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2011 Fantasy Mock Draft (Ver. 1.0)

Fantasy Football: 2011 Mock Draft Analysis – How ‘Bout a Little Fantasy Mock Draft?

Pre-season will be here eventually, so we encourage you to check out our FANTASY FOOTBALL DRAFT GUIDE for all your rankings and analysis for the upcoming league drafts that your going to be participating in 2011.

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The Fantasy season has been over for a month now and I miss it already. I’ve already started to think about next year and thought that I could help you start as well!

Here is a Mock Draft for 2011 – 1st Round with Comments and the 2nd Round Without!

1. Arian Foster – Houston – Foster was the Fantasy MVP by far this season. He touched the ball an astounding 393 times this season – 327 carries and 66 catches. He had 18 total touchdowns – the next best was 13. Foster is as big a part of an elite offense as there is in the game – my unquestioned #1.

2. Jamaal Charles – Kansas City – Jamaal Charles had an incredible season but only got 230 touches. He averaged 6.4 yards per carry. If the Chiefs coaches wake up and give him 275 touches, he could have a Chris Johnson sort of season. He is the new superstar of the NFL – I’m banking my #2 pick on it!

3 Adrian Peterson – Minnesota – Peterson is poised for a big season. I know – you’ve heard it before. But he did have 13 total touchdowns this season. With Leslie Frazer’s commitment to the run, AP figures to get a lot more work next season. He will be solid at absolute worst and he has a chance to be Gold!

4. Chris Johnson – Tennessee – I am willing to give Johnson a mulligan for last season – he is still the fastest back in the league and hopefully with a little franchise stability he can bounce back. After Johnson, there is a bit of a talent drop off.

5. Aaron Rodgers – Green Bay – I’m a believer in taking a quarterback in the first round. An elite quarterback is worth 35-40 touchdowns – a middle of the road quarterback is good for 20-25. Rodgers will be there with great numbers every week and is now the King of the Fantasy quarterback heap.

6. Michael Vick – Philadelphia – He will get 30-40 passing touchdowns next season and he may even run for 10 more. If you can’t have Rodgers, Vick is not a bad consolation – assuming he stays in Phili.!

7. Maurice Jones-Drew – Jacksonville – MJD is in the second tier of elite running backs. He will catch the ball as well as run with it. For once the Jaguars are heading into the offseason with some optimism. Maurice Jones-Drew is the unquestioned centerpiece of what could be a good offense next season.

7. Michael Turner – Atlanta – Turner means touchdowns! This is a guy that starts drives and ends them as well. He is rock solid – you will never have a question of playing him or not – he is matchup proof. Turner also plays on a damn good team in Atlanta and should get his share in 2011! [soliloquy id=”82219″]

8. Ray Rice – Baltimore – It took until very late in the season for the Ravens to start using Rice to his full potential. But when Baltimore committed to him, Rice didn’t let them down. Look for Rice to emerge from the pack and jump right up into the Top Tier of NHL RBs by season’s end.

9. Andre Johnson – Houston – Johnson is good for 100 catches, 1250 yards and 10 touchdowns easily. He is consistent money in the bank and a pleasure to own – trust me! I would take AJ over McFadden and Mendenhall any day!

10. Darren McFadden – Oakland – When this kid’s head is right, he is simply one of the most explosive players in the NFL. He may seem to be a bit of a risk but he is the unquestioned leader of an extremely run heavy offense. Nuff said!

11. White, Roddy – Atlanta – He led the league in receptions by a mile this season  and there is no reason to think any different for years to come. White is an absolute Stud and may just be the best Fantasy WR next season.

12. Rashard Mendenhall – Pittsburgh – Mendenhall is still very young but he plays like a veteran. He keeps getting better and better and last season he proved that he is a consummate feature back. Mendenhall gets all the touches on a tremendous football team!

Round 2

13. Johnson, Calvin
14. Manning, Peyton
15. Steven Jackson
16. Gore, Frank
17. McCoy, LeSean
18. Peyton Manning
19. Forte, Matt
20. Brees, Drew
21. Moreno, Knowshon
22. Rivers, Philip
23. Brady, Tom
24. Reggie Wayne

How about it, owners? Email me your thoughts or comment below!



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About DaveB

Dave B has been a Fantasy Football writer for us for 10 years. A couch potato wannabe, Dave’s insights have been read by 10’s of people for years. He hope’s for world peace + global relaxation. Enjoy and remember only smoke things that are completely natural.



  1. Christian Schwarz says:

    You cant forget Brandon Lloyd! at least has to be a high end 2nd rd pick. He lead the league in receiving yards, and looked like the top wideout that he is preceived to be. I dont know about ray rice either, he really shouldnt have had the stats he did, i am a die hard baltimore fan and just randomly outr coordinator cam cameron decided to go heavily toward the run rather the pass, when baltimore had all those great receivers(housh, boldin, mason) and he got really consrvative the point being that baltimore is a pass or atleast should be a pass team and they succeed when doing so i see ray rices carries declining in 2011. Also you neglected peyton hillis as well. What an emerging season he had, he was traded for a 4th rd pick and ended up with 1117 yds and nearly 500yds receiving and put on a great season. Also i wouldnt forget about dwyane bowe and greg jennings as well definetly 2nd round or even 1st rd considerations both had dominating fantasy seasons took a while for bowe to heat up but man what a charm he turned out to be a nice 1162yd and WHOPPING 15td season he had. I cant effing wait for fantasy 2011 i am hovering around the net trying to find any straggler mock draft lobbies open just to get practice in

  2. Christian,

    All very valid points. I loved Lloyd and Jennings but found myself leaning toward RBs and QBs in the first two rounds. There is no way that I could justify putting those names above Wayne, megatron and Andre Johnson.

    Ray Rice – I agree – he wasn’t utilized enough but there is no denying that the ravens are at their best when they feature thm heavily. Hopes are that the Ravens see this and get Rice the ball 300 times next season.


  3. Peyton Manning listed twice-Im assuming you meant Hillis at 18th overall? Thanks

  4. Hey, great rankings-question; is Peyton Hillis supposed to be ranked 18? Looks like Peyton Manning is ranked twice, thanks.