a lot of noise on the race too. The Fins are a scrappy team but you just don’t know if the Good Fins or the Bad Fins are gonna show up. Your guess is as good as mine.

NY Jets (7-6) – I didn’t think they’d be fighting for a playoff spot – did you? They are playing good fundamental football right now – doing the right things to win. They are a run heavy team that doesn’t throw the ball unnecessarily. It will be nothing less than a solid effort from the Jets this week – a win seems more likely than not against the vulnerable Atlanta Falcons.

NY Giants (7-6) – They just won’t go away!!!! They look like an average team right now – a far cry from the expectations. Washington is going to give them a tough game. My money is on the Skins!!!

Atlanta Falcons (6-7) – Play against a Jets team that will RUN right at the heart of the Falcons weakness. I think that the Atlanta Offense is in too much disarray to be a well rounded Jets team.

San Francisco 49ers (6-7) – One thing that the 49ers have is MOMENTUM. Unfortunately, the Niners have the daunting task of marching into Philadelphia to play an awfully good team. The 49ers might play tough, but it won’t be enough against a Red Hot Eagles team.

4. Can some of the scorching players keep up their pace?

Drew Brees – New Orleans – Brees is simply on fire. He’s thrown 10 touchdowns in his last 3 games. The Dallas secondary is no match for Brees and his toys especially at home on National TV.

Chris Johnson – Tennessee – Does anyone recall a season like this by a running back? He gets Miami this week and frankly, I can’t wait to write about it on Sunday. The dude is on his own level right now and it’s a pleasure to watch.

Brandon Marshall – Denver – 21 catches last week – 21!!!! He got more catches than some whole teams got combined. This week, he plays at home against the Raiders. He’ll be huge for sure.

5. Will some jobs for 2010 be earned in Week 15?

Brady Quinn – Cleveland – Depending on who is running the team next year, Quinn could have a shot at retaining his starting role. He appears to be a West Coast Offense type of QB and if a guy like Mike Holmgren takes over the day to day operations of the Browns, Quinn could be Cleveland’s Matt Hasselbeck. My guess is that he keeps his job and will be better in a new system for the Browns.

Chad Henne – Miami – Henne is one of the surprises in Football this year. He has quietly led a team without their #1 weapon (Ronnie Brown) into a playoff race. He’s played well, and could be someone to watch for in 2010.

Josh Freeman – Tampa Bay – They have noone else – the job is safely his.

Jamaal Charles – Kansas City – It seems like a foregone conclusion. Jamaal Charles IS the Chiefs Running Back of the future. He has been lights out since getting his shot at the starting roll in KC. This week’s game against Cleveland should only cement his role.

Beanie Wells/Tim Hightower – Arizona – Somebody has to keep the ball in their hands. As funny as it sounds, it appears that the player that is able to remedy the fumble problems will have the inside edge on the Cards starting running back job next year. Wells seems to be the better all around back and I’ll bet that coming out of training camp next year, he’ll be the man

Justin Forsett – Seattle – There is gonna be some sort of overhall in Seattle this off season and Forsett has a chance to stick with the club for next year. He is a Leon Washington type player that has proven extremely effective in the league this year.

Jerome Harrison – Cleveland – Somebody has to emerge in Cleveland – why not Harrison?? Forget I even mentioned it.

6. How will the good teams that lost last week respond this week?

Arizona Cardinals – Ouch!! Week 14 was painful! This week – all will be right with the Fantasy Football Universe. The Cards play the woeful Detroit Lions who will be starting Dante Culpepper at QB and Maurice Morris at RB. Do you need more?

Pittsburgh Steelers – Whew!! It doesn’t look good for the Steelers at all. With no Offensive Line, the Steelers aren’t getting the time to do ANYTHING. They are in the toilet. The Defense is without Troy Polamolu again – they are a totally different Defense without him. Stick a fork in the Steelers folks!

Denver Broncos – At 8-5, the Broncos are looking OK for a playoff spot. They play Oakland this week who starts Charlie Frye at Quarterbnack – honestly!! Now way that the Broncos should lose. Start all of your Broncos for sure!!!

Dallas Cowboys – Already talked about – the losing looks like it will continue.

Cincinnati Bengals – Tough game this week against a Hot San Diego team. The Bengals will be hard pressed to win the game, but might keep it close like they did last week against Indy. Worry not, they have a 2 game lead in their division.

7. Which injuries will affect Fantasy Lineups this week?

  • Tom Brady – New England – Banged up but expected to start Sunday
  • Jake Delhomme – Carolina – Looks like he’s OUT again
  • Mark Sanchez – NY Jets – Limited in practice – might play – keep tabs.
  • Matthew Stafford – Detroit – Not expected to play.
  • Vince Young – Tennessee – Bad Hamstring and knee – in danger of missing this week.
  • Matt Ryan – Atlanta – Limited in practice again – might sit again this week. Check status.
  • Michael Turner – Atlanta – Practiced a bit Thursday – still questionable
  • Steven Jackson – St. Louis – Bad back hasn’t kept him out yet – should start.
  • Kevin Smith – Detroit – OUT for the year.
  • Mike Bell/Pierre Thomas – New Orleans – Both limited in practice but should be good to go Saturday.
  • Jonathan Stewart – Carolina – Bad toe might keep him out this week.
  • Knowshon Moreno – Denver – Limited in practice but should be good to go.
  • Brian Westbrook – Philadelphia – Very unlikely to play although he’s making progress from his concussion.
  • Larry Fitzgerald – Arizona – Bad knee but he’s expected to play.
  • Percy Harvin – Minnesota – Headaches continue and his status is uncertain.
  • Nate Burleson – Seattle – OUT this week with a high ankle sprain. Deion Branch will start.
  • Devin Hester – Chicago – Still hasn’t practiced – status is iffy at best.
  • Calvin Johnson – Detroit – Limited in practice but is expected to play.
  • Jeremy Maclin – Philadelphia – Bad foot will probably keep him out this week.
  • Hines Ward – Pittsburgh – Didn’t practice but is expected to play.
  • Roddy White – Atlanta – Good to go.

Lots of info. Folks – I hope it helps.


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