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MLB Handicapping Tips: Umpires Effect Over/Under

MLB Umpire Totals Report II

We are back with our second edition of our Major League Baseball Umpire Totals Report which looks at the Top Ten Over and Under Umpires currently in the majors. The purpose of this report is to assist you in making your baseball betting total selections. We have found that certain umpires have a tendency to call a game over or under at a higher percentage than their peers.

This report should be an added element to your handicapping arsenal and should never be used as a standalone. Adding umpire data to your fundamental, situational and technical elements should help guide you to more winners than losers when it comes to handicapping MLB Totals.


Here are your Top Ten Over and Under Umpires (minimum 4 games behind home plate) as of July 6 2009. The information provided gives you the name of the umpire, over-under record, over-under percentage and the number of units won when playing that particular umpire over or under.

Top 10 Over Umpires:

E. Montague 4-1 over (80 percent) +3.1 Units
T. McClelland 12-5 over (70.6 percent) +6.8 Units
E. Cooper 12-5 over (70.6 percent) +7.0 Units
R. Marsh 11-5 over (68.8 percent) +5.8 Units
J. Reynolds 8-4 over (66.7 percent) +3.7 Units
J. Mears 10-6 over (62.5 percent) +4.0 Units
B. Dreckman 8-5 over (61.5 percent) +2.9 Units
L. Diaz 9-6 over (60 percent) +2.8 Units
M. Everitt 10-7 over (58.8 percent) +2.8 Units
D. Scott 10-7 over (58.8 percent) +2.9 Units

Top 10 Under Umpires:

A. Fletcher 3-13 under (81.3 percent) +9.4 Units
S. Barry 4-13 under (76.5 percent) +8.3 Units
B. Gorman 4-12 under (75 percent) +7.7 Units
F. Culbreth 4-11 under (73.3 percent) +6.4 Units
B. Miller 5-13 under (72.2 percent) +7.6 Units
B. Runge 5-10 under (66.7 percent) +3.9 Units
J. Hirschbeck 6-12 under (66.7 percent) +5.1 Units
J. Kellogg 6-11 under (64.7 percent) +3.9 Units
J. Hoye 7-12 under (63.2 percent) +3.9 Units
P. Cuzzi 7-12 under (63.2 percent) +4.1 Units

The list is complete now you have the Top 10 Over and Under Umpires currently in Major League Baseball this list should be kept handy so you can refer to it when you are making your total selections.

Take care and as always good luck.

Robbie Gainous


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