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Week 12 NFL Fantasy Football Studs + Duds


Each week, the CappersPicks.com fantasy football guru Dave B brings you players you need to be paying attention to – Remember – fantasy football championships are often won by those who live eat and breath fantasy football.

After all of the weekly games are finished be sure to check our waiver wire column, cheatsheets, a who’s hot, and who’s not report plus more in our fantasy football guide.

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What a week indeed!

It’s nice to see some new players creep into the Studs column. There were some fabulous performances by dudes who were not even starters at the beginning of the season while on the flip side, there were some pre-season Studs that have ended up on my Duds list. You gotta love Fantasy Football don’t you?

Apologies to Tony Romo, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Fred Jackson, Ricky Williams, Ray Rice, Percy Harvin, Kenny Britt, and Jason Witten for not making the list – your effort were outstanding too.

Without further adieu, lets get to Week 12’s edition of Dave B’s Studs and Duds.

Stud of the Week

Brett Favre – Minnesota – It is about time that we see Brett as Stud of the Week. He’s taken a back seat in previous weeks (mostly to Chris Johnson), but this week, he stood out amongst all the Studs. 392 yards and 3 touchdowns against a once feared Bears Defense has most chirping about an elusive MVP award for Favre and also of another season in Minnesota.

Dud of the Week

Jake Delhomme – Carolina – 14/34 130 yards, 0 touchdowns and 4 interceptions. Dud, Dud Dud!!! I really don’t know what else to say – honestly!!!

Other Studs

Aaron Rodgers – Green Bay – He’s been a Stud for almost the full year and Thanksgiving day didn’t disappoint. 25/39 for 348 yards and 3 tds. against the Lions keeps Rodgers on the Stud list.

Philip Rivers – San Diego – Another 300 yard game for Philip Rivers has him on the Stud list once again. Granted, it was against the Chiefs. 317 yards and 2 tds. – not too shabby.

Vince Young – Tennessee – What a final drive that Young put together to win the game in Week 12. After the smoke cleared, Young ended up with 387 yards passing and a clutch td. pass. This guy sucked it up this week and willed his team to the win.

Chris Johnson – Tennessee – Might as well just call this the Chris Johnson List. Only 186 combined yards and a touchdown this week has Chris Johnson being mentioned as a serious contender for league MVP. He puts the STU in STUD.

Justin Forsett – Seattle – Julius Jones’s replacement had quite a day for the Seahawks in Week 12. 22 rushes, 130 yards and 2tds. has the coaching staff in Seattle wondering if they will welcome Jones back or not.

Jamaal Charles – Kansas City – Was a One Man Gang for the Chiefs this week. Almost 150 combined yards and a touchdown in a losing effort, but still Studworthy.

Donald Driver – Green Bay – Driver totally took over Thursdays game. He was called upon for the BIG play and delivered. He was also called upon when the team needed 9 yards – he delivered. 7 catches, 142 yards and a td. and every yard was deserved Hats off Donald Driver, you’re a Stud.

Miles Austin – Dallas – Welcome back to Studsville Mr Austin!! Looks like Mr. Romo has finally remembered what has made him successful this year. If Romo keeps throwing to Austin, it’s gonna be fun to watch.

Brandon Marshall – Denver – How could he not be a Stud after those 2 amazing grabs (if you haven’t seen them – shame).

Antonio Gates – San Diego – Gates was an absolute beast in Week 12 and would have had better numbers if the game was closer. He racked up 100 yards receiving and 2 touchdowns in the 1st half, then took a backseat once the game was out of reach. He’s still a Stud, wouldn’t you say?

Other Duds

Eli Manning – NY Giants – I see that Eli passed for 230 yards – I can’t figure out when? He must have thrown for 75 yards in the last 2 drives – he had 28 yards passing in th 1st HALF!!! Add in an interception and Eli was a total DUD.

Carson Palmer – Cincinnati – Played a Cleveland team that Drew Stafford threw 5 tds. on last week. Palmer must have been huge huh? 110 yards and 1 td. was all that Palmer could muster in Week 12, making him worthy of the Dud list.

