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Jon Ryan Sports Picks

Hey Folks Q here from Are you looking for the best SPORTS PICKS in the business?

You can’t do much better than JOHN RYAN and his award winning sports handicapping selections and FREE Sports Picks.

John Ryan John Ryan

He easily won his AL Run Line Game of the Year - Tor +130 -1 1/2 winning 8-0 over the CWS. Now, he has the NL winner and his research shows you exactly why this will be another easy winner and one that Ryan is b

Ryan's MLB Top Rated Titan Total; 89% situation

Ryan has a MOSTER Total play that he is very confident will go 'OVER' early in the contest. This high scoring game is backed by an 89% game situation and 3 other high percentage situations. Ryan has made the Dime Player $13,700 for the season and the goal is more than double that by the end of the season. 

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Ryan's NL 'Upset Alert' Titan; 9-0 situation

Ryan has another one of his infamous dogs that you can bet with confidence to win again tonight. This one is backed by a powerful 9-0 game situation when the team is dressed as a dog. His research always shows you why these DOGS should be foavred adn how you can exploit the false favorites that the public betting incorrectly. Just $30.00

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Ryan's WNBA Top Rated Titan; 82% situation

This WNBA special situation play is backed by TWO Monster systems and EIGHTgame situations with one hittig 82% ATS winners. One system work sin favor of the team bieng wagered and the other completely against the opponent combining for a very confident situation for you to take advantage. 

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This is a big savings for you to get all of Ryan's plays for ONE discounted fee. He ranks very high in All Sports on this site and has 16 proven years of handicapping experience for you to benefit from. Join with him and see for yourself why his work is the best research available.

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Ryan went 15-1 ATS last season in the 2009 Bowl games graded 7* and stronger culminating with his 15*winner on Florida and previous to that Vanderbilt. He is also 9-2 ATS in the NFLX. Ryan is also on a 65% winning run in MLB and has hit 62% of his WNBA plays at the time of this offer. Plus, he correctly nailed YE Yang at 16 to 1 in the PGA. Get a week of all ALL SPORTS now for just $175.00.

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Matchup Selection W/L
MLB  |  Jul 22, 2014
San Francisco Giants vs. Philadelphia Phillies
San Francisco Giants
Play Type: Top Premium

10* graded play on the San Francisco Giants as they take on the Philadelphia Phillies in NL action set to start at 7:05 PM ET.   The simulator shows a high probability that the Giants will win this game. I had the Giants last night as your 5* free member play and it won comfortably. Cliff Lee was very rusty and allowed a career-tying 12 hits and 6 ER. The chemistry of the Phillies club house is very low and many players are wondering day to day if they will be in a different uniform. Moreover, the fan support is also very low and the stadium has completely lost it's electric experience.  The Giants are fighting for a Division crown or a possible Wild Card berth. Phillies are a very weak 27th in MLB at 3.83 RPG and 28th with a 0.239 BA. Giants have the 5th best record and 7th best ERA. The pitching staff ranks best in fewest walks per game allowed. Supporting this graded play is a proven system posting a  45-10 mark for 82% winners and has made 30 units/unit wagered since 2008. Play on all favorites with a money line of -125 to -175 (SAN FRANCISCO) below average hitting team hitting <=.255 and is now facing an average NL starting pitcher posting an ERA between 4.20 to 5.20 and starting a pitcher who walked <=1 hitters each of his last two outings. Several pieces to this system, but certainly one worthwhile to track given it's solid money making track record.  Two teasm heading in opposite directions and I will back the contender as a lsight favorite in this matchup. 


Top All Sports Sides (+3095)  579-535  L1114 52%

Football Sides (+2743)  410-353  L763 54%

NHL Picks (+2429)  82-70  L152 54%

NFL Sides (+2339)  83-55  L138 60%

Top NCAA-B Sides (+2166)  462-408  L870 53%

Top MLB Picks (+1224)  173-180  L353 49%

NCAA-F Sides (+1183)  232-204  L436 53%

Top Basketball Picks (+829)  67-55  L122 55%

Top NBA Picks (+422)  32-26  L58 55%

NFLX Picks (+115)  12-10  L22 55%


John Ryan has been handicapping baseball, football, and basketball for over 18 years. He has won several National contests and has placed in top-5's in countless others. John's philosophy and goals is based on the long-term, and he has found that over time consistency is what promotes success. The key to utilizing our computer generated algorithms, information and selections are to consistently investing the same amount on each selection. This process will ensure that our bankroll and our clients will maximize their investment return. Moreover, the entire methodology eliminates the human emotion from all selection processes. Our computer systems are based on genetic algorithms and an adaptive-structure Neural Network. In summary, our systems calculate and analyze several hundred thousand pieces of data in combination with one another for each game played. The systems also optimize our combination of rules and utilize "team momentum" much like one would do in the technical analysis of a stock or soybean prices. Much like the commodities markets we have applied a "contrarian view" as one of the rules. For example, if a given trend in any sport is posting a 15-2 ATS, then the model will immediately make note that this trend has matured and that a reversal of this trend is likely. If the computer selects the team that does not support this given trend, the 15-2 trend will actually be supportive of the selection. The relative and key differences in opponents are then presented in the selection write-up. The write-up will state why we have selected a given team and will outline the various statistics and trends supporting that selection. We believe that our information is unique and informative and hopefully as profitable as the previous years have been. The key is giving us an honest try and staying with the methodology. Thank you again for your support and good luck.