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Top 100 Player Rankings – Fantasy Football

Dave B`s Top 100 Fantasy Football Players For 2010

Fantasy Football Draft Guide – Top 100 Player Rankings – Are you in the market for fantasy football draft info? Or Player Rankings + Top 100 player cheat sheets for your 2010 fantasy draft?

Pre-season is nearly upon us, so for the next few weeks we encourage you to be checking out our FANTASY FOOTBALL DRAFT GUIDE for all your rankings and analysis for the upcoming league drafts that you’re going to be participating in.

Welcome back to another year of fantasy Football at Cappers Picks. Below is Dave B`s Top 100 for the 2010-2011 season. Running Backs are a hot commodity as usual, but there are good arguments for the top quarterbacks and wide receivers being higher in the Rankings as well.

My NFL Fantasy football player rankings big board takes into consideration past returns, current performance and expected future gains in determining who should be included among the top 100 fantasy football players.

Rank | Player | Pos | Team

Take a look at the Rankings – leave a comment and tell me what you think.

1. RB Adrian Peterson MIN – Peterson has competition for the top spot this year for sure. His fumble issues are well documented but so is the explosive offense that he plays for. Add in the fact that Chester Taylor is not there to snake the 3rd down touches and all Day has potential for his best season yet.

2. RB Chris Johnson TEN – The contract issues are over and Johnson is ready to continue his terrorizing abilities. E catches the ball out of the backfield and like AP, he has no real competition for carries in Tennessee. I have him #@ but he’s more like 1B.

3. RB Maurice Jones-Drew JAC – He will once again be the corner piece of the offense in Jacksonville. With the Jags reluctance to add any new pieces to the offense, the onus remains on MJD to carry the load. He’s only 25 and is entering the prime of his career.

4. RB Frank Gore SFO – Gore remains a receiving and rushing threat in San Francisco. He will definitely be in line for the majority of the carries on a team that most feel will be much improved this season. He’ll get more than his share of touches and touchdowns.

5. RB Ray Rice BAL – 6th in touches, second in total yards and first in receptions among running backs last season and he wasn’t even the #1 back coming out of spring training. This year, he’s the unquestioned #1 and could end up the #1 fantasy producer this season.

6. WR Andre Johnson HOU – Consistently productive in what should be one of the most prolific offenses in football this season. If the contract issues don’t rear their ugly heads, AJ should be a fantasy stud once again this upcoming season.

7. WR Randy Moss NEP – It is a contract year for Moss who doesn’t need any more motivation to succeed. He’ll have a healthy Tom Brady this season and he plays on a team whose defense will stop nobody and a running game that doesn’t scare anybody. The offense is going to have to shine and Moss is a huge part of the offense

8. QB Aaron Rodgers GBP – A fantasy surprise last season, Rodgers will sneak up on nobody this year. He still has Donald Driver, Greg Jennings and Jermichael Finley to throw to. A revamped and healthy offensive line should help Rodgers at least duplicate last year’s numbers.

9. RB DeAngelo Williams CAR – The Carolina Panthers are a running team plain and simple. Although Williams stands to split carries with the oft-injured Jonathan Stewart, there is still enough rushing yards to go around. Add in the fact that he’s in a contract year and Williams should be huge!

10. RB Ryan Grant GBP – Think he’s a little highly ranked? Consider that he will most certainly be the feature back on one of the most explosive offenses in football. Last season’s numbers are better than you’d think and with the shored up offensive line, Grant should be highly productive this season.

11. WR Reggie Wayne IND – Still the favorite option is a potent passing attack, Wayne appears to be no risk at all to gain at least 1200 yards and score 10-12 touchdowns on 100+ catches. He’s Mr. Consistency for your fantasy squad.

12. QB Peyton Manning IND – Has passed for at least 30 touchdowns in four of his last five seasons and has at least 4000 yards passing in ten of his last twelve. Nuff said!

13. WR Calvin Johnson DET – He is a monster. Matthew Stafford will be better this year and with Detroit’s easy schedule, he could score 10 touchdowns.

14. WR Greg Jennings GBP – Risk/Reward pick. This guy got a lot of targets last year and didn’t do a lot with them. He is nine years younger than the other weapon Donald Driver and appears ready to take the lead role.

15. QB Drew Brees NOS – Touchdown machine! Brees passed for a staggering 34 touchdowns last season and with the same cast as last year, there is little reason to expect any less.

