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2008 NFL Midseason Betting Props

Time to Revisit Football Prop Betting

We’re just about half way through the NFL regular season. For NFL betting fans, it’s time to revisit those prop online wagers that we made before the season started and to see if it makes sense to lay down more sports betting dollars on some of the props.

Things have definitely changed from Week 9 in the NFL from Week 1 in the NFL. The favorite to win the MVP, Tom Brady, is out for the season. Some other favorites that looked to be sure things for the rookie of the year award, like Darren McFadden in Oakland, have turned out to be less than stellar NFL players.

Let’s take a look at the MVP race as well as the rookie of the year race!

NFL MVP Best Online Betting Proposition

Although the BetUS online sportsbook does not have online betting odds on the MVP race, I’ve listed the top six betting interests as well as the fair online odds that BetUS should be offering. The quarterback first on the list is obvious. Who won’t you find on the list? NFL pre-season favorites Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, LaDanian Tomlinson, Randy Moss and Tony Romo.

1. Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints – – 3/1 fair online wagering odds – – There’s nothing to dislike about Brees. Okay. If the Saints don’t make the playoffs, then Brees probably doesn’t win the MVP, but he’s been the most dominant offensive player in the NFL this season. You have to be a Ray Lewis type, dominant in almost every game, to win the MVP as a defensive player. Without that guy out there, Brees is the pick.

2. Ben Rothelisberger, Pittsburgh Steelers – – 5/1 fair online wagering odds – – Big Ben has been the most important player on any single team so far this season in the NFL. Pittsburgh has been beating teams with smoke and mirrors. They have way too many injuries on offense. The name of the smoke and mirrors is Ben Rothelisberger. With Rothelisberger, the Steelers always have a chance. I’m positive that MVP voters are noticing.

3. Clinton Ports, Washington Redskins – – 7/1 fair online wagering odds – – Don’t look now but the league leader in rushing yards is Clinton Portis. He has almost 1,000 yards on the ground already. That makes him a serious threat to win the MVP Award. Yes, I know that nobody’s talking about him, but the Skins keep winning and Portis is the engine that makes the Skins roll.

4. Donovan McNabb, Philadelphia Eagles – – 12/1 fair online wagering odds – – Like Big Ben, the Eagles will go as far as their veteran quarterback takes them. I have to believe that McNabb, should he stay healthy, will be in the MVP mix. The Eagles will keep winning games and McNabb will be the reason.

5. Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona Cardinals – – 30/1 fair online wagering odds – – His team is going to have to make it to the playoffs and Kurt Warner, his quarterback, is going to have to continue to play well. Fitzgerald is an outsider, but he’s showing this season that he can be just as good, if not better, than a couple of wide receivers named Randy and Terrell. While Anquan Boldin was hurt, Fitzgerald carried the team. This guy is really, really good.

6. Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers – – 50/1 fair online wagering odds – – Let’s be honest, shall we? There is nothing that the MVP voters would like to do more than to give the MVP award to the fella who took over for Brett Favre. Why Rodgers and not Favre? Rodgers has taken better care of the ball, has shown incredible leadership, and will take the Packers to the playoffs while I have my doubts regarding the Jets.

NFL Rookie of the Year Best Online Betting Propositions

Darren McFadden was the undisputed favorite to win the MVP Rookie of the Year Award going into this NFL season. He had the pedigree, a terrific career at SEC powerhouse Arkansas, the speed, and the bullishness to take it to the NFL. He looked like last year’s rookie of the year, Adrian Peterson. But McFadden, like everybody else playing for the Oakland Raiders nowadays, has had a terrible season. He’s off the list.

1. Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons – – 7/5 fair online wagering odds – – When was the last time you saw a quarterback go from his senior season in college to NFL stardom on a bad team? Hmm…could it be when a guy named Peyton took the reigns in a place called Indianapolis? Ryan has the Falcons fighting for the NFC South crown. Yes, that’s enough for me to make him a prohibitive favorite to win the rookie of the year award.

2. Chris Johnson, Tennessee Titans – – 8/1 fair online wagering odds – – Should Ryan get hurt then Chris Johnson would be the guy to take the top spot. He’s a terrific compliment to Titan’s bruiser LenDale White in Tennessee’s backfield and he already has over 500 yards rushing. He isn’t as good as AP was last season, but he’s the second best rookie in the NFL after Ryan. Oh, his team is the best in the NFL right now. Yes, that counts for something.

3. Matt Forte, Chicago Bears – – 8/1 fair online wagering odds – – It’s a fine line between Johnson and Forte. The biggest difference between the two is that Johnson has more rushing yards but Forte has more catches and receiving yards. Forte has become an integral part of a much improved Bears’ offense. He deserves some mentioning.

4. Eddie Royal, Denver Broncos – – 15/1 fair online wagering odds – – Royal has 39 catches on the season. The Broncos should start throwing the ball more to his side as teams begin to double up on Brandon Marshall. I expect him to approach 80 catches this year. If he gets a few more touchdowns, he’s only sitting on two, he leapfrogs both Forte and Johnson.

5. DeSean Jackson – – 25/1 fair online wagering odds – – His numbers haven’t been spectacular, but Donovan McNabb, the Eagles’ QB, has a lot of faith in him. He’s made some rookie mistakes this season, but that’s okay. If he starts to really click with Donovan, I mean really click, then he moves up this list.

6. Jonathan Stewart – – 35/1 fair online wagering odds – – Stewart has been great with the Panthers scoring five touchdowns and rushing for 362 yards. It’s the 3.8 average that he’s going to need to improve upon in order to get close to winning the Rookie of the Year Award.


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