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Betting On NFL? Midseason Handicapping

End Zone: NFL Midway Point Brings Surprises for NFL Betting Fans

It’s the midway point of the NFL season and sports betting fans are either absolutely thrilled or positively heart broken at what has transpired so far. This has been a particularly strange year for NFL betting.

The usual suspects aren’t lighting up the online sportsbook world and some surprise teams have come out of nowhere to solidify themselves as online wagering studs.

Let’s get to it!

Top Ten Most Surprising Online Betting Story Lines of the NFL Season So Far

1. It’s A Titans’ World – – The Tennessee Titans are 9 and 0 straight-up and 7 and 2 against the BetUS online wagering spread. Every time football betting fans look for a reason to go against these guys, I have in the past two weeks, they come up huge. This is a seriously good football team that BetUS online sportsbook betting fans need to really pay attention to until the playoffs. Then, in the playoffs, they might fall away some. Seven games from a perfect record. Who would have thought it!

2. Super Bowl Defending Champs Look Super – – The New York Giants, like the Tennessee Titans, are also 7 and 2 against the BetUS online wagering spread. What’s nicer about the Giants is the fact that they’ve played some tough teams, like Dallas, Philadelphia and Washington, and have beaten every single one of them. This team is remarkably adept at switching gears, playing fast or slow, when they need to.

3. Meltdown in Big D – – Tony Romo aside, the rest of the Cowboys fully admit that they had their doubts long before the pinkie incident. The Cowboys started out this season terrible against the BetUS online betting spread. They’ve continued to be terrible. They have trouble blocking pass rushers and their offense sputters without Romo. Even a healthy Romo might not be enough to right this sinking ship.

4. New England Continues to Truck along Without Brady…Sort Of – – The Patriots are doing okay without Tom Brady. Sure, they aren’t dominating teams on the money line but lest we football betting fans forget, the Patriots have done this before. They like to coast along in the regular season and then turn it on in the playoffs. I’m not saying it’s going to happen, but it could.

5. Kurt Warner is a Serious MVP Candidate – – The Arizona Cardinals lead the NFC West, which isn’t hard to do, but they’re doing it with an old former grocery bagger at quarterback who supplanted a highly star-studded player from the best college football program in the land. Kurt Warner has been spectacular. He once again threw for over 350 yards and three touchdowns in a game on Monday night. Are you kidding me? Brett who…

6. Brett Favre Plays Badly but the Jets Still Win – – I don’t know how you can win when your quarterback averages around two interceptions a game, but the Jets keep doing it. Partly, I believe, because Thomas Jones is still one of the top running backs in the NFL and the Jets’ defense is highly underrated. The Jets have a chance to make it to the Super Bowl because they can get past the fact that Favre plays like a rookie. As far as online betting is concerned, be wary. These guys can definitely throw in a clunker once in a while.

7. Chargers Lose Their Spark – – The Chargers can’t light up anything these days. They almost dropped their after a bye game against the lowly Kansas City Chiefs. They are one of the worst teams to bet on in the NFL right now as their 3-5-1 against the spread record makes them losers with a capital L. They play Pittsburgh this weekend. Bad times are here again.

8. Pittsburgh Keeps Rolling Along Through Toughest Schedule in the NFL – – The Men of Steel have lost two out of their last three games but they were against the Colts, who are starting to find their rhythm, and the New York Giants. The Steelers should get back on track, online betting wise, this weekend when they pummel the Chargers at home.

9. Carolina Panthers, Super Bowl Future Book Darlings – – Slowly, quietly, without any fanfare from online football betting fans, the Carolina Panthers have gone from a + 4000 underdog to win the Super Bowl to a + 1200 favorite in less than 10 games. How? By going 7 and 2 straight-up.

10. Oakland Raiders Fire Their Coach and Still Suck – – The Raiders are the worst online betting team in all of sports. Okay, they’re not that bad, but they really, really, really suck. The Raiders’ record against the online wagering spread is 3 and 6, just like the Detroit Lions and the Lions haven’t won a game this season! That’s why the Raiders get the nod. Because they can win a game straight-up and still get pummeled against the spread.

Best Value Teams

The New York Giants play in the toughest division in football. They also have a very difficult out of division schedule. Twice the New York Giants have gone off at + 130 on the money line in the BetUS online sportsbook. Twice they have come through. So they are the best team to bet on in terms of making online profits.

The Titans, with their stellar 7 and 2 record against the spread, deserve some mentioning. I also like the Patriots because, as predicted, their online against the spread wagering odds have lowered after Brady went down. The Indianapolis Colts appear to be headed in the right direction.

Along with the Carolina Panthers, those are the four teams NFL betting fans need to pay attention to.

Worst Value Teams

Who isn’t a bad value team? Let’s go with the Detroit Lions, Dallas Cowboys, San Diego Chargers, Buffalo Bills (after a hot online betting start!), Minnesota Vikings, Green Bay Packers, Chicago Bears, Cleveland Browns, Oakland Raiders, etc. and all. Oh, yeah, we can’t forget my beloved New Orleans Saints who are just awful. They’re not even getting the overs any more. Terrible. The Pittsburgh Steelers continue to win games straight-up but they have trouble against the spread.

Stay away from all of these teams unless you have a very good online wagering opinion.

Good Luck!


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