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Favorites To Bet On – 2016 NCAA Basketball National Championship

Betting NCAA Basketball Futures?

The Duke Blue Devils took home the 2015 NCAA Basketball National Championship trophy, and chances are, they will be in the thick of things once again in 2016.

NCAA Basketball Betting Insight

College Basketball Handicapping Odds
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But they don’t call the biggest tournament of the year March Madness for nothing. There are a handful of other teams to consider favorites once the regular season comes around, even though Duke has the top odds at this point in the speculative process.

Check out the complete odds, via Bovada, below. But first, here are our favorites to bet entering next season.

North Carolina (14/1)

The North Carolina Tar Heels currently stand in the No. 5 spot when it comes to odds to win the 2016 College Basketball Championship. They’re a bit of a wildcard, but they do have one thing going in their favor: returning impact players.

This group is going to be one to judge more heavily once the year begins, and that’s because of a fairly strong non-conference schedule. We’ll have a better idea of how this team plays against tough competition before conference play begins. But unlike football, a loss here or there isn’t devastating in this league. It can build character, and it can prepare a good squad to face adversity when the big dance finally appears.

Maryland Terrapins (11/1)

This group is losing a ton of seniors. That’s a problem. But this group is so talented, that its returners should be able to make up the difference — including Melo Trimble (16.2 PPG, 3.0 APG).

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Don’t forget, too, that this group is bringing on Diamond Stone next center. He’s a five-star center at 6’10”, 253 pounds, and should have an immediate impact so long as he can adjust to playing against bigger bodies.

On top of that, this team will see Robert Carter coming in from Georgia State. The talent on this roster won’t suffer through the loss of the seniors, which means if they can remain cohesive with new player personnel, there’s no reason to doubt their chances.

Kansas Jayhawks (12/1)

The Big 12 was not good in the Tournament last season. The Jayhawks specifically have let fans down before, but this next season feels like it’s going to be different.


What makes Kansas a threat is its returning pieces. Veterans Frank Mason, Wayne Selden, Perry Ellis, and Brannen Greene are going to make up a strong core. One of the strongest in the country, in fact.

This team is also adding two top-25 player: Cheick Diallo and Carlton Bragg. Both will add substance under the rim; something that’s necessary considering how much this team relied on the perimeter game in 2014-15.

Kentucky Wildcats (13/2)

The Kentucky Wildcats have to be considered the favorites, and that’s based on history alone.

The truth is, we still don’t know exactly what this final roster will look like — or which players will take on the primary roles on both sides of the court — but what we do know is this: We can trust Coach Cal to make it work.

If you’re willing to take a leap of faith, this is the team to do it with. A near-perfect season last year was something special to watch, and while we likely won’t see that kind of display again this season, it’s easy to project this squad — whatever it ends up looking like — to be a contender when it counts at the end of the year.

2016 NCAAB Futures Odds

  • Duke 15/2
  • Kentucky 8/1
  • Maryland 9/1
  • Kansas 12/1
  • North Carolina 12/1
  • Gonzaga 22/1
  • Iowa St 22/1
  • Villanova 22/1
  • Virginia 22/1
  • Michigan St 25/1
  • Arizona 30/1
  • Texas 30/1
  • Oklahoma 33/1
  • California 35/1
  • Michigan 35/1
  • Wichita St 35/1
  • Indiana 40/1
  • Louisville 45/1
  • Purdue 45/1
  • LSU 50/1
  • Syracuse 55/1
  • Notre Dame 60/1
  • Baylor 65/1
  • Butler 65/1
  • Texas A&M 65/1
  • U Conn 65/1
  • Wisconsin 75/1
  • Florida St 80/1
  • NC State 80/1
  • Utah 80/1
  • Cincinnati 100/1
  • Dayton 100/1
  • Florida 100/1
  • Georgetown 100/1
  • Georgia 100/1
  • Illinois 100/1
  • Iowa 100/1
  • Miami FL 100/1
  • Ohio St 100/1
  • Oregon 100/1
  • Providence 100/1
  • SMU 100/1
  • San Diego St 100/1
  • UCLA 100/1
  • Vanderbilt 100/1
  • West Virginia 100/1
  • Field (Any Other Team) 150/1
  • Alabama 200/1
  • Auburn 200/1
  • Memphis 200/1
  • Pittsburgh 200/1
  • Rhode Island 200/1
  • Tulsa 200/1
  • UNLV 200/1
  • Xavier 200/1
  • Arkansas 300/1
  • Boise St 300/1
  • Colorado 300/1
  • Marquette 300/1
  • Minnesota 300/1
  • Northern Iowa 300/1
  • Old Dominion 300/1
  • Ole Miss 300/1
  • South Carolina 300/1
  • St John’s 300/1
  • TCU 300/1
  • VCU 300/1
  • Arizona St 500/1
  • BYU 500/1
  • Belmont 500/1
  • Buffalo 500/1
  • Davidson 500/1
  • George Washington 500/1
  • Illinois St 500/1
  • Kansas St 500/1
  • Mississippi St 500/1
  • Missouri 500/1
  • Nebraska 500/1
  • Oklahoma St 500/1
  • Oregon St 500/1
  • Penn St 500/1
  • Richmond 500/1
  • St Mary’s 500/1
  • Stanford 500/1
  • Stephen F Austin 500/1
  • Temple 500/1
  • Tennessee 500/1
  • UAB 500/1
  • Valparaiso 500/1
  • Washington 500/1
  • Cal Irvine 1000/1
  • Central Michigan 1000/1
  • Clemson 1000/1
  • LaSalle 1000/1
  • Louisiana Tech 1000/1
  • New Mexico St 1000/1
  • Northwestern 1000/1
  • USC 1000/1
  • UTEP 1000/1
  • Wake Forest 1000/1

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  1. Socratease745 says:

    You blew it. Virginia at least goes Final Four.

  2. Socratease745 says:

    You blew it. Virginia at least goes Final Four.