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MLB Power Rankings / May 4th 2011

Shea’s MLB Power Rankings (as of 4/05/2011)

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The next instalment of the MLB power rankings is here! In case you’re new to reading power rankings, the main principles to know are that (a) they reflect relative strength of a team and (b) they’ll diverge from the standings more as the season progresses. Let’s get to it.

Just when we thought the baseball gods were correcting things and restoring order, the power rankings are going haywire again. Really, Cleveland?

(Previous rankings in brackets)

1. (4) Cleveland Indians (20-8): Most impressive about the Indians’ surge is that it’s such a team effort. So many different players are contributing on offense (Michael Brantley, Asdrubal Cabrera, Grady Sizemore) and so many in the pitching department (Justin Masterson, Josh Tomlin) that it’s enough to wonder if the success may actually be sustainable.

2. (3) Philadelphia Phillies (19-9): The super staff is delivering – to the tune of the best WHIP and second-best ERA in the majors – but the Phils have been a subpar offensive club so far. Time for a trade?

3. (6) New York Yankees (17-10): The 17-10 start is fine but they probably wished they capitalized on Boston and Tampa’s poor starts more. Their lead in the American League East has evaporated quickly.

4. (2) Florida Marlins (18-10): Nice to see Ricky Nolasco finally posting big numbers. He’s been a good but unlucky pitcher for a while now.

5. (1) Colorado Rockies (17-10): How soon is too soon to worry about Carlos Gonzalez? Even in his powerhouse 2010 season, he didn’t show great plate discipline.

6. (11) St. Louis Cardinals (17-13): Lance Berkman lives! Has there been a better hitter in the National League for the last three weeks?

7. (8) Tampa Bay Rays (16-13): Evan Longoria is back, the Rays are back in the hunt for the AL East crown and the Yankees are starting to sweat.

8. (17) Kansas City Royals (16-13): Led by the underappreciated Wilson Betemit and the breaking-out Alex Gordon, the Royals are quietly the majors’ fifth-highest scoring team.

9. (9) Boston Red Sox (14-15): What’s with the parity in baseball this season? The BoSox are a game under .500 but just two games out of a Wild-Card position.

10. (5) Los Angeles Angels (16-14): With the Rangers slipping, now is a ripe time for Kendrys Morales to return and help the Angels pull away in the AL West, but his leg still isn’t healed.

11. (18) Atlanta Braves (15-15): They’ve won seven of 10 and that’s more trend than fluke with a pitching staff like Atlanta’s.

12. (7) Texas Rangers (16-14): The arrow continues to point downward; Nelson Cruz is the latest injury victim, though it’s too early to tell how long his sore quad will keep him out. BetOnline

13. (24) Oakland Athletics (15-15): The A’s pitching continues to carry the load, though guys like Josh Willingham and Hideki Matsui have shown signs of life.

14. (25) Seattle Mariners (14-16): Largely thanks to rookie hurler Michael Pineda, the M’s are among baseball’s hottest teams, having won seven of 10.

15. (14) San Francisco Giants (14-15): Whether it’s a Brandon Belt callup or a Jose Reyes trade, expect the Giants to shuffle up their struggling offense soon.

16. (16) Cincinnati Reds (14-15): This team can’t repeat as NL Central champs if the pitching doesn’t step up soon. Might the Reds explore a trade somewhere?

17. (19) Los Angeles Dodgers (15-16): The Dodgers’ pitching staff has delivered overall but the bullpen continues to be a headache and they aren’t getting enough offense from guys not named Kemp or Ethier.

18. (23) Pittsburgh Pirates (14-16): Only three games out of first – and it’s May! If only Pedro Alvarez was showing any hint of ending his slump.

19. (28) Chicago Cubs (13-16): Nice to see Matt Garza turning things around but what’s wrong with Ryan Dempster and Big Z?

20. (10) Milwaukee Brewers (13-15): They’re lucky the National League has such absurd parity this season. They’re not out of the race and Zack Greinke is back.

21. (12) New York Mets (12-17)
22. (26) Washington Nationals (14-15)
23.  (27) Houston Astros (12-17)
24. (13) Detroit Tigers (13-17)
25. (21) Arizona Diamondbacks (13-15)
26. (29) Baltimore Orioles (13-15)
27. (15) Toronto Blue Jays (13-16)
28. (20) Minnesota Twins (10-18)
29. (30) San Diego Padres (12-18)
30. (22) Chicago White Sox (11-20)

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