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Sportsbook Review: BetDSI

Sportsbook Review: BetDSI

Our Sportsbook reviews continue with one of the more underrated and surprisingly large books out there: BetDSI, also known as Diamond.



USA Player Friendly!

Diamond is an appropriate name for this book; it looks beautiful. BetDSI has pretty rotating flash graphics with useful information, lots of color, and is generally well organized. But that begs the question: is it all sizzle and no steak?

I wouldn’t say so. Bet DSI doesn’t have tremendous variety in its sportsbook offerings – no exotics in site – but it does a solid job with the sports it does have. You can bet on NFL futures like regular-season win totals today and its UFC offerings go really deep, listing odds for entire undercards.

Among its cooler frills: the site prompts you for last-minute bets, telling you when they’ll go off the board; it lists a current top 10 hottest online betting events.

The betting options go deeper than that. BetDSI has an “office pool” option that sets up simple work pools for you. It also offers parlay cards that let you string bets together for up to 10 teams.

BetDSI’s casino offerings are damn cool. It has multiple live tournaments for games like blackjack, including multi-player games. A massive plus is a free preview option, which you don’t find at many books. This is one online casino experience that gives you the real feeling of playing in Vegas.

It seems like BetDSI is more of a “casino” book than a poker book. It has poker but doesn’t feature it too prominently.

One last point to make about BetDSI’s offerings: it goes the extra mile with an awesome mobile betting setup. That even includes betting on horses from everywhere. It’s a winning feature.

Phew! It’s tough to assess BetDSI’s offerings because there are so many of them. BetDSI looks beautiful and offers some unique options. Its lack of articles and sports variety keep it from a perfect rating, however.

Grade: A

Ease of Use

Bet DSI may look in intimidating at first because it has so much happening. However, aside from slower load times than some of its competitors, it’s reasonably easy to use. Its menus are well-organized and I love the sliding bar displaying its special offerings at the bottom of every page.

It would be nice if the print for actually finding betting lines was a bit bigger. Overall, BetDSI’s ease of use takes a slight hit but only because it has chosen such an ambitious and visually appealing format.

Grade: B+


As I said before, BetDSI feels like a real Vegas casino and sportsbook.

It’s thus fitting that it prominently features a points-for-playing reward system known as BetPoints.

The more you play, the more credits you get toward BetDSI swag, frequent flyer points, gift cards or cash bonuses.

BetDSI has a pretty sterling reputation in terms of keeping your money safe and paying you quickly – including same-day right after certain sporting events conclude.

It may not have that one A-plus promotion that has you running to tell your friends but, aside from that, BetDSI’s rewards and payouts satisfy your every need.

The only bomb in the sportsbook area: the articles. They appear out of date, with tiny print, and they take you to a 404 page when you click them. It’s not the end of the world but BetDSI would be smart to improve its articles as so many other books feature them nowadays.

Grade: A


Is BetDSI the absolute perfect book, with no bugs or missing features? No. But I really admire this book. It’s perhaps the classiest, best-looking online book out there; it has some very creative betting offerings; and it’s trustworthy and reliable with your money.

BetDSI may not be the top option for the diehard sports fan who wants to bet like crazy. But it’s a glossy book that should really appeal to the eclectic, high-brow betting audience.



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