16. RB Michael Turner ATL – If it wasn’t for a high ankle sprain last season, Turner would have finished amongst the fantasy elite. Turner has proclaimed himself ready and in shape. The only downside is that he’s not much of a pass catcher.

17. RB Knowshon Moreno DEN – Moreno has a ton of upside. He is easily the most talented back in Denver. He should get close to 1500 yards and has a chance for 10 touchdowns.

18. WR Marques Colston NOS –Huge offense, huge potential. Colston can look brilliant at times and disappear at others. He’s the best receiver in New Orleans, bar none, and should benefit in the stats column.

19. RB Jamaal Charles KCC – Would have been a sure fire first rounder if Thomas Jones wasn’t in the picture. He will probably lose the goal line work to Jones so temper your expectations.

20. WR Miles Austin DAL – Austin was lights out last year and this year could be better. Playing on a Cowboys team that will probably win 12 or 13 games this season, Austin will get his. Dez Bryant will take some of the focus off of Austin making him an even better option.

21. WR Roddy White ATL – White is going to have the best year of his career and that’s saying a lot! He is good for 100 catches and 12 TD’s.

22. RB Rashard Mendenhall PIT – If you’ve waited till pick 18 to get a running back, you could have done a lot worse than Mendenhall. He will be used a ton this year especially during Roethlisberger’s absence and should gain around 1500 combined and 10 touchdowns.

23. RB Pierre Thomas NOS – It’s a bit of a gamble but if not for Thomas’s knee injury a wrist problems last year, and the fact that the Saints rested him in their last two games, Pierre’s numbers would have been great. He’s healthy and motivated this year.

24. WR DeSean Jackson PHI – He was absolutely electric last year and had great chemistry with Kevin Kolb. Kolb knows who his meal ticket is and will get the ball to Jackson as much as he can.

25. RB Ryan Mathews SDC – This may seem like a reach but Norv Turner has plans for this guy. Turner expects at least 250 touches from Matthews and in a high powered offense with a relatively weak schedule, he’s hard to ignore.

26. RB Steven Jackson STL – If it weren’t for the injury concerns he’d be Top 10. He will be leaned heavily upon and if his body can finally hold up to a 16 game season, he could be a steal.

27. RB Shonn Greene NYJ – He plays in a run heavy offense that has to make up for the loss of workhorse Thomas Jones. LaDainian Tomlinson is not the answer so Greene obviously is.

28. WR Larry Fitzgerald ARI – It’s a shame that Larry has fallen so far but that’s what Matt Leinart will do for a guy.

29. WR Brandon Marshall MIA – He will be the target in Miami. Marshall looked Kyle Orton look good so he must be special. He has a lot to prove and usually backs up what he says. He’s hasn’t had less than 100 catches in any of the last three seasons.

30. RB Cedric Benson CIN – Dominant runner but he doesn’t catch the ball much. He didn’t score a lot last year but neither did the Bengals team. The Bengals will score more this year and Benson will benefit.

31. WR Chad Ochocinco CIN – Still an elite talent and Palmer has to be better doesn’t he?

32. RB Jonathan Stewart CAR – Good RB2 for sure. The Panthers are a running team. Although he is going to split carries with DeAngelo Williams, there will be enough to go around. 1300 yards combined and 10 touchdowns is not a stretch.

33. QB Tony Romo DAL – Romo is good for 4500 yards passing and 30 touchdowns. The Cowboys are a dynamic offense that will be uber-motivated this year.

34. RB Joseph Addai IND – Addai gets the goal line touches and trusted with the ball at crucial times in a top tier offense. Donald Brown appears to be no threat at all.

35. RB Chris Wells ARI – This is a risky choice but when you consider that the cardinals are no longer a passing team, it comes more clear. Well improved dramatically last year and should have a very good season. 10 touchdowns is not out of the question.

36. WR Steve Smith NYG – He is Eli Manning’s go to guy. He had at least five catches is 12 games last year.

37. WR Anquan Boldin BAL – Derrick Mason has been successful in the Baltimore offense. Boldin is tem times more talented than Mason.

38. QB Matt Schaub HOU – He could end up being the best Fantasy Player of 2010. His potential is enormous and is guaranteed 4500 yards and 30 touchdowns.

39. RB Brandon Jacobs NYG – He has to bounce back this season, he’s too talented not to. Jacobs was injured all of last season and should be healthy this year.

40. QB Tom Brady NEP – It’s hard to believe that Brady’s fallen to 40. He’s still an elite talent with elite pass catchers around him. Don’t worry about Tom.

