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NFL Week 10 Power Rankings

2010 NFL Football Power Ratings

Each week during the heart of the NFL season, and once or twice during the NFL Preseason, we’ll gather the troops around the roundtable and hash out the NFL Power rankings. We check out the stats, looks at the records, and, most importantly, we take a close, close look at the heart of each team.

We encourage you to come back each week and see how the NFL Power Rankings have changed.


Nine weeks in, and the only question worth asking is: Does anyone know anything about the NFL?

The 49ers were heavy favorites to win the NFC West. Now?

A Jets-Giants Super Bowl was possible, then impossible, and now it’s back on the table.

The Colts can beat anyone, unless they’re beaten up themselves.

The Saints? Left for dead, and now crawling out of the ditch.

What we don’t know dwarfs what we do.

To the rankings:

  • New York Giants (2) – Wasn’t that painful watching the Seahawks try to tackle Brandon Jacobs last Sunday?
  • Pittsburgh Steelers (3) – Steelers-Patriots. Game of the year in the AFC this coming Sunday night.
  • Green Bay Packers (6) – The more key players are sidelined by injuries, the better the Packers play. It’s not supposed to work this way, is it?
  • Baltimore Ravens (7) – Dangerous game this week. Ravens have short week before Thursday game against 6-2 Falcons in Atlanta. Ray Lewis is already whining about the quick turnaround.
  • Atlanta Falcons (8) – Last two games: Michael Turner 228 yards on 47 carries.
  • New York Jets (5) – Browns’ victory over New England last weekend was a double gift for Jets, who gained a game in AFC East and now have to take Cleveland seriously.
  • Indianapolis Colts (4) – Manning’s passer rating (65.7) vs. the Eagles last week was his lowest in any game this season.
  • New England Patriots (1) – Bill! Bill Belichik! Look out for that banana  . . .  peel.  Whoops. Too late.
  • Philadelphia Eagles (11) – OK the Colts are banged up. We get that. But any victory over Indianapolis – home or road – has to be the best pelt on the wall.
  • New Orleans Saints (13) – Win over Panthers was nice and kept NO in the NFC South hunt, but rumors persist about the health of Drew Brees.
  • Tennessee Titans (10) – Randy, you run a fly pattern down the right sideline 10 or 15 times tonight. You won’t get the ball but that will open things up for Chris Johnson. Randy? You there?
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers (9) – Bucs claim coach-to-QB transmitter went dead at a key spot in TB’s loss in Atlanta last weekend, forcing Raheem Morris to burn a time-out.
  • Kansas City Chiefs (12) – Cassel’s streak (135 passes without an interception) broken in Oakland.
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  • Oakland Raiders (18) – Fans are starting to return to Raider home games.  Tough game at Pittsburgh after this coming weekend’s bye.
  • Chicago Bears (17) – Soft first-half schedule, but the back 9 includes games against Philly, New England, the Jets and Green Bay.
  • St. Louis Rams (19) – Has anyone ever deserved a bye week more than tough-guy running back Stephen Jackson, who has toiled long, hard and often injured for bad Rams teams in the past and is now living large?
  • Jacksonville Jaguars (20) – Best bet on the board? J-Ville -1 at home against an overrated Texans team.
  • Miami Dolphins (14) – About time for the Fins to hit the accelerator.  New England and the Jets are both 6-2 in the AFC East, and as Yogi used to say, “It’s gets late early around here.”
  • San Diego Chargers (22) – Mediocre opponents in second half of the season has been Norv Turner’s firewall this season.
  • Houston Texans (15) – Somehow, some way they always wind up around .500.
  • Cleveland Browns (25) – Colt McCoy outplayed Tom Brady. Think about that for a minute.
  • Minnesota Vikings (26) – Childress is starting to take regular post-game shots at Brett Favre. I knew there was something about the coach that was likeable.
  • Seattle Seahawks (16) – No shame in losing to the Giants, even at home.  But the Seahawks have now been outscored 84-10, over the last 8 quarters.
  • Washington Redskins (21) – Media in Arizona are pushing for Cardinals to trade for Donovan McNabb.
  • Arizona Cardinals (23) – Cards are hoping that the choke job in Minnesota doesn’t define their season.
  • Detroit Lions (24) – 2 wins, 6 losses. 203 points scored, 188 allowed. Hard to explain those numbers.
  • Cincinnati Bengals (27) – Fish dead now in the AFC North. No reason now not to hit the clubs on Saturday nights.
  • San Francisco 49ers (28) – Mike Singletary sending out signals that Troy Smith will be the QB as the second half of the season starts.
  • Denver Broncos (29) – Prospect of 2-14 season is the only thing standing between Tim Tebow and a starting job.
  • Dallas Cowboys (30) – Folks in Texas don’t cotton much to talk about climate change, but it seems like that’s what’s needed in Dallas.
  • Carolina Panthers (31) – As players and coaches skate, blame for the lost season is being pointed at a front office which refused to spend in the offseason.
  • Buffalo Bills (32) – Gotta love Shawne Merriman, who before he even arrived in Buffalo reportedly said he wouldn’t sign to play with the Bills next season.

  • Comment on the Power Rankings below, or as always hit us with your pregame NFL picks and predictions…

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    Lawrence Paul is a regular contributor to the Cappers Picks Blog, and is a free-lance gambling and travel writer from Massachusetts.


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