Matt Hasselbeck – Seattle – 102 yards – that’s right – 102!! If that’s all you can accomplish against the woeful Rams, you my friend, are a Dud.

Matt Forte – Chicago – Dud AGAIN!!! 27 yards rushing that’s it!! He caught 4 balls for 34 yards, but it all still adds up to yet another BAD performance.

DeAngelo Williams – Carolina – If a player in the NFL deserves a mulligan, it’s Williams who had been carrying his team for weeks. 16 rushes for 40 yards however, will not escape the Dud censors. Sorry DeAngelo, it pains me to call you a Dud.

Brandon Jacobs – NY Giants – Jacobs really had a chance to leave his miserable season behind and start new – have a good game on National TV and build on that momentum. Instead, he rushed the ball 11 time for 27 yards (Danny Ware also rushed for 27 yards – ya I know – WHO???). Jacobs also caught 3 balls for 30 yards. Dud.

Steve Smith – Carolina – Ya, ya, Darrell Revis is the best Defensive cover man in the NFL. Still, 2 catches for 2 yards is scary bad for one of the elite WRS in the NFL. Although most were not expecting a monster game, double digit yardage totals would have been nice.

Calvin Johnson – Detroit – Johnson caught a td. pass in the first 2 minutes of the game. After that, he caught 1 more pass for 5 yards. Ya – I know he’s banged up, but 2 catches for 10 yards is unacceptable.

Roy Williams – Dallas – Williams seems to be a fixture in the Dud column. He just isn’t the player that he thinks he is. 2 catches on Thanksgiving day for 15 yards (one was for a td) keeps Williams where he should be – in the Dud column.

TJ Houshmandzadeh – Seattle – Whew!! This guy just aint getting it done in Seattle. Week 12 against an awful St. Louis team, Housh grabbed just 2 balls for 14 yards. Ugly numbers indeed.

Reggie Wayne – Indianapolis – I know, I know, Reggie is one of my favorite payers too. But you have to admit that 3 catches for 19 yards (one was a td.) is not usual for the reliable Stud. Week 12’s performance was anti-Stud. In fact, it was a Dud.

Top Performers Week 12


B. Favre, MIN 392 yds, 3 TD, 0 Int
A. Rodgers, GNB 348 yds, 3 TD, 0 Int
R. Fitzpatrick, BUF 246 yds, 2 TD, 1 Int
P. Rivers, SDG 317 yds, 2 TD, 0 Int
J. Campbell, WAS 231 yds, 3 TD, 2 Int
V. Young, TEN 387 yds, 1 TD, 0 Int
T. Romo, DAL 309 yds, 2 TD, 0 Int

Running Backs

J. Forsett, SEA 130 yds, 2 TD
C. Johnson, TEN 186 yds, 1 TD
F. Jackson, BUF 116 yds, 2 TD
J. Charles, KAN 147 yds, 1 TD
S. Jackson, STL 116 yds, 1 TD
K. Moreno, DEN 107 yds, 1 TD
R. Williams, MIA 115 yds, 1 TD
R. Rice, BAL 155 yds, 0 TD
L. Tomlinson, SDG 44 yds, 2 TD
A. Peterson, MIN 103 yds, 1 TD

Wide Receivers

M. Austin, DAL 145 yds, 1 TD
D. Driver, GNB 142 yds, 1 TD
P. Harvin, MIN 146 yds, 1 TD
K. Britt, TEN 128 yds, 1 TD
T. Owens, BUF 96 yds, 1 TD
A. Bryant, TAM 91 yds, 1 TD

Tight Ends

A. Gates, SDG 118 yds, 2 TD
D. Clark, IND 63 yds, 1 TD
V. Davis, SFO 69 yds, 1 TD
V. Shiancoe, MIN 51 yds, 1 TD
F. Davis, WAS 43 yds, 1 TD


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  1. It is a shame that with the play of Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, and Brett Favre thatTitan RB Chris Johnson will not have a legitimate chance to win the league MVP award, but he is certainly playing like one.