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Fantasy Football: Top 50 Player Rankings

Dave’s Top 50 Fantasy Football Players For 2009

Fantasy Football Draft Guide – Top 50 Player Rankings

Are you in the market for fantasy football draft info? Or Player Rankings + Top 50 player cheat sheets for your 2009 fantasy draft?

Pre-season is nearly upon us, so for the next few weeks we encourage you to be checking out our fantasy football draft guide for all your rankings and analysis for the upcoming league drafts that you’re going to be participating in.

A quick look at MY preseason top 50 fantasy football rankings & picks if a draft were to be held today.

My NFL Fantasy football player rankings big board takes into consideration past returns, current performance and expected future gains in determining who should be included among the top 50 fantasy football players.

Rank | Player | Pos | Team | Bye Week

1. Adrian Peterson RB MIN 9

No surprise here. Good for a TD per game. The only downfall is in PPR leagues.

2. Maurice Jones-Drew RB JAC 7

No Fragile Fred to steal some of the 439 touches that Jacksonville gave to the RBs last year. This is a run first team and with the addition of Tory Holt, there is a true #1 receiver to keep the D honest.

3. LaDainian Tomlinson RB SD 5

I know that LT is the dreaded 30 yrs. old, but a healthy LT promises to pile up the yards and receptions this year. Keep in mind that SD will be looking to finally reach the plateau that has eluded them in years past. A solidified D, a maturing Philip Rivers, and 2 games each against Oak, Den, and KC doesn’t hurt either

4. Matt Forte RB CHI 5

Every sign points to Matt having a stellar sophomore year. Overall touches ranked near the top of the league last year and there is no reason to think that Kevin Jones will steal many of them. Add Jay Cutler to the mix and you have the recipe for an outstanding Fantasy year.

5. Steven Jackson RB STL 9

Ranked high because he is the quintessential dual-threat back. As possibly the ONLY Ram with any value, Jackson, barring injury, could conceivably have 1000 yards rushing AND receiving this year. Injury is ALWAYS a concern however

6. Michael Turner RB ATL 4

2nd year in an offense that surprised everyone last year, and there is no reason for the Falcons to slow down. Plagued by a more difficult schedule this year, it would be easy to think that Turner could take a step back. Matt Ryan and Roddy White only serve to bolster Turner’s value. Draft Mike and expect ate least a couple of 200 yd. games

7. DeAngelo Williams RB CAR 4

A lot of happy Williams owners rode him to FF titles last year. This year could be the same. Although he doesn’t possess the pass catching I would like to see, he is able to rip off a 60 yd. td almost at will.

8. Larry Fitzgerald WR ARI 4

Ahhh Larry! He will be a monster this year- good for 15 TD’s. Hands, size and trust make him a sure-fire 1st rounder!

9. Randy Moss WR NE 8

The best weapon in the best offense in the league. The only question is if he will reach 20 TD’s again. 100 catches and 15-20 TD’s. is guaranteed.

10. Chris Johnson RB TEN 7

When Jeff Fisher says that you are in line for more work, and you are in one of the most prolific running schemes, chances are that you will do well. Johnson’s only real challenge is Lendale “Oprah Diets” White. His potential to catch the ball bumps him up a notch into the 2nd tier of RB’s.

11. Drew Brees QB NO 5

Difficult to argue drafting the top QB in the 1st round. One only has to look at the projected 35-40 TD’s and realize that Drew Brees is a Fantasy goldmine. A healthy Colston and Bush make Brees as sure a thing as there is.

12. Frank Gore RB SF 6

You can depend on a heavy workload in a RB friendly offense. SF is going to HAVE to run the ball to win. The passing game ain’t gonna get it done!

13. Clinton Portis RB WAS 8

Solid and consistent. Not a very sexy pick, but Clinton has the potential and WILL to be more than a serviceable #1 RB. He’s only 28 and will have to be a focal point on a team that has a lot to prove.

14. Andre Johnson WR HOU 10

Love the Andre!!! Only thing that scares me is the fact that Dan Orlovsky WILL take over when Schaub gets hurt. Now, if someone would tell Owen Daniels to simmer down on the td catches, Andre could be this year’s #1 wideout.

15. Brandon Jacobs RB NYG 10

Increased touches due to the departure of quality backups puts Jacobs in the borderline round 1-2 range. Guaranteed touchdowns makes Brandon an extremely intriguing option. The absence of a true #1 WR could hurt or help Jacob’s value. We are betting the latter.

