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Updated 2015 Team NFL Win Totals Odds Odds & NFL Futures Predictions

NFL Futures Betting Hype!

The start of the 2015 NFL Betting season is still a couple of months away, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early for bettors to begin looking for value on the sportsbook gambling board. With rosters largely set with the draft and free agency behind us, bettors have a good idea of what they can expect each team’s roster will look like.

NFL Handicapping Insight

While futures bets can become an annoyance as they occupy space in one’s account for as long as they do, but whether bettors put money down on win total bets or not, it’s these early assessments of teams that can determine whether a season is profitable or not.

Cincinnati Bengals 8.5 wins OVER -105

The AFC North is ultra-competitive, but the Bengals have shown an ability to compete with the big boys in the division.

Owning a terrific home-field advantage which could see the team need only a handful of wins on the road to climb past this number, backing Marvin Lewis’s crew seems worthwhile.

Arizona Cardinals 8 wins OVER -110

The Cardinals were in position to run away with the NFC West prior to Carson Palmer going down with an injury. The last many saw of the team, they looked pretty inept offensively against a Carolina Panthers team that backed into the playoffs.

However, they’ve recorded double-digit victories in back-to-back seasons under head coach Bruce Arians.

They didn’t endure much roster turnover, and had a decent enough draft. With a healthy Palmer in tow getting that offense moving again, the Cardinals will be right in the thick of things in the NFC.

Dallas Cowboys 9.5 wins UNDER -115

A whole lot went right for the Cowboys a year ago, and luck isn’t exactly something this franchise has had on its side in recent years.

This is still the same core that has been snake-bitten for the better part of a decade.

The loss of DeMarco Murray has been understated. He was great for them last year, even if the offensive line did do a lot of the work. Joseph Randle and Darren McFadden just aren’t the players Murray is.

Combine that with a looming contract holdout for Dez Bryant, and the Dallas offense is taking some serious hits that an underperforming defense won’t be able to overcome.

Detroit Lions 8.5 wins UNDER -120

The Lions’ offense gets a lot more credit than it deserves. Matthew Stafford just isn’t a consistent enough quarterback to lead a team to double-digit victories on a regular basis. The defense really anchored the squad a year ago, and that group lost its heart and soul in Ndamukong Suh.

The defensive unit just took too many hits along the defensive line to replicate its success from a year ago.

New Orleans Saints 9 wins UNDER -120

While Drew Brees remains in town as the face of the franchise, a slew of talented players will be playing elsewhere this year. While the Saints enjoy one of the best home field advantages in all of football, there just isn’t enough talent on this year’s squad to consider this season anything but a rebuilding year.

Couple that with improvements from the other NFC South teams, and a .500 season doesn’t appear to be in the cards in New Orleans.

Options to avoid

The Philadelphia Eagles endured a lot of turnover this past offseason, but it’s too early to know whether Chip Kelly’s vision can work at the pro level. The Atlanta Falcons seem to be hit or miss every season.

The New England Patriots let a lot of talent on defense walk this offseason, and without knowing what Tom Brady’s suspension is going to look like after appeal, it’s best to steer clear.

Here’s a look at the win total odds in their entirety:

49ers 8.5 wins (OVER -120, UNDER -110); 2014 wins: 8
Bears 7 wins (OVER -115, UNDER -115); 2014 wins: 5
Bengals 8.5 wins (OVER -105, UNDER -125); 2014 wins: 10
Bills 8.5 wins (OVER -110 , UNDER -120); 2014 wins: 9
Broncos 10 wins (OVER -130 , UNDER +100); 2014 wins: 12
Browns 6 wins (OVER -125 , UNDER -105); 2014 wins: 7
Buccaneers 5.5 wins (OVER -130 , UNDER +100); 2014 wins: 2
Cardinals 8 wins (OVER -110 , UNDER -120); 2014 wins: 11
Chargers 8.5 wins (OVER -115 , UNDER -115); 2014 wins: 9
Chiefs 8.5 (OVER -105 , UNDER -125); 2014 wins: 9
Colts 9.5 wins (OVER -120 , UNDER -110); 2014 wins: 11
Cowboys 9.5 wins (OVER -115, UNDER -115); 2014 wins: 12
Dolphins 8 wins (OVER +100 , UNDER -130); 2014 wins: 8
Eagles 9 wins (OVER -110 , UNDER -120); 2014 wins: 10
Falcons 8 wins (OVER -120 , UNDER -110); 2014 wins: 6
Giants 8 wins (OVER +100 , UNDER -130); 2014 wins: 6
Jaguars 5.5 wins (OVER -110, UNDER -120); 2014 wins: 3
Jets 6.5 wins (OVER -110 , UNDER -120); 2014 wins: 4
Lions 8.5 wins (OVER -110 , UNDER -120); 2014 wins: 11
Packers 10 wins (OVER -145 , UNDER +115); 2014 wins: 12
Panthers 8.5 wins (OVER -110, UNDER -120); 2014 wins: 7
Patriots 10.5 wins (OVER -135 , UNDER +105); 2014 wins: 12
Raiders 4.5 wins (OVER -140 , UNDER +110); 2014 wins: 3
Rams 7.5 wins (OVER -110, UNDER -120); 2014 wins: 6
Ravens 9 wins (OVER -120 , UNDER -110); 2014 wins: 10
Redskins 6 wins (OVER -115 , UNDER -115); 2014 wins: 4
Saints 9 wins (OVER -110, UNDER -120); 2014 wins: 7
Seahawks 11 wins (OVER +100, UNDER -130); 2014 wins: 12
Steelers 8.5 wins (OVER -115, UNDER -115); 2014 wins: 11
Texans 8.5 wins (OVER +100 , UNDER -130); 2014 wins: 9
Titans 5 wins (OVER -130 , UNDER +100); 2014 wins: 2
Vikings 6.5 wins (OVER -120 , UNDER -110); 2014 wins: 7

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