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MLB Power Rankings / June 21st 2010

MLB Power Rankings (as of 06/18/2010)

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Aside from the National League Central – does anyone want to win that division right now? – every other division has at least one team making a charge up the standings.

Who are the big risers in the “Week of the Charge”?

(Last week’s rankings in brackets)

1. (1) New York Yankees (41-24): Alex Rodriguez’s hip is at least a minor concern. Will the Bronx Bombers be healthy come playoff time?

2. (2) Tampa Bay Rays (41-24): Carlos Pena has caught fire; will B.J. Upton follow?

3. (3) Los Angeles Dodgers (39-27): Chad Billingsley’s injury is a tough break, as pitching has been the key to L.A.’s resurgence of late.

4. (5) Boston Red Sox (39-28): A major reason for optimism is that they’re rising in the standings despite not seeing their pitching improve yet. And we have to assume it will.

5. (4) Atlanta Braves (38-28): Chipper Jones isn’t having fun, and neither is the 0-9 Kenshin Kawakami – but the Braves look like a playoff team right now.

6. (13) New York Mets (37-28): They’re officially baseball’s hottest team but I don’t see their success lasting unless they acquire another pitcher. Considering that they’re in a buyer’s position, they just might do that. Roy Oswalt? Cliff Lee?

7. (8) Texas Rangers (37-28): Doing plenty of damage even though Ian Kinsler isn’t at full speed yet and Nelson Cruz hasn’t yet returned from the DL.

8. (6) Minnesota Twins (38-27): They haven’t done much to warrant a drop in rankings but there are simply several teams hotter than they are right now.

9. (16) Detroit Tigers (35-29): The American League’s hottest team has won five straight games. A big reason why: Magglio Ordonez and Jeremy Bonderman have turned back the clock.

10. (14) San Francisco Giants (37-28): Yet another team making a charge of late. But, as usual, their success is tied to their pitching performances. Freddy Sanchez has given the offense a boost, however.

11. (7) Los Angeles Angels (37-32): Is this the year Howie Kendrick finally puts it all together and stays healthy? The batting average is down but he’s on pace for 99 RBI. BetOnline.com

12. (9) Cincinnati Reds (36-30): Played 30 games in 31 days and ground out a 17-13 record over that time. But did it take its toll? Cracks are showing in the pitching staff.

13. (15) St. Louis Cardinals (36-30): Tony La Russa’s crew isn’t going anywhere but doesn’t seem to be much better than its record indicates either.

14. (10) San Diego Padres (38-28): Hard to trust a 38-28 record when the Padres bat just .246 as a team and are 25th in the majors in runs scored.

15. (12) Toronto Blue Jays (36-31): Are they baseball’s most predictable team year to year? Yet another fast start to the season and, once again, they struggle mightily against the National League.

16. (22) Chicago White Sox (30-34): Playing possum? They talk about being sellers while they slowly, sneakily creep back into the AL Central race. Seems like an Ozzie Guillen thing to do.

17. (11) Philadelphia Phillies (33-30): Nobody deserves more sympathy on this team than Roy Halladay. Is he really going to miss the playoffs again?

18. (17) Colorado Rockies (33-32): They still have the talent for a turnaround – they always save their best baseball for the second half – but their competition in the NL West seems tougher than ever.

19. (18) Oakland Athletics (33-34): Was the Conor Jackson acquisition just addressing a need or an indication that they’re buyers?

20. (23) Milwaukee Brewers (28-38): An eight-game deficit isn’t insurmountable but the Brewers probably need to replicate their C.C. Sabathia trade if they’re serious about contending.

21. (21) Chicago Cubs (29-36)
22. (24) Florida Marlins (31-34)
23. (19) Washington Nationals (31-35)
24. (29) Kansas City Royals (28-38)
25. (20) Houston Astros (26-40)
26. (27) Arizona Diamondbacks (26-40)
27. (26) Seattle Mariners (25-41)
28. (25) Cleveland Indians (25-39)
29. (30) Baltimore Orioles (18-48)
30. (28) Pittsburgh Pirates (23-42)

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  1. The Mets are hotter than the Rangers? bs. My question for you is how does a team that wins 8 straight ON THE ROAD only move up one spot? Don’t hate on the Rangers

  2. The sox swept the dodgers. How can you put them ahead of the sox?

  3. you have made a couple of mistakes in your power rankings the jays record is 38 -32 not 36-31. The jays did struggle in their first 2 interleague series but they have won 4 of their last 6 games against national league teams with two interleague series left. Their record against the national league so far this year is 5-7. but like i mentioned they one 4 of their last 6 against national league teams including tought teams with outstanding starting pitching in san diego and san franscisco and there are still 2 interleague series left to go where the DH is in play. they could still end up with a record of 11-7 against national league teams so you can’t say they have completely fallen apart the national league teams until all the interleague games are done.

  4. This article was posted about 4 days after it was written. Apologies for posting wrong team records.