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HOT + NOT For Week 4 Fantasy Football

Week 4 Hot and Not

If you are in need of a HOT fantasy football player these Top Hot players for the week should help you out if they’re in your lineup. They may also be free agents on your waiver wire.

If you need to dump a lame duck on your team, these NOTS should be them. Throw em in the trash if you can afford to not have them on your bench. Fantasy Football always favors the prepared mind.

The more research you do, and the more HOT players you have to choose from on your team, the better your odds are of winning your fantasy football league outright this year.

After all of the weekly games are finished be sure to check our waiver wire column, studs and duds, a who’s hot, and who’s not report plus more in our fantasy football guide.


This week’s edition boasts only a few returning players. Hot players in Weeks 1 and 2 disappointed many in the Fantasy world, while other players who shone this week and due to consistent play, make their 1st appearance on the Honor Roll. It’s Fantasy Football folks, and if you had the ability to predict who would be here EVERY week, you would be a rich man (or woman).

So here we go with the ever-changing list.



1. Peyton Manning – Indy – As steady a performer as there is in the league. Show up, run your routes, and do your job – Peyton will get the ball to you. At least 300 yards in every game, and a combined 7 TD’s. Already this year defines Hot as a QB. Seattle, Tennessee, and St. Louis up next for the Colts – ya – he should remain Meaghan Fox Hot!!!

2. Matt Schaub – Houston – Not unlike Manning, Matt has been getting it done with minimal help from his running game. After a slow start in Week 1, Schaub has put up at least 300 yards passing in the last 2, adding 7 TD’s. In that stretch Oakland, Arizona, and Cinci. are next for the Texans – look for his Hot streak to continue.

3. Kevin Kolb – Philadelphia – It was fun while it lasted wasn’t it? Not too often do you see a player so HOT relegated to the bench. In Kolb’s 2 starts while filling in for Donovan McNabb, he has thrown for over 700 yards and 4 scores – not too bad for a backup. Undoubtedly, he will be this year’s Matt Cassell, and will command huge free agent $ in the off season.

Honorable Mention – Aaron Rogers – Green Bay and Eli Manning – NY Giants


4. Maurice Jones-Drew – Jacksonville – A little bit of a hiccup in Week 2, but Jones-Drew proved his Hotness in Week 3 with 3 TD’s. and a bunch of catches. Tennessee in Week 4 might be tough, but after that, he faces Seattle and St. Louis – makes your mouth water doesn’t it?

5. Willis McGahee – Baltimore – 7 TOUCHDOWNS already. This dude is felling it. Minimal touches for absolute maximum production Who knew that the goal-line actually had a smell?

6. Cedric Benson – Cincinnati – Running like he stole Oprah’s sandwich this year. He has earned all the touches out of Cinci’s backfield and with no tangible competition, I don’t see him slowing down. Anyone that can put up a good game against a Pittsburgh Defense is Hot in my books.

Honorable Mention – Correll Buckhalter – Denver and Tashard Choice – Dallas


7. DeSean Jackson – Philadelphia – A true playmaker that has the trust of everyone on his team. Huge numbers in the absence of his #1 QB and RB makes DeSean Hot. After a poor Week 1 outing, Jackson has dazzled with big plays out of the backfield and with huge catches. Fantasy Gold!!!

8. Jerricho Cotchery – NY Jets – Has become Sanchez’s favorite target and is putting up legitimate WR1 numbers. Games with 90, 87, and 108 yards respectively has vaulted Cotchery into every week starter status. As sure handed and trustworthy as they come!

9. Reggie Wayne – Indy. – If you don’t love this guy, you are not a football fan. He bounced back from a poor Week 2 with a monster performance in Week 3. The dude just quietly gets it done. If you drafted Wayne – congrats – he alone might take you to the promise land.

10. Vincent Jackson – SD – Coming up huge for the Chargers. Big play ability on a consistent basis. There is nothing to suggest that he won’t be the focal point of this offense going forward – HOT!


11. Brent Celek – Philadelphia Lots of Eagles on the Hot list indeed! Matched his 8 catch 104 yard Week 2 effort in Week 3. This is a Tight End we are talking about folks!! Smokin Hot!!!



1. Jamarcus Russell – Oakland – Too easy!!!!

2. Jake Delhomme – Carolina – For some reason, the front office and the coaches see something in this guy. They are the only ones. Jake is a pooch – and frankly, I’m sick to death of him!! He has one of the best WR’s at his disposal, and arguable the best running tandem in the league behind him and he still can’t get it done! Time to change the culture in Carolina – and start with Delhomme.

3. Brady Quinn and Byron Leftwich – won’t have to worry about them again for a while, unless they do hemorrhoid commercials while sitting on the bench.


4. Steve Slaton – Houston – Not a bad outing win Week 3, but far from the productive stats that were expected of him. Blame the scheme, the O-line, or whatever you want – Slaton seems to be a ½ season wonder. Add in the fact that his coach has endorsed Chris Brown as his Red Zone back (despite a fumble inside the 5 yard line), and Slaton is clearly Not Hot.

5. Matt Forte – Chicago – Consensus 2nd or 3rd choice overall in Fantasy drafts, Forte hasn’t even got a sniff of the 100 yard mark, or the end zone for that matter. Forte managed just 66 yards against a porous Seattle Defense in Week 3. Thank goodness for his pass catching and the fact that quasi -Hot Cutler is looking his way in the passing game. Overall though – Not Hot!

6. Clinton Portis – Washington – Word out of Skins’ camp is that Portis is dealing with a variety of injuries right now. It’s still early in the season, and to think that his injuries are going to go away is delusional! Portis just doesn’t seem to be able to handle the grind anymore, and Week 3’s 42 yards rushing against the woeful Lions further proves this point. If I’m a Portis owner, I’m scared and probable looking elsewhere for a dependable back.


7. Terrell Owens – Buffalo – Terrell’s streak on consecutive games with a catch came to an end in Week 3. Boo hoo!!! Prior to Week 3, he wasn’t that good either. 5 catches for 98 yards in 3 games – THATS IT! Come on Terrell – where’s the temper tantrum? We F#%*in deserve it.

8. Eddie Royal – Denver – Ugh! 6 catches for 42 yards combined in 3 games – honestly!!! Look it up!! Royal seems to be lost in the system. Not all his fault – he’s not even getting the targets. He’s giving new meaning to Sophomore Slump.

9. T.J. Houshmanzadeh – Seattle – Hey T.J. – time to back up your huge contract with some stats. Shut your mouth and be the difference maker that you are being paid to be. I love the Housh, but there is no denying that he is clearly NOT HOT!!


10. Kellen Winslow – Tampa – Not all his fault or is it. In his career, he has had to suffer through Derek Anderson, Brady Quinn, Byron Leftwich, and now he a some dude named Josh Johnson throwing him the ball. Sorry Kellen – you aren’t Hot now, and you won’t be Hot anytime soon either.


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