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MLB Betting Odds: Handicapping 2012 Season Win Total Future Lines | Predictions

2012 Baseball Team Win Totals

It is now past mid February and even though the hoops season has quite a ways to go thoughts are beginning to turn towards the diamond.

Pitchers and catchers are reporting, fantasy teams are being drafted and sportsbooks are releasing their preseason props and totals.

As you can see some teams have already started to move based on the early action.

Here are my thoughts, happy hunting.

MLB season win totals top online sportsbooks sponsored by CappersPicks.com.

Arizona Diamondbacks: 86 – I think the NL West is going to be down this year and these guys are the team to beat.  Take the over.

Atlanta Braves: 87.5, moved to 87 – This totals looks a little high, especially given the way that the Marlins and Nationals have improved.  Under

Baltimore Orioles: 69.5 – This team is bad and in a good division.  I would go under.

Boston Red Sox: 89.5 – Hard team to read right now.  I still don’t like their pitching but their offense could carry them.  If I had to I would go under.

Chicago Cubs: 74.5 –   They are lucky to be in a mediocre division but they are still not very good.  Theo is surely looking at this year as a write off so go under.

Chicago White Sox: 74 – Who knows where this team is headed.  They could be the second best team in the division or the worst.  This is one of the few I would just plain take a pass on.

Cincinnati Reds: 86.5 – I think the Reds can challenge in the NL Central.  The total seems pretty fair but I would feel alright with the over.  Maybe 88 wins.

Cleveland Indians: 86.5 – I am not sure why they are so bullish on Cleveland.  I guess it is because the AL Central i is a mess.  Still I go under.

Colorado Rockies: 82, moved to 81 – I think this one will keep moving down.  This team has no real pitching to speak of.  Take the under now.

Detroit Tigers: 92.5 – Tigers are looking pretty good to shoot over this total unless their pitching breaks down.  The division is too weak for them not to reach this total.  Take the over.

Florida Marlins: 84.5 – This team is vastly improved but I am still not sure if that will show up in a huge jump in wins.  Still I think they should cruise over this total.

Houston Astros: 64.5, moved to 64 – This team is hopeless.  I think these guys will be lucky to break 60 wins.


Kansas City Royals 80.5 – I like these guys to surprise and maybe grab the second spot in the AL Central.  If they do they should cover this total.

Los Angeles Angels: 92.5 – Angels ashould battle not just for top spot in AL West but in the Majors.  I love their pitching.  Take the over.

Los Angeles Dodgers: 81 – The Dodgers have good enough pitching to be about .500 but i wouldn’t bet on it, take the under.

Milwaukee Brewers: 83.5 – Totally unpredictable right now.  If they are .500 when Braun returns than this looks good.  I think you have to pass for now.

Minnesota Twins: 75, moved to 73 – Already dropped two games and should continue.  Joe Mauer is the most overrated player of the current generation.  Take the under quickly before it drops some more.

New York Mets: 70.5 – Worst team in a bad division with not much pitching equals under.

New York Yankees: 93.5 – Poised for another strong season so will probably go over.

Oakland A’s: 71 – Who knows what these guys are doing.  No chance to win division but this team will be competitive enough not to embarrass.  Over barely.

Philadelphia Phillies: 92.5, moved to 93 – If you have insight on Ryan Howard here is the chance to play it.  With the pitching they have including a strong bullpen they should be fine either way.  Take the over.

Pittsburgh Pirates: 73 – With newly acquired Burnett why not take a flyer on the Pirates exceeding expectations.  It has to happen one of these years.  Go over.

San Diego Padres: 73.5 – Lots of potential goodness for this squad but how much is going to come to fruition this year.  Not enough to reach this total.  Play under.

San Francisco Giants: 87.5 – Vogelsong is a little knicked up already and I still don’t like their offense.  The division is weak so it is possible but I think this is more like a .500 team.  Go under.

Seattle Mariners: 72 – Who is going to get anybody out other than Felix Hernandez.  The offense is still pretty timid and the division is tough.  Go under.

St. Louis Cardinals: 82.5, moved to 83 – Wil miss Pujols but if Wainright is right they will soar over this number easily.  Grab it now unless you think Mike Matheny is in over his head.

Tampa Bay Rays: 87 – Go under.  Pitching might take a step back and offense is still light.  Plus competition is intense.

Texas Rangers: 91.5 – If the Rangers don’t eclipse this total than the moves they have made weren’t worth it.  I am not sure they have upgraded with replacing Wilson with Darvish but as long as the lineup is healthy they should win some games.  Go over.

Toronto Blue Jays: 80 – Love this number.  Jays always flirt with .500 but this should be a breakthrough year with the bullpen being less shaky and another pitcher/player or two coming of age.  Go over.

Washington Nationals: 82.5, moved to 84.5 – Nats have made wise investments in their pitching but I still don’t like their offense.  With the jump to 84.5 already I would take the under.  This is a .500 team.

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