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Fantasy Football: 2010 Mock Draft Analysis

2010 Fantasy Football Mock Draft #1

Fantasy Football Draft Guide – Cheat Sheets & Draft Day Help

Pre-season is underway, so for the next few weeks we encourage you to be checking out our FANTASY FOOTBALL DRAFT GUIDE for all your rankings and analysis for the upcoming league drafts that your going to be participating in.


Taking a look at a few Mock Drafts is a good way to prepare for your Fantasy drafts. It gives you a good idea of trends, how things will go and maybe what to expect.

My Fantasy League recently had their Draft.

All of the guys are pretty knowledgeable so take a look and let me know who you think did well and who you think made poor choices.


1. Back Bacon

Chris Johnson, TEN, RB – He runs like the wind and he catches the ball out of the backfield. He is a combined yards God and he doesn’t have Lendale White to snake touchdowns this year. When the Titans score this year, it will likely be thanks to him!

**** Will need a WR or QB in next Round****

2. The Golden Girls

Maurice Jones-Drew, JAC, RB – Something tells me he’s going to have better numbers than AP this year. He, like Johnson is a good receiver and will be responsible for the bulk of Jacksonville’s scoring.

****Will look for a Top WR or QB –  maybe another RB if the situation is right****

3. The Crazy Canucks

Adrian Peterson, MIN, RB – Fumbles and the lack of receptions has AP third on the board. The Minnesota situation scares me a little too!

****Next choice is Wide Open****

4. Scallywags

Ray Rice, BAL, RB – The Ravens will be a better team this year and Anquan Boldin should keep opposing defenses honest. Last year he finished with 70+ receptions -top 15 in the league!

****Ditto the 1st 3****

5. Bob Probert Fan Club

Frank Gore, SF, RB – Like the other Running Backs on the list, he rushes, catches and should be responsible for the majority of the touches and scoring for his team.

****Ditto again****

6. Stink Bombs

Andre Johnson, HOU, WR – All he’s done is average over 100 catches and 1500 yards the last two tears. In a high powered offense, the missing scores will come eventually – trust me!

****Really need to draft a RB in the next round – no choice****

7. Smell the Glove

Steven Jackson, STL, RB – Feel like gambling?

****Could go any way in the next round – Jackson is no sure thing!!*****

8. Breastfeeders

Aaron Rodgers, GB, QB – 30 touchdowns guaranteed! He was the top performer in Fantasy last season and could be this season too!

****Will need to look at a WR or RB – no questions****

9. Trevor Lindens

Randy Moss, NE, WR – He’s a stud and he’s in a contract year! The same goes for his quarterback.

****will have to look RB in the next round for sure**** [soliloquy id=”82219″]

10. Bad Intentions

Drew Brees, NO, QB – Missed out on Rodgers but he’s still good for 30 tds. and 4000 or so yards. No shame in this pick!

****needs a RB in Round 2 –  a WR wouldn’t be a total shame either****

11. The One Tenor

Reggie Wayne IND, WR – He’s as solid a producer as there is. No risk/high reward pick.

****will go after a RB or QB in the next round – prefers a RB****

12. Booze Nose

Michael Turner, ATL, RB – The dude is a touchdown machine! He may not catch the ball out of the backfield but he will score more than his share.

****A steal at 12 – The nose is a happy guy*****


13. Booze Nose – Calvin Johnson, DET, WR – Booze is from Detroit and loves his team this year. He now has a starting RB and WR.
14. The One Tenor – DeAngelo Williams, CAR, RB – Needed a RB and Williams was the best available. Jonathan Stewart is hurt again so this is a good pick. He now has a starting WR and RB.
15. Bad Intentions – Larry Fitzgerald, ARI, WR – Bit of a gamble but Fitz is arguably the most gifted WR in the game. Intentions now has a QB and WR in the 1st two picks.
16. Trevor Lindens – Jamaal Charles, KC, RB – I guess The Lindens were not scared of the Thomas Jones factor. Charles is, however an immense talent. He now owns a WR and RB.
17. Breastfeeders – Miles Austin, DAL, WR – Exploded last season and is the favorite option in a high powered offense. The Boobs now have a QB and WR.
18. Smell The Glove – Roddy White, ATL, WR – Only getting better. Maybe a stretch but a gamble that could pay off. Glove owns a RB and WR.
19. Stink Bombs – Rashard Mendenhall, PIT, RB – Will be an enormous part of the offense and is in line for a majority of touches. Bombs has now selected a WR and RB.
20. Bob Proberts – Peyton Manning, IND, QB – To get Manning at 20 is a steal! He now has Frank Gore and manning to anchor his team – not bad!!!
21. Scallywags – Brandon Marshall, MIA, WR – Maybe 100 catches this season. He could be the #1 WR by the end of the season. Ray Rice and Brandon Marshall is a good start to the Scallywags draft.
22. The Crazy Canucks – Ryan Matthews, SD, RB – Thos Canucks like their Running Backs. He now has two in the first two rounds.
23. The Golden Girls – Tony Romo, DAL, QB – Panic time for the Girls who thought he needed a QB in the 2nd. Maurice Jones-Drew and Romo is pretty good though!
24. Back Bacon – Anquan Boldin, BAL, WR – Stud! Good pick to go along with Chris Johnson.

How about it, owners? Email me your thoughts or comment below!



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  1. Love the strategy of taking the WR’s and some QB’s early. Much better chance of getting a solid RB late than any other position if you are looking to win a league.