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Where Will T.O. End Up?

NFL: Raiders lead charge for T.O.?

Terrell Owens is on the market again and the dysfunctional Oakland Raiders are the favorite to land the dysfunctional wide receiver at Sportsbook.com. Owens, released by the Dallas Cowboys in a dramatic move on Wednesday evening, wore out his welcome in Big D, just as he did in Philadelphia and San Francisco.And while there is a large list of teams that could use the services of the 35-year-old star, few are likely to take a chance.

“Owens has burned so many bridges that there are not a lot of options out there for him,” said Sportsbook.com spokesman Dave Staley. “If you can’t fit in with ‘the enabler’, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, you’ve truly worn out your welcome.” Owens is still very talented, but also a mega distraction, and there’s only a few teams that have the money and the stomach to take him on.

That leaves arguably the league’s worst franchise, the Raiders, as 1:2 favorites for acquiring the overpriced headache. Oakland owner Al Davis never met a problem child he didn’t want and they have a glaring hole at receiver. “As bad as the Raiders are, they’ve proven they will pour money over to big names and he’d be a great fit in the most dysfunctional organization in the league,” Staley said. “Heck, the fossil Davis might still think it’s the 1970’s and Coach John Madden will line Owens up next to Fred Biletnikoff.”

Davis has had a number of big name players blow up in his face. Randy Moss is just one that sticks out, but last year alone, cornerback DeAngelo Hall, safety Gibril Wilson and receiver Javon Walker inked big contracts with no results. Hall didn’t even finish the season with the team. But, the 79 year-old Davis is still willing to make some bold moves.

Whether or not he’s capable of properly thinking about the moves is still up for debate. Second on the odds list right now is the Washington Redskins (4:1). Owner Daniel Snyder collects high priced talent like kids collect matchbox cars and he would love to tweak Jerry Jones as well as make the Cowboys face Owens twice a year in the NFC East.Sports Betting at Sportsbook.com The Redskins did just sign defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth to a big free-agent contract, but they released Jason Taylor. The Skins have the money to sign Owens especially with an uncapped year possible in 2010.

The Denver Broncos are third on the odds list at 5:1. This is somewhat surprising as new coach Josh McDaniels might not last four games if he has to deal with T.O. and unhappy quarterback Jay Cutler. The New York Jets are fourth on the list at 6:1. With Laveranues Coles moving on to Cincinnati, the Jets need another wide-out next to Jerricho Cotchery.

New coach Rex Ryan has the personality and confidence to handle Owens, but they are not as likely as the top three. A good longshot is New York’s other team, the Giants. They are listed at 15:1 odds despite the fact they already claim to have ‘zero interest’.

The G-Men have a crater size hole at #1 receiver after Plaxico Burress ruined their 2008 season with his suspension, but the door hasn’t been closed on his return.

Those looking for value in the ‘Other Team’ category can look at the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens were thought to be in the mix the last time Owens was on the market and veteran Ray Lewis might be able to keep Owens’ ego in check. Think you know where T.O will end up for the 2009 season?

Bet on it at Sportsbook.com – See the list of all the teams here at Sportsbook.com and the odds on whether Owens sits out the entire 2009 season.


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