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Fantasy Football (Divisional Round Post Season) Q&A

Divisional Playoff Watchlist Q& A

After all of the weekly games are finished be sure to check our waiver wire column, studs and duds, a who’s hot, and who’s not report plus more in our fantasy football guide.

The Divisional round of the playoffs are upon us, and there is plenty of interesting story line to keep your eye on.  Here is what I will be watching for in the Divisional Playoff edition of the Watchlist Q & A.

1.  How will the elite Quarterbacks perform in their respective games?

Kurt Warner – Arizona – This could be Kurt’s last game in the NFL.  Rumors persist that Warner could hang ‘em up after this season, and why not?  Concussions have plagued the certain Pro-Bowler and he’s proven all he needs to prove in the game.  Warner should get Anquan Boldin back this week, making him even more of a threat to have a huge game.  He is on fire and appears as motivated as any QB still playing.  The problem is that he has to face a New Orleans team on the road.  New Orleans is going to be rocking and the team would rather die than let their fans down.  Warner should still play well, but well enough?  Unlikely.

Drew Brees – New Orleans – Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints didn’t have the #one ranked Offense by fluke.  They are a scary unit that is a threat to score every time that they are on the field. Look for a rested Brees to dominate this game.  Just look at what Aaron Rodgers did to the Cardinals last week – nuff said!!

Tony Romo – Dallas – Is there a hotter Quarterback in the NFL?  Romo is playing with confidence and poise and appears to be peaking at just the right time.  He faces an extremely tough Minnesota Defensive front, but he’s also aware that the weakness of the Vikings Defense is the secondary.  I expect Romo to attack the weakness and have yet another huge game for his squad.

Brett Favre – Minnesota – Favre is the biggest question mark when talking about veteran QBS in the playoffs.  He faces an incredibly tough Dallas Defense that made Donovan McNabb look amateur in the last 2 weeks.  Favre does have the benefit of Adrian Peterson to hand the ball off to however.  This should minimize the pressure if Favre decides to go that route.  Favre figures to have a tough time against the Hottest Defensive unit tin the NFL.

Philip Rivers – San Diego – Rivers is simply unstoppable right now.  We know that Cornerback Darrelle Revis will limit Vincent Jackson’s output, but Rivers will still get it done with the likes of Antonio Gates, Malcolm Floyd and Darren Sproles.

Peyton Manning – Indianapolis – Peyton Manning faces a team that usually gives him fits.  The Ravens promise to put the pressure on the certain MVP, but would you bet against Manning?  I didn’t think so.

2. How will the young Quarterbacks respond to the pressure of the Divisional Round?

Mark Sanchez  – NY Jets – One thing that we learned about Mark Sanchez this season – he’s exceptional at handing the ball off.  In a game against the Chargers, however, chances are that he will have to throw the ball in order to keep up.  It might be too tough a test for the rookie.

Joe Flacco – Baltimore – If the game goes Baltimore’s way, Flacco isn’t going to have to do much.  The running game is what got the Ravens here and I don’t see them venturing too far from it.  When he does have to throw, count on some yards and a few mistakes.  The mistakes could be Baltimore’s downfall.

3.  Will the Running Games be the story of this weekend?

Arizona – Beanie Wells and Tim Hightower are getting better, but they are not quite “there” yet.  Besides, the game is going to be high scoring – lots of passing, Wells and Hightower don’t figure to be a big part of the Game plan.

New Orleans – Pierre Thomas had an extra week to get healthy as did Reggie Bush.  Word is that Deuce McAllister is even back in the fold.  New Orleans is at its best when they have a little balance in their offense.  You can bet that the coaches used their bye week to figure out how they can reestablish their groung attack.  It’s likely that the Running Backs are featured heavily against the Cardinals this weekend.

Dallas – Minnesota has the best run stoppers in the NFL.  Although Felix Jones has been on fire, it’s not going to be the running game that is going help Dallas win.  The running backs will get the ball, but don’t expect a whole lot from them.

Minnesota – Bottom Line – Adrian Peterson HAS to be the man this weekend.  Favre has to put his ego aside and let the best player on his team do his thing.  The running game will be a factor this weekend for the Vikings.

Baltimore – It’s about all they really have.  The Ravens have ridden the running game so far and I don’t see that stopping.  They will be in this game, and as long as they are, Joe Flacco will be handing off a lot.  Will it be enough?  Don’t think so.

Indianapolis – Won’t be a huge factor.

NY Jets – Shonne Greene has come on huge lately and Thomas Jones aint bad either.  As long as the keep close with the Chargers, the rushers will be featured.  That’s “as long as they keep it close.”

San Diego – Your guess is as good as mine.

4.  Will Defense rule the round?

Baltimore – Their Defense has to rule, or the Ravens will be packing their bags.  Their goal will be to keep Indianapolis under 21 points, and give the Offense a chance.  Might actually be possible, but can the Ravens Offense score more than 21?

Minnesota – Incredibly tough task for the suspect Vikings secondary.  Their weakness plays right into the hands of the Dallas Offense.  Count on the Cowboys to score a lot through the air.

NY Jets – Outside of Darrelle Revis, the Jets are clearly outmatched in this game.  The Chargers are too good and complete a team for the Jets to handle.

Dallas – This unit has been on fire, and it looks like Brett Favre and company are ripe for the picking.  The Dallas front should be able to terrorize Brett Favre into mistakes.  The Dallas D should rule their Divisional Round game

New Orleans – Its going to be a shootout – the defense won’t be a factor at all

Arizona – You all saw what Green Bay did to this unit last week!

San Diego – Won’t have to do much – the Chargers Offense will be the star

Indy. – They are going to have to play well for sure, but again, the Offense should be the star.

5.  Will the rested teams exhibit some rust?

Indianapolis – Resting their players have hurt the Colts before. It’s likely that the 1st quarter will be ugly, but once Peyton and the boys warm up, it should be fun

San Diego – The team has been on fire, and a break could have hurt them a bit.  The good news is that they play the Jets, and the Jets are not that scary.

New Orleans – Worried?  I am a bit.  The Saints looked wobbly down the stretch.  You either got it or don’t, and New Orleans don’t got it right now.  Lets hope the time off was used to heal and to practice, practice, practice.

Minnesota – I don’t know if its going to be the rust as much is its going to be the fact that the Vikings have to face the scorching Cowboys. Its going to be a tough game for Favre and the boys.

6.  Will momentums from last weeks’ winning teams continue this week?

Dallas – Dallas has mojo right now and I guess that means they have mojo-mentum.  Momentum is going to be a huge factor in this game.  It’s going to be up to Minnesota to stop it.

Arizona – Big win last week in which the Cardinals lost momentum at half time.  I don’t really think that the Cards built any momentum at all.

Baltimore – Momentum could keep this game close, and that’s all you can really ask for.

NY Jets – Nah!!

7.  And Finally, who will win?

I’ve got Dallas, New Orleans, Indianapolis, and San Diego moving on.

Lots of info. Folks – I hope it helps.


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