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Fantasy Football: Top 20 QB Rankings

2009 Top 20 Fantasy Quarterbacks

Fantasy Football Draft Guide – Cheat Sheets & Player Rankings

Are you in the market for fantasy football draft info? Or Quarterback Rankings + QB cheat sheets for your 2009 fantasy draft?

Pre-season is nearly upon us, so for the next few weeks we encourage you to be checking out our fantasy football draft guide for all your rankings and analysis for the upcoming league drafts that your going to be participating in.

It is just the beginning of summer and most people are focused on UFC betting and the NBA Championship odds right now, but it’s never too early to start talk about fantasy football.

There isn’t a betting software that can predict the accurate ranks but we’ll do our best.

Here a look at the Top 20 Fantasy quarterbacks for 2009:

1. Drew Brees – New Orleans Saints

5069 passing yards, 34 touchdowns in 2008. Yes, I’ll take that. The good news is that the Saints still have no running game and no defense, so it’s Brees all day.

2. Tom Brady – New England Patriots

How do you not take Tom Brady off the board as the second QB? We all know what he’s capable of and he’s healthy again with a more developed offense. He’ll once again carry fantasy teams.

3. Aaron Rodgers – Green Bay Packers

Surprised? Don’t worry, Rodgers is reliable. He won’t be ranked this high in coming years but the Packers defense is just as brutal as it was last year, which means they’ll need yards and points. Enter Rodgers.

4. Donovan McNabb – Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles love to pass the ball quite a bit as it is and now with news of Bryan Westbrook’s offseason surgery, they might have to pass the ball even more. Touchdown totals were low last year (23) but his receivers and tight ends are developing.

5. Peyton Manning – Indianapolis Colts

Peyton Manning’s touchdown numbers tapered off a bit last year and much of that was because of Marvin Harrison’s regression. Now Manning has to deal with the loss of Harrison, head coach Tony Dungy and offensive coordinator Tom Moore. Throw in the Colts spending their first-round pick on running back Donald Brown and some might expect another dip in Manning’s stats in the coming year.

6. Matt Schaub – Houston Texans

You might be shocked to see Schaub this high but you can’t argue his numbers when he’s healthy. Schaub only played in 11 games last year but his numbers projected over 16 games would have been 4400+ yards and 22 touchdowns. Call him a sleeper.

7. Philip Rivers – San Diego Chargers

Philip Rivers was outstanding last season but one has to imagine that LaDainian Tomlinson will be more of a factor this year. Rivers set career highs in almost every passing category last year and don’t expect too much of a drop-off. He’s the Chargers’ leader now.

8. Kurt Warner – Arizona Cardinals

This is definitely a risky Top-10 pick as Warner is old and will walk around with a bulls-eye on his back after taking his team to the Super Bowl. The Cardinals still have Anquan Boldin, Larry Fitzgerald and Steve Breaston, which is an excellent trio but the addition of Chris “Beanie” Wells could result in the passing game calling more runs this year.

9. Tony Romo – Dallas Cowboys

Call it addition by subtraction for Romo, who can now comfortably spread the ball around the offense and not worry about some baby complaining about targets. Romo still has Jason Witten and Roy Williams but the offense will clearly look to run the ball some more in 2009, which means less of his passes will find the endzone.

10. Trent Edwards – Buffalo Bills

Regardless of what perception you have of Edwards to begin with, you can’t deny the weaponry on this offense. The Bills have Terrell Owens, Lee Evans, Roscoe Parrish, Marshawn Lynch, Fred Jackson and Dominic Rhodes. That’s too much firepower to overlook regardless of what Edwards did last year.

11. Carson Palmer – Cincinnati Bengals
12. Jay Cutler – Chicago Bears
13. Matt Hasselbeck – Seattle Seahawks
14. Ben Roethlisberger – Pittsburgh Steelers
15. Matt Ryan – Atlanta Falcons
16. Eli Manning – New York Giants
17. Jason Campbell – Washington Redskins
18. David Garrard – Jacksonville Jaguars
19. Kyle Orton – Denver Broncos
20. Matt Cassel – Kansas City Chiefs

Don’t agree with our rankings? Comments below are welcome…give us your rankings!!!!



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  1. I just can’t see Aaron Rodgers ranked as high as three. Other than hold a clip board for Brett Farve, what has this guy done to be ranked that high. You said it youself, this guy is reliable. That does not make him a great quarterback.

  2. “The good news is that the Saints still have no running game and no defense, so it’s Brees all day.” Are you kidding me? Brees is definately the number 1 quarterback draft choice, but thats your reason?

    West coast offense means the passing game is the running game. There is no smashing in this offense but that doesnt mean there isnt a running game. Screen passes to reggie might count for passing yardage but they might as well be a handoff.

    Do you pay attention to when team change personnel? The saints completely revamped their biggest hole. They still dont have a good defense. Its not something to laugh at.

    Drew brees is as accurate a passer as Tom Brady.

    THOSE are reasons Brees is number 1. Not “ROFL OMG SAINTS SUCK BUT BREES IS A BEAST.”

  3. Thanks for the comment Bill. I’m not sure what the Saints have in store for us this year, but they have the talent to at least win the NFC South, if their D is any better than last year…

  4. GUYS listen up…comment below and give me your top 10 QB’s for fantasy football 2009!!!