41. WR Steve Smith CAR – I never thought that Steve Smith would fall to 45 but a broken arm and a new quarterback significantly hurt his value. Still, he’s an elite talent.

42. QB Jay Cutler CHI – Fourth round and you need a quarterback. Mike Martz will help Cutler and he will be better this year or his career might mirror Jake Delhomme’s.

43. WR Vincent Jackson SDC – If you can wait the three games that Jackson is suspended, he could be good value. He is a legitimate WR1 and will produce.

44. WR Mike Sims-Walker JAC – It’s getting slim already for WRs. Sims-Walker offers potential. 1000 yards and 8 touchdowns sound about right.

45. RB LeSean McCoy PHI – In a Points Per Reception league, he’s gold. I’m just not ready to put him in the elite category just yet.

46. TE Vernon Davis SFO – He was a beast last year and scored in 10 of 16 games. He’s good for 100 yards receiving and 12 touchdowns this year.

47. WR Sidney Rice MIN – This depends on Favre. He’s Favre’s favorite weapon which is a Fantasy bonanza.

48. RB Ronnie Brown MIA – His rank depends on his health and assuming that he’s healthy he’s a legitimate RB2. If brown is right, he’ll be great for your Fantasy team.

49. QB Philip Rivers SDC – Prolific offense and an easy schedule are what make Rivers attractive. Less than 4000 yards and 28 touchdowns would be shocking

50. WR Dwayne Bowe KCC – If Bowe can stay out of trouble and hold on to the damn ball, he could end up with WR1 numbers this season. He is a talented big receiver and the chiefs go to him a lot.

51. WR Hakeem Nicks NYG – I love Steve Smith but the better receiver on the Giants is Nicks. His rookie season was better than expected and the chemistry with Eli Manning has built. The Giants will be better this year and so should Nicks.

52. WR Santana Moss WAS – Ugh! Moss finally has someone throwing him the ball. McNabb should significantly enhance Moss who can look so good one week and so bad the next.

53. TE Antonio Gates SDC – Gates seems healthy for the first time in a long while. He’s still the most productive Tight End in the game and should score 10 TD’s. on 1000 yards receiving.

54. RB Felix Jones DAL – Jones will see more carries in what is going to be an elite offense. The potential is there for a huge season, but Jones hasn’t quite proven himself yet.

55. WR Mike Wallace PIT – Someone has to absorb Santonio Holmes’s numbers and super talented Mike Wallace is that guy. 70 catches and close to 1000 yards is a good bet.

56. RB Matt Forte CHI – Last year, he was a consensus top three overall pick. A season bust last year, now Forte has to deal with the acquisition of Chester Taylor. Taylor maybe the better back!

57. TE Dallas Clark IND – Peyton Manning loves this guy and this guy loves to play football. The Colts use their Tight End a lot. 10 touchdowns is almost assured.

58. QB Kevin Kolb PHI – He has some legitimate weapons – DeSean Jackson Jeremy Maclin and Brent Celek and he appears comfortable in his role. He has upside for sure.

59. TE Brent Celek PHI – Kevin Kolb has shown that he loves Celek. 8 touchdowns and 100 yards could be easily attained for the next Tight End superstar.

60. WR Percy Harvin MIN – Favre is the key here. He is a legitimate WR2 and there is even talk about him handling third down rushing duties!

61. TE Tony Gonzalez ATL – He’ll catch 80 passes, close in on 1000 yards and score 8 touchdowns.

62. WR Jeremy Maclin PHI – There will be lots of room for Maclin to roam with Celek and Jackson taking the heat off. 1000 yards and 7-8 scores.

63. TE Jason Witten DAL – Talented guy whose quarterback knows that Whitten must be a huge part of the game plan.

64. WR Michael Crabtree SFO – He’s the number one WR on an emerging team plus he will have a full training camp this year unlike last.

65. WR Robert Meachem NOS – Number 2 option in the best offense in the NFL. “>

66. RB Jahvid Best DET – He is clearly the best Back on Detroit and will be the starter before too long.

70. RB Justin Forsett SEA – Leon Washington is still recovering from injury and Forsett looked explosive last year. He’ will be a nice RB2 or RB3.

71. WR Devin Thomas WAS – Will hugely benefit from Donovan McNabb’s arrival. If Santana Moss disappears like he’s accustomed to doing, Thomas could emerge McNabb’s favorite target.

72. QB Donovan McNabb WAS –A change of scenery and an offensive coordinator that has transferred from the Houston Texan organization makes McNabb an interesting option.