16. Steve Slaton RB HOU 10

Showed great improvement toward the end of last year. As the primary ball carrier in a potential potent offence, Slaton could surprise with double digit TD’s and 5 or so catches per game. You could do far worse at this position

17. Peyton Manning QB IND 6

Lots of uncertainty with the new coaches. One thing remains true – Peyton’s ability to manage a game and find Wayne Clark and Gonzales. Optimism surrounding the running game is unfounded. Peyton is going to have to win a lot of games with his arm.

18. Tom Brady QB NE 8

A little bit low? Maybe, but consider the injury and the fact that Brady hasn’t played a game in nearly a year. Still, with his weapons, Brady could slip this low and turn out to be steal of the draft. The injury scares me, but not enough to not take him with my 2nd pick.

19. Reggie Wayne WR IND 6

No Marvin – No problem! One thing is for certain – the Colts will throw. Who better to grab than the BEST receiver on a predominantly throwing team? Good for 1300 yards and 10 TD’s.

20. Steve Smith WR CAR 4

Still an elite WR and he hasn’t punched a teammate yet – things are looking up for Steve! Anything less than 1500 yards and 9 TD’s. would be a disappointment. Too bad he has to rely on Delhomme!

21. Brian Westbrook RB PHI 4

Injury is a BIG issue here. Training camp injuries could be a blessing though. He will be the feature back in a great offense. He catches the ball and shows up every game. What’s not to like? Oh yak – that durability issue.

22. Greg Jennings WR GB 5

A true beast and a favorite target of one of the up and coming QB’s in the league. 1 year under their belts together should spell fantasy success. Double-digit TD’s is very realistic and 1300 yards is very attainable.

23. Roddy White WR ATL 4

Great last year – now watch him flourish as Tony Gonzales takes some of the pressure off. With a more comfortable Matt Ryan, count on Roddy to light it up this year

24. Terrell Owens WR BUF 9

Wow, how the self professed might have fallen. No on will doubt his ability, but if he can’t make it work with a top tier QB (Romo & McNabb), how is he gonna do with Trent Edwards – ugh!

25. Calvin Johnson WR DET 7

Many have him higher based on his immense talent. I tend to think that the uncertainty at QB will result in a frustrating year in Detroit (what else is new). We all know what happens when you mix a wideout with feelings of frustration!

26. Marques Colston WR NO 5

The run of WR’s continues. Colston is another player you have to love. With a top ranked QB to get him the ball, watch Marq eclipse double digit TD’s.

27. Marion Barber RB DAL 6

A team with lofty expectations HAS to use its best players – MB is it. Although there is plenty of snakes to steal touches, MB will still get his! Look for double digit TD’s and don’t forget about his pass catching ability.

28. Ronnie Brown RB MIA 6

Not shy about his own abilities, Ronnie should prove his worth. With Rasta finally burning out, Brown should get a lot of touches – a recipe for fantasy success.

29. Kurt Warner QB ARI 4

The old man has the best receiving tandem at his disposal, has the love of a marginally attractive wife, and has God personally watching over him. 3rd round is about right – you could do FAR worse.

30. Ryan Grant RB GB 5

A full training camp?? Should do wonders for Ryan. Although he has quality backups, Grant should receive the bulk of the carries and score close to double digit TD’s.

31. Anquan Boldin WR ARI 4

Can we all just BE HAPPY? Another TRUE talent in a great offense without a great running game should result in plenty of work for Boldin. Play ball AB and all will be fine!

32. Dwayne Bowe WR KC 8

You think he’s happy to have Matt Cassell in town? Bowe is a legitimate #1. Heavily targeted, Bowe should be more-so since the departure of Gonzo. No shame in having Bowe as you 1/2 WR!

33. Aaron Rodgers QB GB 5

One year removed from the Favre shadow, Aaron is ready to emerge as an elite QB. Steady, talented WR’s only bolster his value, and it would not be surprising to see Rogers finish the season as a top 10 fantasy producer.

34. Donovan McNabb QB PHI 4

No more uncertainty for Donovan. Phili has finally made a commitment to McNabb, and he should be able to pay back the fans with a stellar season. With a healthy Curtis and a more experienced Jackson, Don will not be afraid to air it out. Bump him up a few places if Westbrook is healthy.

