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2014 Baseball Betting Futures – MLB Odds – Handicapping World Series

2014 MLB Betting Lines

Well the World Series matched up the two best teams from the regular season and the Boston Red Sox won. It wasn’t what I wanted or expected but what can you do. As bettors we are already beginning to think which teams will emerge in 2014 and which ones will fade.

Is the Pirates success sustainable?

Will the Blue Jays and Angels rebound? Can any teams do a worst to the World Series like the Red Sox did.

It is so early that there aren’t a lot of answers to these questions but we do have 2014 World Series odds so lets take a quick look at the teams that might matter the most next season.

Los Angeles Dodgers +500

It is hard to argue that the Dodgers are not the best bet for 2014 right now. All of their star players are expected to return and are in their prime. They hopefully won’t have to suffer through a miserable spring again but even if they do they have the luxury of being in a mediocre division to cushion the blow. They should qualify for the playoffs with ease and then their pitching can put them over the top.

Detroit Tigers +800

When you have the kind of pitching they do and a couple of big sluggers including the league’s best hitter your chances of returning to the playoffs and the World Series are great. They just hired Brad Ausmus as manager so that is a new wrinkle and you have to bet their bullpen will receive some reinforcements in the months to come. A team that was close they should be better.

St. Louis Cardinals +800

Their success seems to come easily but this is still a young team in a lot of spots. Its hard to imagine a much better rotation for next season but given what we saw from Wacha and Kelly late in the year it is a possibility. If they could get another big bat for the middle of that lineup they could zoom to the top again. Even without it they are a very nice value play.

Boston Red Sox +1000

Its been a while since a team repeated as champs and as good as this team is they don’t have the feel of a dynasty. They should certainly be in the mix but how much longer can guys like Big Papi and John Lackey be counted on in big spots. Jacoby Ellsbury could be gone too which would mean a few different moves in response.


Oakland Athletics +1200

The A’s are an interesting pick to be so highly rated. Last year they filled the void created by the Angels monumental struggles and Texas’ collapse down the stretch. Sure they have made the playoffs the last two seasons which is half the battle but I don’t see much with this team that would put them over the top. As a division favourite they are a reasonable bet but I wouldn’t waste my money here.

Cincinnati Reds +1200

There is a new coach in town and some big time questions about this team starting with what to do with Aroldis Chapman. Moving him to the rotation is tempting but I am not sure if increases their chances of making the playoffs because this team has pretty solid starting pitching now. The real question is would it make the difference in a short series where the Reds have failed lately. I would like to see wouldn’t you.

Tampa Rays +1500

Tampa is usually ahead of the curve and even though they do not have as strong odds as Boston you can make a nice argument that they could be in top contender in the American League East. The Rays have more than enough pitching and have room to grow both on the mound and in the lineup if Wil Myers continues to develop. There are some questions as to whether they might deal some of their pitching for a bat. They certainly could afford to. I like the value on the Rays.

Atlanta Braves +1500

The Braves made the playoffs a little too easily last season. To me it was no surprise they were eliminated quickly as their pitching lacks a dominator in the rotation and their lineup has way too many players who just can’t make contact with the ball. I feel totally comfortable stating they will not make the playoffs again next season unless they retool somewhat significantly.

New York Yankees +1500

The Yankees are still going to be an older team next season. Experience is not a bad thing but even good health is probably not enough to bridge the gap between them and the other teams in their own division which will get way more competitive if Toronto rebounds even just to a .500 team. They could certainly make some moves to bolster their roster but until then stay away.

Los Angeles Angels +1600

L.A. has the talent to compete…if they are healthy and producing to historical levels. You have to love the combo of Mike Trout and Mark Trumbo but it is how the combination of Albert Pujols and Josh Hamilton performs that will really make or break this team. You can get a nice payoff with the Angels but it won’t happen unless they improve their pitching too.

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