73. TE Zach Miller OAK –The Raiders will score a lot more this season and Jason Campbell loves to use his Tight Ends

74. WR Lee Evans BUF – No quarterback to speak of, but he’s the only real weapon in Buffalo.

75. WR Donald Driver GBP – He’s still a reliable receiver in a potent offense. If you can get Driver in the 7th round, you will be very happy!

76. QB Joe Flacco BAL – He has a new toy in Anquan Boldin. Also Ray Rice catches the ball, padding Flacco’s stats.

77. TE Jermichael Finley GBP – Could be the breakout player of the season. Injured during part of last season but finished up extremely strong.

78. WR Hines Ward PIT – Without Holmes, Ward is the go to guy. Mike Wallace is a nice player, but trustworthy Ward will have yet another good year.

79. QB Eli Manning NYG – The best of the remaining quarterbacks – he’s food for 3500 yards and 20-25 touchdowns.

80. RB C.J. Spiller BUF – This is a much of a dynasty/keeper pick than anything else. His skills have been compared to Chris Johnson and he should get his opportunities right away.

81. RB Tim Hightower ARI – In points per reception leagues, he could be a valuable RB 2 or 3. The Cards are going to have to run the ball way more this season to be successful.

82. WR Derrick Mason BAL – Anquan Boldin will receive a lot of defensive attention opening up the crafty vet frequently.

83. WR Jerricho Cotchery NYJ – Santonio Homes is suspended for a while making Cotchery the number one option. He’s good for 70-80 catches.

84. RB Reggie Bush NOS – 50+ receptions make Bush an intriguing option. He should be over 1000 combined yards and 7-9 touchdowns.

85. WR Chris Chambers KCC – The Chiefs have to be better this season don’t they? They’ve hired some experienced coaches that will help them improve. Chambers is still a good pass catcher and should be better.

86RB Marion Barber DAL – Barber will see a reduced role but he’s still likely the goal line back in a prolific offense. He’s good for 10-15 touches per game – good enough for me!

87. RB Ricky Williams MIA – If Ronnie Brown doesn’t return to form after surgery, Williams will stand to benefit. At worst, close to 1000 yards and 5-8 touchdowns seems right.

88. RB Arian Foster HOU – Foster will have to compete with Steve Slaton and Ben Tate for carries but he looks like the best bet out of the Houston backfield.

89. TE Visanthe Shiancoe MIN – Tight Ends are going to be gold this year and Shiancoe is one of the best.

90. WR Devin Hester CHI – Somebody has to catch the ball in Chicago and hopes are that Mike Martz has a good influence on Hester.

91. RB Clinton Portis WAS – He has a lot of competition for touches this season and a lingering concussion issues loom. He’s a risk that may just pay off however.

92. WR Jabar Gaffney DEN – The number one guy in Denver. Somebody has to absorb Brandon Marshall’s production and Gaffney seems like the guy to do it.

93. WR Arrelious Benn TBB – Big rookie receiver who steps in right away to take the place of Antonio Bryant. A bad Bucs running game and an easy schedule makes Benn a worthy risk.

94. TE Kellen Winslow TBB – Josh Freeman is going to have to throw the ball to somebody. Benn and Winslow will be the favorite targets all season long.

95. RB Carnell Williams TBB – Another Buccaneer! Williams is a proven starter who if he can stay healthy could feast on an easy schedule.

96. QB Matthew Stafford DET – Bit of a reach I know but Stafford will be better this year and he does have viable weapons at his disposal.

97. RB Ahmad Bradshaw NYG – The Giants were a running team and hope to get back to it this season. If Brandon Jacobs falters, Bradshaw could be a great pick up.

98. QB Alex Smith SFO – Smith is at the helm of one of the more explosive up and coming offenses in the NFL. He’s got the confidence of his coaches and his team plus he has some incredible weapons at his disposal.

99. WR Kenny Britt TEN – If you believe in the Vince Young hype then Britt is an obvious choice. He will be the most productive receiver on the team.

100. WR Mohamed Massaquoi CLE – Somebody has to catch the ball in Cleveland and Massaquoi appears to be that guy. He’s a good WR3 and decent bye week fill in.

NOTE: Essentially, my Board is a cheat sheet designed for a fantasy owner who is planning to participate in a draft today.

Basic Fantasy league points are factored into my rankings..enjoy!! And check back on a weekly basis for continuing updates.

How about it, owners? Email me your thoughts or comment below!



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