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Jan 12th 2010: Daily Sports News – Gossip – Headlines

Tuesday’s Water Cooler – January 12, 2010

Here we go with today’s sports water cooler talk. Here, you won’t just find the straight news; you’ll find the stuff everyone is talking about – the ice breakers, the Twitter topics…well, the stuff you discuss at the water cooler.



Shock and awe! Mark McGwire told us something we’ve all known for a decade! Let’s see who else joins Big Mac in the news today.

MLB news: McGwire admits to steroid use; Texas lands its own power hitter

Sniff, sniff. Poor Mark. He’s a victim! According to a written statement released to the Associated Press yesterday and subsequent Bob Costas interview, McGwire admitted juicing from 1994 until the end of his career. He said he “wished he never played in the steroid era.” Well, Mark, since you were quite possibly the second guy ever to take the juice after your old Bash Brother teammate Jose Canseco, methinks you kind of started the whole steroid era.

Still, I rest my case that Big Mac pinch hitting for St. Louis this season would be awesome, love him or hate him.

We all knew it was coming but Vladimir Guerrero and the Texas Rangers have made it official. We touched on it the other day but, to summarize: .394 hitter at Rangers Ballpark. Good signing. The Rangers aren’t done making moves, as they’re reportedly close to landing castoff Khalil Greene as a utility man. That’s just what a guy named Khalil with anxiety disorder needs – a ticket to the home of George W. Bush.

NFL news: McNabb could be traded; Chunky Soup supply to follow?

After falling flat two weeks in a row against the Dallas Cowboys to end their season, the Philadelphia Eagles have some major decisions to make this offseason. The biggest one comes at quarterback. Donovan McNabb has given the Eagles 11 years of mostly solid and sometimes spectacular service. The result is one Super Bowl appearance, 3,405 NFC championship games and 0.0 rings. It’s almost a foregone conclusion that Philly attempts to deal McNabb or Kevin Kolb – but it’s no sure thing that McNabb stays. He has a year left on his contract and is 33 years old. Theoretically, the Eagles could deal him to a team that feels it’s a quarterback away from contention. The Bills would make sense (if T.O. leaves town); so would the Redskins or even the Vikings should Brett Favre retire.Online Sports Betting at Sportsbook

Would keeping Kolb over McNabb necessarily be the wrong decision? Not every Philly fan believes so. Kolb topped 300 passing yards in his only two starts this season. If I didn’t (a) love Chunky Soup and (b) find the pronunciation of his name infuriating – how could it be “Cobb?” – I’d be on board.

NHL news: referees are out to get Alex Burrows – so he tells us

Playing on the NHL’s most productive line in Vancouver, Alex Burrows is showing he’s more than just an agitator. The French Canadian has a solid 19 goals in 46 games and posted back-to-back hat tricks last week. But his image hasn’t changed in the eyes of NHL referees yet…according to Burrows, at least.

Last month, Nashville’s Jerred Smithson earned a game misconduct for a hit on Burrows, after which Burrows appeared hurt. Referee Stephane Auger slapped Smithson with a game misconduct. Burrows ended up fine and accusations of feigning injury flew.

Flash forward to last night. The matchup: Vancouver and Nashville again. The referee: Auger. According to Burrows, Auger chirped at him before the game, saying “you made me look bad on the Smithson call and I’m going to get you back.”

Interesting. Burrows ended up with 16 penalty minutes – including a dive, a misconduct and an interference call that cost Vancouver the game. The conspiracy theory certainly makes sense. Though Burrows did seem to dive last night, the interference call was…of the phantom variety. Surely, we haven’t heard the end of this scandal.

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