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MLB Power Rankings / August 5th 2010

MLB Power Rankings (as of 08/05/2010)

We’re past the All-Star break and MLB Betting demands that at this time of year you bring your best baseball betting hat to the table for wagering on baseball in the 2010 season. Cappers Picks all season long provides MLB baseball gambling predictions, so check back often.

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The ranks stay relatively unchanged this week – but with a few noteworthy tweaks based on the trade deadline and plain bad luck.

(Previous ranking in brackets)

1. (1) Tampa Bay Rays (67-40): If only they’d traded for a bat and moved a pitcher last week. Not only would their lineup be more dangerous, but they also could’ve kept Jeremy Hellickson up with the big club after his stellar debut.

2. (2) New York Yankees (67-40): Am I crazy to think the Yankees don’t scare me much more with Lance Berkman added to the lineup?

3. (4) Texas Rangers (62-45): If you include Cliff Lee trade along with the Jorge Cantu acquisition, few if any teams improved as much as Texas in July. The Rangers could make noise in the playoffs.

4. (6) Philadelphia Phillies (59-48): Still winning even though Ryan Howard and Both Utley are still on the shelf. The Phillies will need the Roys – Halladay and Oswalt – to carry them until their sluggers return.

5. (7) Chicago White Sox (61-46): Whereas the American League Central winner is often a pushover, the White Sox have the talent and depth to compete with anyone if they make the postseason.

6. (5) Minnesota Twins (60-48): Maybe the Twinkies didn’t lose in the Delmon Young deal after all? The big fella is making Minnesota forget about Matt Garza and Jason Bartlett in a hurry.

7. (2) San Francisco Giants (62-46): With their pitching and the offensive boost they’ve gotten from sensational rookie Buster Posey, the Giants are quickly becoming one of my favorite World Series sleepers.

8. (9) San Diego Padres (62-44): New arrivals Ryan Ludwick and Miguel Tejada aren’t superstars by any means but they’re at least reasonably tough outs. That makes the Padres – and Adrian Gonzalez – that much better.

9. (12) Cincinnati Reds (61-48): If you include his sturdy defense along with his superb offensive numbers, you could make a case that Joey Votto is the best all-around player in the game right now.

10. (8) St. Louis Cardinals (60-48): You get the feeling that Pujols and company are coasting, playing well enough to float near the top of the NL Central, saving their energy for the playoffs. But Cincy will steal the division from them if they’re not careful.


11. (10) Atlanta Braves (61-46): Even if they make the playoffs, it seems like they’ll be limping in. Chipper Jones, Jason Heyward, Jair Jurrjens – too many Braves have battled injuries and/or slumps.

12. (13) Toronto Blue Jays (56-52): Somehow, these little guys keep winning. They’re even five games over .500 within the deadly AL East.

13. (21) Colorado Rockies (56-51): An eight-game losing streak followed by a 6-1 week. I just can’t figure the Rockies out. What I do know is that they’ll help make the NL West arguably the most exciting division to watch down the stretch.

14. (15) Los Angeles Dodgers (56-52): They didn’t add huge names but the Dodgers got an underrated little haul at the deadline, bringing Ted Lilly, Ryan Theriot and Octavio Dotel aboard. Those are the kind of useful veteran pieces that put a team over the top.

15. (11) Boston Red Sox (61-47): I don’t think Boston can make the playoffs if Kevin Youkilis is done for the year. He’s the heart and soul of that team.

16. (24) Houston Astros (47-60): Don’t hate. The Astros have won 8 of 10; maybe they’re playing better now that the pressure is off and their longtime pillars, Berkman and Oswalt, are gone?

17. (14) Oakland Athletics (54-53): At least we get to watch Brett Anderson pitch down the stretch. Factoring in Trevor Cahill, is it time to wonder if the A’s are returning to the glory days of Hudson, Zito, Mulder and Harden?

18. (17) Los Angeles Angels: For the first time in years, the Angels look nowhere near the class of their own division. They never recovered from Kendry Morales’ freak injury.

19. (19) New York Mets (54-54): Jason Bay won’t return for a while but is that bad news for the Mets? He was practically a liability in their lineup before his concussion.

20. (16) Detroit Tigers (53-54): Remind me of the Mets in that you could see their collapse coming. The Tigers have a few major talents but they’re not deep enough to be a contender.

21. (25) Washington Nationals (48-60)
22. (18) Florida Marlins (53-54)
23. (20) Milwaukee Brewers (50-59)
24. (22) Cleveland Indians (46-62)
25. (23) Chicago Cubs (47-61)
26. (26) Kansas City Royals (46-62)
27. (30) Baltimore Orioles (34-73)
28. (29) Arizona Diamondbacks (40-68)
29. (28) Seattle Mariners (40-68)
30. (27) Pittsburgh Pirates (37-70)

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