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NHL Sportsbook Hockey Odds – Playoff Futures


The Stanley Cup Playoffs are just over one week away and the current odds show that Regular Season success translates to good Cup winning odds.

There are definite contenders and some pretenders as well.

Do you agree with my assessment? Leave a comment and tell me what you think!


Analysts at Sportsbook.com have posted the following odds on the Stanley Cup Playoffs:


Open Season Odds: 10/1: Current Odds: 4/1 – The Capitals have been criticized for their seemingly disinterested play of late. They are still the favorite based on their # one ranked special teams. Will goaltending be an issue?

San Jose
Open: 10/1: Current: 9/2 – Seem to have gotten their slump out of the way. San Jose is renowned for their playoff collapses in the past. They are still the best team in an ultra-competitive Western Conference. They could go a long way this year for sure.

Open: 7/1: Current:  5/1 – They have the skill, the goaltending and now they have the experience of a Stanley Cup win. It is hard to think that they will lose a seven games series against anyone except for New Jersey who swept the regular season series.

Open: 12/1: Current:  5/1 – Fourth favorite based on their incredible regular season. Goaltending which is essential in the playoffs is suddenly a major concern and the loss of Brian Campbell on defense appears to be more of an issue that most would have thought. If I`m a Chicago fan, I`m nervous!

Open: 30/1: Current: 10/1 – When looking at the roster, it is hard to believe that they are so high on the list. They do have the best goaltender on the planet. Look what New Jersey has been able to do in post season`s past with Martin Brodeur and be excited if you are a Sabres fan.

New Jersey
Open: 15/1: Current: 10/1 – With the acquisition of Ilya Kovalchuk earlier this season, the Devils became legit. If Martin Brodeur can get back to form, the Devils could emerge as the Eastern Conference representative in this year`s final.

Open: 15/1: Current: 10/1 – Question marks in goal – Luongo is not playing up to speed. A possible first round matchup with Detroit is a nightmare for the Canucks. Lots of offense on the team, but the Canucks have to get better play from the defense.

Open: 6/1: Current: 12/1 – The hottest team on the planet right now. The Wings are back and should be a major player in this year`s playoffs. A Western Conference Final appearance is a realistic goal.

Open: 75/1: Current: 15/1 – Inexperience in the BIG game might be the Coyotes downfall. The Coyotes might just be happy to be in the playoffs.

Los Angeles
Open: 60/1: Current: 20/1 – Another upstart team that will be facing a top three seed in the first round. They might make it miserable for their eventual combatant, but an early exit is imminent. They appear to be a year or two away from serious Stanley Cup consideration.

Open: 75/1: Current:  25/1 – Late season slump has exposed the Avs. They still are not guaranteed a playoff spot and if they gain one, a fatigue factor could creep into their psyche. They will face either San Jose, Chicago or Vancouver in the first round – a tough task for any team. Sports Betting at Sportsbook.com

Open: 35/1: Current:  25/1 – As streaky as they come in the NHL. A winning streak in the playoffs could propel the Sens a long way. But the inevitable losing streak makes them a longshot to hoist the Cup.

Open: 15/1: Current: 30/1 – Still not guarantees a playoff spot. Without quality goaltending or Jeff Carter, Philadelphia will be a first round casualty – if they make the post season.

Open: 40/1: Current: 35/1 – Deep sleeper to go far into the playoffs. Stanley Cup is unlikely though. Good goaltending but not enough fire power.

Open: 9/1 Current: 40/1 – 30th ranked offense in the league will likely face Washington, New Jersey, Buffalo or Pittsburgh in the first round of the playoffs. A daunting task for a team that doesn`t even look like they want the playoff spot.

Open: 18/1: Current: 40/1 – Peaking at the right time but don`t appear to be a threat to one of the top three seeds in the Western Conference. They have been playing playoff type hockey for a month and fatigue might be their undoing – IF they make the post-season of course.

Open: 25/1: Current: 40/1 – Not getting a lot of love from the oddsmakers but the Canadiens have been playing good hockey recently. Jaroslav Halak is the real deal and could carry the Habs past the first round or even two in the playoffs. A Cup win is unlikely however.

Open: 50/1: Current: 100/1 – The fact that they are still in the playoff hunt is a miracle unto itself. If they make the playoffs (increasingly unlikely), they will be an early round casualty.

N.Y. Rangers
Open: 25/1: Current: 100/1 – Late season push may gain them a playoff spot. That`s as far as they go however.


Washington and San Jose are the best all around teams in the NHL and are worthy odds favorites.


New Jersey, Pittsburgh, Vancouver and Detroit could make a bit of noise.


Ottawa and Nashville have been streaky and have young goaltenders with the ability to steal games.

Best Value

Detroit Red Wings and Montreal Canadiens

Worst Value

Chicago Blackhawks and Buffalo Sabres

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  1. Matt Martz says:

    Los Angeles
    Open: 60/1: Current: 20/1
    LA is showing they may have what it takes to make a run at this year’s Cup.

  2. With the way Detroit is playing you can never count them out as they have the most experience of any team in the West. Washington should win the East, but the road will most likely once again go through Pittsburgh.