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MLB Power Rankings / June 4th 2010

MLB Power Rankings (as of 04/06/2010)

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Since we last checked in, a few teams have made some major moves in the MLB power rankings – most notably the team many pundits picked to win the National League Wild Card: the Atlanta Braves.

(Last week’s rankings in brackets)

1. (4) New York Yankees (34-20): It was only a matter of time before A-Rod heated up. Welcoming Curtis Granderson and Jorge Posada back from injury doesn’t hurt either.

2. (14) Atlanta Braves (32-22): Most of us saw this success coming; with a great pitching staff and the likes of Jason Heyward and Brian McCann leading the offense, the nine-game winning streak makes sense. But the big shocker is Troy Glaus’ massive resurgence.

3. (1) Tampa Bay Rays (36-18): Disaster turned into a success story when they stole two games from the Jays in the ninth inning this week.

4. (3) San Diego Padres (32-21): Can someone please explain to me how the Padres can keep this up? Seriously.

5. (6) Boston Red Sox (31-24): Is it safe to say Kevin Youkilis is the leader of this team now? He does it all.

6. (9) Cincinnati Reds (31-23): Missing Joey Votto for a few games and still awaiting Aroldis Chapman but the wins keep coming. The Cardinals have to be legitimately nervous now.

7. (2) Los Angeles Dodgers (31-23): Instead of being their Achilles Heel, the Dodgers’ pitching suddenly looks like a strength again.

8. (8) Minnesota Twins (31-23): Lost amid the excitement of Target Field, Liriano’s comeback and Morneau’s monster year: Joe Mauer has just two homers in 46 games.

9. (10) St. Louis Cardinals (31-23): The talent is still there for St. Louis to be a playoff team, but Matt Holliday needs to start driving in runs.

10. (5) Toronto Blue Jays (31-24): Their bullpen transformed two huge wins over Tampa into two heartbreaking losses. Now the Yankees are next on the schedule. This looks like the beginning of the end.

11. (13) Colorado Rockies (28-25): Jeff Francis’ return was just what Colorado needed: pitching from someone other than Ubaldo Jimenez.

12. (11) Texas Rangers (28-25): Last year, the bats weren’t supporting the arms enough. This year, aside from Colby Lewis the pitching has been a disappointment. Go figure.

13. (7) Philadelphia Phillies (28-24): How must Roy Halladay feel knowing the Blue Jays are a game and a half better than his new team?

14. (12) Detroit Tigers (28-25): Lost in the Armando Galarraga/Jim Joyce drama is that the Tigers have pulled to within a couple games of Minnesota.

15. (19) Oakland Athletics (29-26): They won’t go away but they will soon. Brett Anderson’s elbow injury could be serious. Like, Dr. James Andrews serious.

16. (20) Los Angeles Angels (28-28): Oh, life in the AL West. How easy you are. After two months of struggles, a little hot streak has the Angels just a game and a half out of first.

17. (15) San Francisco Giants (28-24): Trouble by the Bay? Tim Lincecum’s struggles make us wonder if he’s hiding an injury and Pablo “King Fu Panda” Sandoval has one homer since mid-April.

18. (17) New York Mets (27-27): Are they buyers for Roy Oswalt or Cliff Lee? It’s not too late for them to challenge in the NL East.

19. (16) Florida Marlins (28-27): They could still have something to say in the NL East race as well but Ricky Nolasco needs to right the ship earlier than he did last season.

20. (27) Seattle Mariners (22-31): Amazingly, they’re not out of contention at all in the AL West. The upside is still there for a turnaround.

21. (24) Chicago White Sox (23-30)
22. (21) Washington Nationals (26-29)
23. (22) Pittsburgh Pirates (22-31)
24. (18) Chicago Cubs (24-29)
25. (25) Milwaukee Brewers (22-32)
26. (30) Houston Astros (20-34)
27. (26) Kansas City Royals (22-33)
28. (28) Cleveland Indians (19-33)
29. (23) Arizona Diamondbacks (20-24)
30. (29) Baltimore Orioles (15-39)

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