35. Reggie Bush RB NO 5

No reason why Reggie shouldn’t be able to rule in NO. A rebuilt knee, a fairly easy schedule and oh ya, Drew Brees makes Bush as easy pick at this position. Pierre Thomas could be a concern, but a team that will score 35 per game should be able to get this stud the ball.

36. Marshawn Lynch RB BUF 9

Would be higher if his suspension wasn’t an issue. With TO keeping the D honest, Lynch could benefit, and have a career year. Risky, but the risk might pay off

37. Thomas Jones RB NYJ 9

A gifted runner has found a home in NY. Should get 15-20 touches per game, and that alone puts him in this position.

38. Wes Welker WR NE 8PPR god! As steady a WR as there is. You know what you are gonna get with this guy. The absence of risk and the fact that he WILL get the ball no matter what makes Wes a good (possibly great) ff pickup.

39. Brandon Marshall WR DEN 7

Consensus 1st rounder in February has fallen greatly because of his mouth and his unfortunate situation. Typical WR griping and the fact that he is gonna have to depend on Kyle Orton make BM a risk. However, one still has to love his talent and his desire to go and get the ball.

40. T.J. Houshmandzadeh WR SEA 7

Could become a fantasy darling this year. Seattle loves its possession receivers, and “Bobby Engram on Steroids” is a lock for 100 grabs and his share of TD’s. TJ is gonna love the comraderie that was lacking in Cinci, and could enjoy his best season to date.

41. Philip Rivers QB SD 5

Gotta think he’s gonna be big this year. Tomlinson and Gates were banged up quite a bit of last year and Rivers still threw for 34 TD’s. Healthy team with something to prove in a weak division – you do the math!

42. Pierre Thomas RB NO 5

If this offense does what it should, EVERY Saint can have monster numbers. 12-15 TD’s. is not unreasonable. Believe me people – the Saints are gonna score points!

43. Kevin Smith RB DE 7

Definitely the best player on that team. He will get his touches. Expect 80-100 combined and a td with some great games against the right matchup. Good value at the end of the 4th round.

44. Antonio Bryant WR TB 8

Has all the tools to become an elite talent – QB situation – not good. If you are a Bucs fan – grab him here, play the matchup and GOOD LUCK!!!

45. Jason Witten TE DAL 6

The fact the he will bet better #’s than most #1 Wideouts puts Witten solidly in the 4th round. 900 yards. and maybe 10 TD’s. Is attainable now that TO is out of the equation. The dude is a FOOTBALL PLAYER and a pleasure to own!

45. Roy Williams WR DA 6

No idea why he’s here. Remember when he was drafted in round 2 or 3 on a terrible team – why is he round 4 or 5 on a better team?

46. Antonio Gates TE SD 5

Another 900 yards. and probably 10 TD’s? Thank you very much. If healthy, Gates is a beauty. When you see your opponent getting 40yds from his TE and your getting 80 and a TD, you will be happy you drafted him here.

47. Tony Gonzalez TE ATL 4

Poised to be a solidifying presence in an up and coming offense, Gonzo brings talent rarely seen at the TE position to Atlanta. Could be a monster year – might be fun to watch.

48. Tony Romo QB DA 6

Still a good bet to have a good season. Surprising he fell so far. Still has some potent weapons and the Cowboys will not settle for losing games. Romo is a gamer and 25 TD’s should be a lock.

49. Joseph Addai RB IN 6

Starting RB in a good offence! Enough said!

50. Larry Johnson RB KC 8

Could go either way. Has the potential to rush for 1500 yards and 15 TD’s but he also has the potential go be another Shaun Alexander! I think Cassell gives that team a swagger and LJ will be getting his.

NOTE: Essentially, my Board is a cheat sheet designed for a fantasy owner who is planning to participate in a draft today.

Basic Fantasy league points are factored into my rankings..enjoy!!

And check back on a weekly basis for continuing updates plus my TOP 100 Fantasy football player rankings.

How about it, owners? Email me your thoughts or comment below!



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  1. think D’Angelo Williams can do it again? I’m not so sure with Stewart stealing carries…

  2. Here are my top 10 player rankings for my 2009 fantasy football draft.

    Adrian Peterson
    LaDainian Tomlinson
    Tom Brady
    Joseph Addai
    Brian Westbrook
    Steven Jackson
    Randy Moss
    Frank Gore
    Peyton Manning
    Marshawn Lynch